Best of the Best Supercross Models from 2015 Monster Energy AMA Supercross Anaheim 1 Season Opener

Monster Energy Models at Monster Energy AMA Supercross Anaheim 1, 2015 Season opener
Wheels and Heels Magazine / Anaheim, CA / by Py Pai
The Monster Energy AMA Supercross is a super event, well done and awesomely executed!  The very first Saturday right after the two-days old New Year celebration, Monster Energy AMA Supercross held the 2015 season opener at the Anaheim, Angel Stadium, CA.  It is definitely a wake up call event.  The sight and sound of the competition and crowd enthusiasm definitely jolted anyone who is not yet fully awake that 2015 is here.  We will have more details about the supercross competition in the Wheels section soon.

At the Pit Party section outside the stadium, the sights and sounds have a different wavelength, which is more sinuous and high intense.  The Supercross girls are totally eye-opening to the event attendees;  in fact, they are incredibly hard to peel your stares away from!  They are the cream of the crop in the promotional modeling industry in such density, that you don't see in any other events!

When we arrived at the event, the brisk winter cold (west coast version of "cold") kept everybody bundled up and draped layer over another layer.  But these brave and amazing professionals, in their one piece wardrobe, actually most of them in even half piece or midriff baring two halves, braced the cold like they are still in summer, for the entire 6 hours work.  We totally salute these tough and strong professionals!  You are braver than the brave!

The Pit Party expo is full of people especially at the later part of the afternoon.  We interviewed our feature model, a Monster Energy girl by the trophy podium, how is it compared to the last year.  She said that it's definitely more people and we totally feel that too.  Hopefully that will bring up the nano-global-warming to these brave models.

This year's season opener is definitely a great kick off for the 2015 series with loads of fun and excitements!  We totally look forward to the next two more events in the same Angel Stadium again!

Caitlin O'Connor for Monster Energy at AMA Supercross Anaheim 1, 2015 Season Opener

 Monster Energy Girls

Monster Energy girls are always so sunny, bright, happy, and stunning!  Wherever they appear, the large crowd followed them, simply because you don't see these Victoria's Secret type of models in real life.  This might be a few chance that you will actually see them in person.  Ensured is the opportunities to take pictures of them, or even better, having picture with them as well!

The line up is so large that it's almost impossible to name all the models there.  We do know that Erica Nagashima, Mercedes Terrell, as well as Kayla Lewis, and our feature model Caitlin O'Connor, plus many many more....  It's definitely a dazzling and very memorable array of super promotional models!

Natalie Paladin and her friends were right in front of the Monster Energy party house booth, in their bikini!  They are definitely a polar cub club member on our book.  Our hats off to you all!

  Rockstar Energy Models

Rockstar Energy models presented a high power presence with their super models, including Jessica Harbour, Skye McDonald, Leanna Bartlett, Marissa Kimberlin, and more.  These are simply the super beautiful and super wow models in the Pit Party expo.  If you count their IG followings, the sum of them would probably be a dream number for any organizations to attempt to have.  We are totally talking about the star power here!  Awesome!  So great to see them again!

 More models at AMA Supercross 2015 Anaheim 1

There were so many awesome models that we did not even get a chance to get their names.  But the pictures say a thousand words, right?!  Enjoy!

We have Autumn Allenbach for DC again!  Super cool!

 Falken Models

Randyl Dawn, Julie Garlindo, and Kaite Carnes were all at presence for Falken!  Super yay!

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