General Tire Models Christy Rios, Ashley Wilke, Danni Henricksen, and Ashley Harrell at Off Road Expo 2015 @christypiink @offroadexpo @generaltire @ashwilke

Gorgeous General Tire Models at the Off Road Expo, with Our Feature Model Christy Rios, and Ashley Wilke, Danni Henricksen, as well as Ashley Harrell

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Pomona, CA / W&HM Staff
At the Off Road Expo 2015, the main sponsor, General Tire, booth, there were four beautiful models that people simply could not resist to stop and take pictures with them, or of them.

Our feature models Christy Rios and Ashley Harrell (we did not get a picture of her this time...), together with two great models, Danni Henricksen and Ashley Wilke, were totally cool with the crowd.  During the two days grueling schedule, they still maintained their gorgeous smiles till the last minutes of the show.  They are totally awesome and General Tire has definitely hired a group of super awesome models!
During one of the main events on stage in the Off Road Expo show, there was a Miss Off Road 2015 beauty competition, and our super awesome feature model Christy Rios was highly praised for being the main judge among two other VIPs to decide who would be crowned as the Miss Off Road this year.  Together with Christy, Ashley Wilke helped the MC at the stage and handed out the actual trophies to the winners!

We truly enjoyed the hospitality of General Tire, and their awesome models that helped promoted the brand.  We look forward to their big presence in various major events, as this is the General Tire's 100 year's anniversary!!!

Christy Rios (Wheels and Heels Magazine Feature Model)

General Tire

Ashley Wilke

Danni Henricksen

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