Cool Costumes, Runway Fashion, and Hi Tech Models at CES 2015

 Wheels and Heels Magazine / Las Vegas, NV / Photos by Clinton Lum and Py Pai, Text by W&HM Staff
At CES, there are always vendors that do the creative promotions, especially this is CES, the show that defines innovation and promotion.  In past years, we've seen the Fantasy Las Vegas Show dancers created huge sensation in the art of promotion.  They totally brought in mega exposure and attractions.

However, this year CES 2015, it is somewhat more demure but with a different twist.  We witnessed the costume fashion show of ancient China dynasties at ChangHong TV space, and Haier's modern interpretation of fashion runway show, plus the Empire phone case's Halloween-friendly super heroine costumes promotional models.
These are all great efforts and we totally applaud their investment and the show-woman-ship!  The technology demonstrations across thousands of vendors big or small, are cool and fun, but after a while, they become dry, and an overburden of one's left side of the brain by the afternoon of each day.  That is the perfect time to get the right side to take control and balance out the lopsided brain works.

Also, design in general is becoming more and more important to the technology.  Without sound aesthetics, and visual stimulation and guidance, any technology could feel like 1980's green screen ascii text prompt... functional but intimidating.

Therefore, for the companies that drive out of the the easy and comfort driveway and go extra miles to bring the design elements to the show, we all applaud their efforts and want to give them thumbs up after thumbs up!  They not only refuse to just hire a model and dress her / him in the business suite, the went out and created their own statements that are louder and more memorable.  It's marketing at its better way!

(Chinese Costume Runway Photos by guest contributor, Clinton Lum)

Empire Phone Cases


 Haier TV


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