First Look at Super Model Constance Nunes as Toyo Tires Girl at D&B Anaheim by Clinton Lum @calibre68

 Wheels and Heels Magazine / Anaheim, CA / Photos by Clinton Lum, Text by W&HM Staff

One of the news in 2015 is that Constance Nunes (our future cover model) is the new Toyo Tires girl.  Our sage contributor Clinton Lum got the chance to capture the first look of Constance in the Toyo uniform, at Dave and Buster in Anaheim, right after the Supercross A1 event.  With the new spiffy Toyo uniform, Constance showcased the great looks that we can anticipate in the future car show appearances.  We say, awesome!!  Totally look forward to seeing her in the future!!

Extra! Extra! Today's CES First Day Report!

2015 CES, TCL models Serenity Shay, Kristin Reed, and Leila Knight look amazing in red
2015 CES, TCL models Serenity Shay, Kristin Reed, and Leila Knight look amazing in red
Wheels and Heels Magazine / Las Vegas, NV / by Py Pai
2015 CES started way before the show day today.  The hundreds of emails from different vendors have flooded our inbox, gearing toward a huge showcase here in Las Vegas Convention Center.  By the emails from the different vendors, we saw a trend of several key technologies coming into spotlight this year. Confirmed by the walk through the convention center today, they indeed have garnered a lot of floor spaces for sure.

Most notable technologies include wearable technologies, spurred by the Apple Watch frenzy, as well as flying drones offered by many vendors now.  And the 4K continues to be the new black.  Virtual reality also got a slice of news pie after Facebook bought Oculus, and people starting to pay more attention to it.  And of course, 3D printers are like new bamboo shoots after spring rains, it's all over the place...

Now on the soft side of marketing in CES, (not software though), we did not see a whole lot of promotional models like it used to be.  In the past, we can spot one without much efforts.  However, this year, it seems that the promotional models are in sabbatical, not showing up much at all.  It really took us some efforts to highlight these awesome talents.  Of course, we only spent limited amount of time today and did not cover every square inch of the floor.  We sincerely hope that we can bring back a lot more tomorrow so that you can feel how great CES is!

To lead off the coverage, we have the awesome models from TCL, who always have top models in their booth, Serenity Shay, Kristin Reed, and our feature model Leila Knight!  They look totally awesome in red!  So striking!  And then we met up another our feature model Kirsty!  And then we also met up another our feature model Monika Cozlin!!  What an awesome trip on this regard!

Here is today's report...  More to come in the future for the rest of CES 2015 coverage!

2015 Monster Energy AMA SuperCross Anaheim 1 Event Coverage

Wheels and Heels Magazine / Anaheim, CA / by Py Pai

We are excited to do the coverage of 2015 Monster Energy AMA SuperCross Anaheim 1, season opener.  Here is the full article in the Wheels section:  Enjoy!

Best of the Best Supercross Models from 2015 Monster Energy AMA Supercross Anaheim 1 Season Opener

Monster Energy Models at Monster Energy AMA Supercross Anaheim 1, 2015 Season opener
Wheels and Heels Magazine / Anaheim, CA / by Py Pai
The Monster Energy AMA Supercross is a super event, well done and awesomely executed!  The very first Saturday right after the two-days old New Year celebration, Monster Energy AMA Supercross held the 2015 season opener at the Anaheim, Angel Stadium, CA.  It is definitely a wake up call event.  The sight and sound of the competition and crowd enthusiasm definitely jolted anyone who is not yet fully awake that 2015 is here.  We will have more details about the supercross competition in the Wheels section soon.

At the Pit Party section outside the stadium, the sights and sounds have a different wavelength, which is more sinuous and high intense.  The Supercross girls are totally eye-opening to the event attendees;  in fact, they are incredibly hard to peel your stares away from!  They are the cream of the crop in the promotional modeling industry in such density, that you don't see in any other events!

When we arrived at the event, the brisk winter cold (west coast version of "cold") kept everybody bundled up and draped layer over another layer.  But these brave and amazing professionals, in their one piece wardrobe, actually most of them in even half piece or midriff baring two halves, braced the cold like they are still in summer, for the entire 6 hours work.  We totally salute these tough and strong professionals!  You are braver than the brave!

The Pit Party expo is full of people especially at the later part of the afternoon.  We interviewed our feature model, a Monster Energy girl by the trophy podium, how is it compared to the last year.  She said that it's definitely more people and we totally feel that too.  Hopefully that will bring up the nano-global-warming to these brave models.

This year's season opener is definitely a great kick off for the 2015 series with loads of fun and excitements!  We totally look forward to the next two more events in the same Angel Stadium again!

Caitlin O'Connor for Monster Energy at AMA Supercross Anaheim 1, 2015 Season Opener
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