Big Preview of Formula Drift Irwindale Final Fight (Day 1 Expo Highlight Coverage)

We Got The Big Highlight Coverage of Day 1 at The Formula Drift Irwindale Final Fight 2015 Car Show Expo Area and Driver Autograph Session

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Irwindale, CA / Py Pai

 Round 7, The Final Fight, of Formula Drift 2015 season is an important one.  Since the Formula Drift China has been cancelled, all the pro drivers are going to be judged at this final round and everyone was out there competing hard.  This year's Irwindale track has been slightly modified, but threw a big curve ball at the final clipping point, creating lots of chaos for the drivers as well as havoc on the front bumpers of many cars, as they are very visible inside this article's pictorial exhibits.

On the other hand, the mother nature has been throwing all kinds of tantrums in the last few days.  Over a weekend ago, the temperature was near 70F and it was raining hard!  Now the Day 1 of the Formula Drift here, it was 111F at least, and the sun is nothing but relentless on everybody.  However,

Miss HIN LA 2015 Amber Rayn, Chelley L, and JaslinSky @Hotimportnights #HIN

Beautiful Miss HIN LA Amber Rayn, and Chelley L Plus JaslinSky All at Hot Import Nights Los Angeles 2015 Model Lounge

San Pedro, CA / W&HM
At the Hot Import Nights Los Angeles, the model lounge was a constant flow of beautiful models and aspiring talents.  You would definitely miss some moments and models unless you are 24x7 by the lounge.  Here we added more cool models that you might have missed in person or in previous coverage
First off, let's introduce Amber Rayn, who is a very amicable model, and this year's Miss HIN LA!  She is totally sparkling in person.  If you check her instagram photos, you will find her to be an extremely talented model in all aspects.

Then we met up Chelley L, who has appeared on our radar screen since earlier this year at the Spec-D Tuning car meet.  Chelley has grown her modeling talents in multi-folds.  This time we saw her, she's a totally different person in terms of modeling, than the one we met earlier.  We highly applaud this great new star and look forward to seeing her in the future more!
We also met up Jaslinsky, who showed up with a big boom!  Jaslinsky is a super talented model and whoever captured her pictures would be a lucky one, because she can simply create amazing work for you without your much effort!  That's what we call the natural talent!!

We sure hope to see all these models in the future and get more chances to have their awesome pictures on our web site and magazine!

General Tire Models Christy Rios, Ashley Wilke, Danni Henricksen, and Ashley Harrell at Off Road Expo 2015 @christypiink @offroadexpo @generaltire @ashwilke

Gorgeous General Tire Models at the Off Road Expo, with Our Feature Model Christy Rios, and Ashley Wilke, Danni Henricksen, as well as Ashley Harrell

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Pomona, CA / W&HM Staff
At the Off Road Expo 2015, the main sponsor, General Tire, booth, there were four beautiful models that people simply could not resist to stop and take pictures with them, or of them.

Our feature models Christy Rios and Ashley Harrell (we did not get a picture of her this time...), together with two great models, Danni Henricksen and Ashley Wilke, were totally cool with the crowd.  During the two days grueling schedule, they still maintained their gorgeous smiles till the last minutes of the show.  They are totally awesome and General Tire has definitely hired a group of super awesome models!
During one of the main events on stage in the Off Road Expo show, there was a Miss Off Road 2015 beauty competition, and our super awesome feature model Christy Rios was highly praised for being the main judge among two other VIPs to decide who would be crowned as the Miss Off Road this year.  Together with Christy, Ashley Wilke helped the MC at the stage and handed out the actual trophies to the winners!

We truly enjoyed the hospitality of General Tire, and their awesome models that helped promoted the brand.  We look forward to their big presence in various major events, as this is the General Tire's 100 year's anniversary!!!

Gorgeous Cover Model Annelise Marie, and Mayra Tinajero for Centerline Wheels and Gear Alloy at 2015 Off Road Expo @GearAlloy @OffRoadExpo @Annelisejr @Mayra_Tinajero

Our Cover Model Annelise Marie and Top Model Mayra Tinajero in Stunning Red Dress for Centerline Wheels and Gear Alloy at the Lucas Oil Off Road Expo 2015 

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Pomona, CA / W&HM Staff

Among the sea of people and vendors, you would immediately be attracted by two highly visible red dress models inside the Pomona Fairplex convention hall 6, the big one.  They are our cover model Annelise Marie as well as a top model Mayra Tinajero, at the the Gear Alloy booth and Centerline Wheels booth.  They are by far the most eye-catching duo across all the convention halls.
Annelise Marie, the stunning blonde model, at the Gear Alloy, had that incredible charming and mesmerizing charisma, which contrasted the hard macho alloy wheels right next to her.  Then Mayra Tinajero, the beautiful brunette, at the Centerline Wheels booth, was always busy signing their posters away and posing with their colorful and unique design wheels, making perfect compliments to each other.
Checking out the Centerline Wheels and Gear Alloy displays, we found that their designs are one of a kind.  The details from the rugged approach, the balance of grace and toughness, and the arts and engineering, all blended in a perfect harmony.  The look, the build, and the fit all look incredibly thoughtful in respect to trucks' characteristics and off road images.

We highly applaud the Centerline Wheels and Gear Alloy that they always bring out the best models to shows and engaging the people and media.  We have nothing but our hats totally off to them!!  We always look forward to seeing them in future shows!

Huge Highlights of Off Road Expo 2015 Pomona Fairplex

We Have a Huge Highlight Coverage of Lucas Oil Off Road Expo 2015 with Our Cover, Feature and More Models, with Miss Off Road Expo Beauty Contest

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Pomona, CA / Py Pai

This is the first time we attended the Off Road Expo, and we were truly impressed by the sheer size, the vendor presence, as well as the promotional activities through out the event!  Overall, we say this is very well done and a wonderful show for families who love outdoor mobile fun to spend a good day of weekend!  Great job Off Road Expo!

Under the sentimental Sunday weather, we entered the second day of the event.  The show has plenty of vendors, food trucks, and activities along the convention halls. Then there were three halls full of various vendors, including wheels, tires, off road parts and accessories, and anything remotely related to the off road sports.  People get to see the first hand of the products that they could touch, feel, knock, as well as learning from the horses' mouths about the products.

Then together with the vendor booths, there were brand ambassadors and promo models that are a different breed than the usual import car show models.  We were so happy to see our cover model (top) Annelise Marie, as well as our feature models, Christy Rios (right), and Ashley Harrel, plus many awesome models at the show as well!

Accompanying the products and promos, there were set ups of driving experience areas that let attendees experience first hand driving really fast, or on really touch off road environments.  If any one needs any reason to be convinced on the off road fun, this would be it!

And on the softer side, the cool Miss Off Road Expo beauty contest hosted 11 beauty models from all over the region.  The format is definitely than the import format.  There were
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