Girls Are Diamond's Best Friends with Diamond Audio and Cerwin-Vega at CES 2015 @jasmyn_skye

 Wheels and Heels Magazine / Las Vegas, NV / by W&HM Staff
At the CES 2015, the presence of promotional models is noticeably smaller compared to the past few years.  However, that's not case for the Diamond Audio / Cerwin-Vega team.  They have many, like as many as 7 models standing by their booth and ready for all attendees to snap pictures of these lovely ladies together with their audio systems and loudspeakers on display.  With most certainty, they are the most prominent promotional models in a booth compared to all others in the show.  We applaud their great efforts to generate the buzz at the show!  Well done!

Here you can see the great personalities and appearances of these cool models!

Diamond Audio + Cerwin-Vega Loudspeakers 

Ashlee Davis

 Iana Little

 Jasmyn Skye

 Susan Iverson

 Lily Martins


Mia Hinton

Diamond Audio, Cerwin-Vega CES Girls Group Shots

Group Video Time!

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