JDM Sport Girls Rocked #FormulaDrift Irwindale 2015 Car Show Expo! @JDMSport

The JDM Sport Team Dominated the Promo Scene at The Formula Drift Irwindale Lifestyle Expo!

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Irwindale, CA / W&HM Staff
As you all know by now, JDM Sport team has a very strong promo model business approach and execution.  They usually could get maximal impacts with the right amount of budget.  Each time we see them at shows, they always have big promo model presence and accompanying with great product display and placements.  Over the years, they have had many big name models being in their roaster when they started up or dipping their toes in the water.  We definitely give them a huge lot of kudos for being smart business team and innovative executions!

Here are the models that we encountered at the JDM Sport booth at the Formula Drift Irwindale event 2015:

Lovely and Lively Hankook Girls at Formula Drift Irwindale 2015

The Formula Drift Event Staple Umbrella Presence - The Hankook Girls: Erica Nagashima, Sarah Top, Madison Taylor, and Erica Juliet

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Irwindale, CA  / W&HM Staff
Hankook Umbrella Girls Team has been one of the longest supporters of the Formula Drift series.  As far back as we can remember through out our magazine's coverage, they have been the most noticeable, most glamorous, and the best dressed umbrella girl team out there.  Here we got a chance to capture their fun and animated selves through the coverage here...

Sweet And Lovely Cover Model Angeliena Andrada for Exedy, with Cambria Joy Mansfield, and More in Formula Drift Irwindale 2015

Exedy Has Hired Three Very Lovely Models, Including Our Cover Model Angelina Andrada, as well as Cambria Joy Mansfield and More to Help Promoting Their Presence in Formula Drift Irwindale 2015

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Irwindale, CA / W&HM Staff

Our gorgeous cover model, Angelina Andrada, who just came back from an international trip the night prior, showed up bright and shiny at the Exedy booth on the Day 2 of Formula Drift Final Fight Irwindale.  The super lovely and refreshing model shared her brilliant smiles and heart warming friendliness to everyone coming to the booth and passing by the spot.  Angelina definitely was one of the brightest spots in the big event that day!
Together with Anglina was Cambria Joy Mansfield, who has emerged in the car show scene in the recent years, again demonstrated her sheer stunning beauty with her attention-arresting eyes.  Her quiet but powerful personality would leave anyone who encountered breathless and impressed.

And on the Day 1 of the event, there was another model, whom we did not catch the name of, but definitely showed her energetic and carefree self across the occasions.  We can say that this time Exedy has done a great job in having these amazing models for their promotion work at the Formula Drift event!

Bright Formula Drit General Tire Umbrella Girl Dennii

Dennii, Our Friendly and Beautiful Feature Model at The General Tire Booth in Formula Drift Irwindale

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Irwindale, CA / W&HM Staff

On the day one, we ran by the General Tire pit area, and had a feeling that we would see our feature model Dennii there.  It's not always that big tire companies would have their umbrella girls at the first day of the Formula Drift event.  Still, Dennii did not disappoint us and showed up with her happy and upbeat self!  Even though the day one was not her official umbrella girl duty day, she still came in early to check out the event, and meeting everybody there.  What a pro Dennii is!

On the second day, we got several great opportunities to capture this cool feature model in varying locations and ended the shoots with a great series of photos.  Dennii looked perfect in that red blue and white uniform most definitely!  We will see Dennii again for sure at the SEMA show, which is just a few weeks away!

Gorgeous General Tire Umbrella Girl Jessica Weaver Cover Model at Formula Drift Irwindale 2015 @jessicakes33

The Gorgeous Blonde Cover Model Jessica Weaver Stood Like a Beautiful Statue at the General Tire Booth at Formula Drift Irwindale The Final Fight!

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Irwindale, CA / W&HM Staff

One of the brightest moments at the Formula Drift Irwindale this year, was the off track encountering of our cover model, Jessica Weaver.  We have talked many times how smart and beautiful Jessica is.  This time we learned something new from her again.  She simply just could not stop amazing us!  Even though what we talked about this time was not earth shattering, but it is critically important to our job that we were simply... wow!

