Corissa Furr at Juno Audio Plus Hyper Model Amanda Gaddis at CES 2015 @corissafurr

Wheels and Heels Magazine / Las Vegas, NV / by W&HM Staff -
Tugged in the Ventian Hotel Tower suites, which is still an extension of CES, is the cool Juno Audio company.  As we were wrapping up our exploration in the Sands expo, which right below the hotel at the convention center in Venetian hotel, we got an instagram comment from  Corissa Furr, our cover model.  We immediately seeked her direction to find where she is at.  It was not an easy feast, when you tried to navigate the convention center, plus joining hotels of Palazzo and Venetian, plus the bewildering lines of poker tables and slot machines, plus and plus the cannal shopping mall.  We literally took almost half an hour, walked extra couple of miles and finally found our cover model.  But the search was well worth it!

Kirsty Greets at Bower and Annelise Marie Goes to Canada with Gentec at CES 2015!

Wheels and Heels Magazine / Las Vegas, NV / by W&HM Staff - 
When we first ran into the CES 2015, one of the models that we met immediate is Kirsty, the gorgeous Diamond Dozen model at the Bower booth.  We were ecstatic about seeing her there, because she is always so awesome and so cool to work with!  Then after two  days of roaming, we ran into Annelise Marie, at the Made in Canada booth, who is another stunning model that we don't see very often.  This is very awesome!  The two smoking hot models definitely made our trip to CES a great pleasure!

Cool Cool Ashley Harris and Amber Webb for JVC Gumy!

Wheels and Heels Magazine / Las Vegas, NV / by W&HM Staff
This is such a great and happy surprise!  While we were roaming at the CES 2015 looking for new gadgets and fun demos, we came across a pair of sharply dressed models right by a blue, we mean very blue, uh egg (? or bean? or microphone? or ??).  Besides the attention grabbing blue egg, we saw someone really familiar... So out of our professional drive, we stared at the model, and stared, and stared.  At the same time, the model looked back at us, at first at a far mental distance, then a few seconds later, her eyes grew bigger, so did ours... And then it's like wow!  Ashley, we shouted!  All ended with a big hug after this quick staring standoff.  The story continues, but first...

Magnificent TCL Models with Marvelous Display of 4K TVs

 Wheels and Heels Magazine / Las Vegas, NV / W&HM Staff
TCL, the world's third largest TV maker, always has a major presence at the CES shows through out the years.  Their booth set up is strategically located in the center of the central hall, where you will easily find them from any angles and any isles.  This year, their huge presence was combined with three awesome models in their bright red dresses, Serenity Shay, Kristin Reed, and Leila Knight, who is also our feature model!

Humongous 2015 CES Models Coverage, Industry's Most Complete Report with 100+ Pix!!

2015 CES: at the Fugoo booth, Skye McDonald, Erica Nagahima, Jenna, and Nikki Howard had the most fun in the entire 2015 CES show
2015 CES: at the Fugoo booth, Skye McDonald, Erica Nagahima, Jenna, and Nikki Howard had the most fun in the entire 2015 CES show
Wheels and Heels Magazine / Las Vegas, NV / Photos by Py Pai, Clinton Lum, Text by Py Pai
This year's CES is the biggest and most awesome show in its entire history!  The vast amount of space (2.2 million square feet)  with more than 3,600 exhibitors, hosted more than 170,000 attendees and media members and all, breaking all kinds of records for this giant show history.  The halls were buzzed with excitements, gadget noises (or music), as well as non-stop product demos, questions & answering, as well as deal making.  And this happened all throughout the big North Hall, Central Hall, South Hall, as well as Sands Expo, as well as Venetian Tower suites, and not even including the non-official sites, like Hard Rock Hotel and others.

The one word we can only summarize for them is "Humongous!".  Here, appropriately, we think it's fitting that we have a humongous coverage of the CES models to match the show's vastness!  It's impossible to have just one person to coverage all four days and get all the talents there.  We were lucky that we have both the industry's best to cover this event and brought you back a huge ton of pictures so that you have in person experience with these amazing models!
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