SEMA Models Make Sailun Tires Look Smoking... Hot!! @KrystleLina @MissIndianModel @MayaMichelleRew

Las Vegas, NV / by W&HM Staff 
At the 2014 SEMA show, there was no shortage of gorgeous models and awesome promotional.  However, to meet many of them in person and have Kodak moments is a total reward to us!

At the Sailun Tires booth, there were soooo many awesome and gorgeous models that we witnessed the vast hiring power of the tires companies.  With Krystle Lina, Skye McDonald, Maya Michelle Rew, Nikki Howard, as well as Emily Palos and Kelsey Norris plus Tania Mehra, and more, this is simply a daily must-stop spot at the gigantic SEMA show.

Check out the full article!  These are some of the captures at the booth with tons of pictures to show in this article!

Krystle Lina

Our beloved feature model is one of the amazing models that we's shot with, one of the most amazing make up artist and stylist that we worked with, and one of the most talented photographers that we know, all with a super awesome personality that we have high respect!  Definitely check out the print issue that we will be featuring her!  It will be simply breath taking!!

 Skye McDonald and Nikki Howard

The dynamic duo are both fun and gorgeous and super interactive with their fans!

 Sailun Tires

Sailun tires may not be a household name like other popular brands, they have strong presence across 50 countries and always pride themselves with their three core principles: Value, Performance, and Support.  They have various line ups, including consumer tires, light truck tires, as well as winter tires.  With the global warming trend continues and winters get more wintery, their tires would prove to be a valuable assets in many occasions.  To see even more proof in the pudding? Their headquarter is located in Ontario Canada.  That's enough said about their seriousness about winter capability!

 Emily Palos 

We knew that Emily must be a fashion / print model.  The way she projects and the way she poses, all indicates the natural talents to create cool and lifestyle-ish pictures without much efforts!  That's awesome!

 Kelsey Norris

Kelsey is another amazing model that we witnessed at the Sailun Tires.  She is simply a gem all by the instant moment of seeing her.  We do hope to see more of her in the future!

The Group Shots

The group shots are always happy shots!  

 And some of them are even creative fun shots!!

  Maya Michelle Rew

Maya, Maya, Maya... What can we say?  She is one of the most creative models that we've seen in our entire magazine history.  In the past coverage of her, there are always some spurs of moments that are super memorable.  Either she is looking majestic, or switching to super fun at goofing off, she is a full cinema package by herself.  We wonder why she hasn't won an Oscar yet?  She is that talented!!

 Tania Mehra

This might be the first time we met Tania, but she did leave a strong impression on us for sure.  The Miss INDIA USA, has a presence that is grand and awe-striking.  We can definitely see her in various fashion magazine campaigns or ads, or commercials!  She just has that eye-catching look that many could only dream of!  We totally look forward to seeing her again in the future!

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