Big Highlight of Competitive Miss Off Road Expo 2015 Beauty Contest @offroadexpo

The Big Highlight Of Miss Off Road Expo 2015 Beauty Comptition

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Pomona, CA / W&HM Staff
At the  Off Road Expo 2015, one of the key highlights of the event was the Miss Off Road Expo 2015 Bikini Contest.  Well, we have seen many bikini contests in the past in various car shows and model expos.  However, this one has a different vibe and we love it!

First off, we were very happy to see our feature model Christy Rios was one of the three judges for the contest.  She's so beautiful and well qualified for the job as she is also Miss HIN 2015 Las Vegas among other titles.  The two other panel members were very cool too!  It's a great beginning that we can tell immediately.

As the Emcee started the competition proceeding, each individual model was introduced and did a quick interview.  Most of the questions were around the type of off road cars/trucks of their dreams.  Most of them definitely know their cars and on top of that, many of them even worked on their own gears and went really deep into the technical side.  That totally blew us out of the water for their intimate knowledge of the greasy and metallic world of off road rides.
Ashle Wilke from General Tire was highlighted during the competition, adding another stunning moment to the event.

Many of the models were very much the girls next door friendly personalities that you would be very comfortable with, especially with their natural looks and a tint of home-shyness.  This is a rare showing of the genuine emotions behind the nervous crowd appearance, where let us have a more real connecting feeling toward each of the contestants.

At the end of the fierce competition and judging, we got a winner.  Amanda Hopper, the tallest contestant, and dare we say, the leggest among all, got the top honor and won the Miss Off Road Expo 2015!

Amanda Hopper with her tiara and trophy!

Right after the Miss Off Road Expo 2015, there was a event trophy award session, with our beautify feature model Christy Rios and Gorgeous Ashley Wilke, both from the American Model Management.

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