Jessica has been super busy and extremely popular in the industry.  This unique and golden talent did not rest just on her gorgeous self.  She worked hard, as well as worked smart, and work even harder to achieve her independence and her goals.  We really have nothing but the utmost respect to her!  We are sure to see her again soon somewhere, some day!!

FD Achilles Tires - Arley Elizabeth and Nicole Marie Reckers

Our Two Gorgeous Cover Models, Arley Elizabeth and Nicole Marie Reckers Rocked at The Achilles Racing Booth in Formula Drift Irwindale Final Fight 2015

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Irwindale, CA / W&HM Staff

We were so happy to see our two gorgeous cover models, Arley Elizabeth and Nicole Marie Reckers.  Both of them were at the Achilles booth, as their umbrella girls at the 2015 Formula Drift Irwindale Final Fight event.

As indicated in Nicole's IG's picture, it's hard to find a picture of both of them together; therefore, we took quite a few and brought you here the awesome duo's photos here!

And Arley is always witty and smart.  Her IG post on the Formula Drift Irwindale, was just right to the point with tons of sentiment.  Super kudos!!

We sure hope to see both of them at the SEMA show which is coming in less than a month!!

Big Highlight of Formula Drift Irwindale Final Fight 2015 ExpoShow #formuladrift

Big Highlight Coverage of Formula Drift Irwindlae Final Fight 2015 Lifestyle Expo Umbrella Girls and Promotional Models

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Irwindale, CA / Py Pai
The Formula Drift has finished its 2015 season with lots of dramatic competitive actions and tons of bumper casualties.  The sold out event has brought in a gigantic fans and fanatics to the final round of the world series, especially with the Formula Drift China event being cancelled.  So everybody knows that this is _the_ ONE final round that you want to watch!  Surely they did not miss much at all, with lots of close encounters, including bumper crushing, sparks flying, and debris spreading all over the place.  The fans came for action, and they got actions.  This is probably one of the most intense competition rounds there is in the recent years.

Then On the other side of the hot track was the pit areas, a car show and a lifestyle expo.  Drift cars needed repairs and enhancements and umbrella girls a place to hang out.  amateur cars love to show off their works and spectators a place to check out the coolest.  Then vendors wanted to tell the world of their products, through their booths, their arrays of products, and one of the most top channels, promotional models.

This year's expo was not quite the same size as in the past (e.g 2014), and the presences of some of the key vendors were very much missed, such as Falken, R1-Cocnetps, ARK, Spocom, ...  However, still there was positive energy in the air and enthusiasm on display.  We are already eager to see the 2016 Long Beach season opener and hopefully a grander and bigger expo area again!

 We were always super happy to see our cover and feature models at the car shows.  They always bring the best professionalism and top modeling work to the show.  At the General Tire, Jessica Weaver and Dennii were in their red blue and white looking spectacular!  Then at the Achilles Tire, Arley Elizabeth and Nicole Marie Reckers stood elegantly with their white umbrella girl uniforms under the super heat.  Then we ran into Angelina Andrada at Exedy, who just came back from an international trip the night prior, and just showed up flawlessly!  Then L'Amour Niggl for McLeod worked in both days, enduring the heat wave after wave, and still giving bright and sunny smiles all the time!  Our hats off to these amazing and gorgeous ladies who are truly posterchild of top models!
We also will have a heavy dose of hot track coverage from our designated track photographer, Neil DeVera. He brought in huge coverage of the New Jersey Wall Formula Drift competition earlier in the year.  We very much look forward to bring the Irwindale action shots to you soon!  Definitely stay tuned for the "WHEELS" section reports!

Overall, this year's Formula Drift Final Fight in Irwindale is a big sold out event, and the fans were super excited about the actions.  They did not mind the long lines to park and to get in, nor the dry super hot weather.  They came, they watched, they nail-bited, and they went home with great satisfactions and tons of wonderful weekend fun!  Great job Formula Drift Team!!  We already look forward to seeing all again in 2016!!
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