Vibrant Nikki Howard for Toyo Tires at Off Road Expo 2015 @nikkialexis

Super Photo-Genius Model Nikki Howard for Toyo Tires at Off Road Expo 2015

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Pomona, CA / W&HM Staff -

The very vibrant and bright top model Nikki Howard always awards photographers with beautiful pictures.  This top Toyo Tires model not only can create super photogenic photos for any cameras in sight, she is also super friendly and warm to the show attendees.  That means that she is a perfect promotional model for the companies who hire her.

If you look through her portfolio profiles like instagram, they will take your breath away for appreciating this truly talented model showing her prowling modeling skills.    Here at the Toyo Tires in the Off Road Expo 2015, Nikki Howard was the one hosting the booth and she did a wonderful job!  We totally look forward to seeing her again soon!!

Nikki Howard

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