Stunning Girl on a Coke Bike with Forgiato and Cool Models from Sony and Nitto Tires at SEMA 2014

 Las Vegas, NV / by W&HM Staff
Sometimes, outside the convention center at the SEMA show, is just as much fun as inside the halls.  When we walked back our way to our transportation, leaving the convention center, we suddenly met up this amazing scene of two beautiful legs on two awesome wheels, and a stunning body and gorgeous face!  At the outdoor display, Forgiato Wheels had various types of cool cars and cool bikes on display.  Even though we don't know what this model's name, she surely has made a huge impression on us, as well as everyone passed by.  These are great feature shots already!  Kudos to everyone making this happen!!

Model on a Forgiato Coke Bike

Ashley Amon and Natalie Nadine for Sony

We met up Natalie Nadine a couple of times before, and she is always one of the coolest and cutest models that we shot with at shows.  No matter she is smiling at you or holding an actioncam from Sony, she can make tons of stories in front of our camera.  She is definitely a perfect camera model personality that we love to work with someday!


 Nitto Tires Models - Vanessa Bogdanoff, Gina Darling and More

Meeting Vanessa Bogdanoff is like meeting a long lost friend!  The awesome model all the way from Brazil was modeling for Nitto Tires.  She definitely has the Brazilian model talents and passion and friendliness and fun.  We totally love her!

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