Majestic @MelyssaGrace at #KuyaModelExpo 2014 for R1-Concepts

La Habra, CA, by W&HM - Our incredible cover model, Melyssa Grace, is always one of the top models in the industry.  You have seen countless photos of her in our past event coverage as well as the super cool cover feature pictorials.  At the Kuya Model Expo 2 2014, Melyssa showed her genius again with our and our peers' cameras.  From her graceful to playful poses, she could easily mesmerize you to no end.

During the tiny windows of opportunities to shoot with her at the busy Kuya Model Expo, her energetic self, confident posing, and totally interactive playfulness comes to full bloom, leaving us utterly drunk in her awesomeness.  To look good is one thing, to pose good is the next thing, and to create a personable experience is the ultimate thing!  Melyssa definitely won our heart and our high respect, many times again!!

Melyssa has been busy with her drifting activities.  She has attended many competitions and being featured in several occasions.  We totally love the combination of modeling and competitive driving, showing the world that beauty and brain do come together, very well!  We very much look forward to seeing her more in the future!

Marie Alvarez - A Genuine, Angelic and Caliente Model @ariannaamarieee


Marie Alvarez:

Marie Alvarez is a very genuine model.  She speaks her honest mind, she expresses her true feelings and she smiles from the bottom of her heart.  That's rare in this industry and we highly appreciate that. We think that there is nothing more sexier than a person being his/her self for real.  

Of course, let's not overshadow a bit her amazing look!  At 5'4", she can effortlessly create those super model 6'+ tall looks, with her slender physique and leggy limbs.  Marie always maintain a super classy yet uber sexy style throughout her modeling career.  This makes her a perfect model for a brand ambassador or high promotional roles.

She has worked tiredlessly in many events.  We went as far back as 2011 and we are sure that she may have started even earlier.  Her appearances in many web sites, magazines, as well as tons of coverage, only proves that she is high in demand by vendors and organizers, and more to the point, very + very popular among her fans!

Marie Alvarez Following Information: 

IG: @ariannaaamarieee 
(W&HM: we think Marie took all the vowels from the Wheels of Fortune(R)...)

Sample Event Appearances:

Huge Pictorial Higlights of Kuya Model Expo 2 at R1 - Concepts

La Habra, CA, by Py - Big Abe's Kuya Model Expo 2 is the first major import model expo of the year and it lead with a strong showing of lots of models, packed crowd, awesome show cars, and cool vendors.  The venue was held at the R1-Concepts company at La Habra, CA, where cool brake rotors and pads are made.

Instead of being inside a hotel conference room, this time it was chosen to be at an open air venue at R1-Concepts company.  The weather could not be more perfect for an event.  At first, it was sunny, a little bit hot, but then in the afternoon, it turned with a cool overcast.  Both provided great photo lighting for us.  We could not be happier with this arrangement which the nature gave us!

R1-Concepts location is inside an industrial district with sprawling warehouses and manufacturing shops.  The place is in a cul de sac area, which is perfect for lining up cool and heavily modified and decorated cars.  The drive way is straight and about a truck width wide, which is ideal for setting up two rows of model lounge and vendor tables.  After you entered the gate, you would immediately greeted by the gorgeous models, and if you turned left,  you then see R1-Concepts busy models, Melyssa Grace, our cover model, and Amber Alvarez, our feature model!

It's so great to see both of them again.  Melyssa Grace has been busy with her charity work for the Haiyan Typhoon relief events, as well as her drifting activities.  She always looks so amazing and has created countless amazing photos with us!  She is indeed at the top of the industry!  Amber Alvarez just came back from Taiwan of her international tour for her highly famed go-go dancing talents!  We asked if she had any jet lag from the trip, and she said that she has a magical way of preventing it with a smile.  She looked super refreshing and happy as a lark!  Our cover model, Brie Williams, was also at the expo for Spocom.  Brie is a super rising star and many great things are happening or are going to happen to her.  We are very proud that our magazine is her first magazine cover feature!  We could not wait to see how far she can go and how high she can jump!  She is definitely very talented and deserves all the great recognition!

At the two model lounges separated by a catwalk stage, there were many models who we were super happy to see again or have never seen before or sometimes we were scratching our heads at...  It's totally awesome to see Marie Alvarez, Serena Su, Lily Zenna Wang, Raquel Estralla, Ashley Clark to name a few...  They are the prime representatives of the golden time that we enjoy over the last couple of years.  Not only they look amazing, they are fun to chat with, and the photos are always so stunning!  Definitely check out the photos in the full article as well as our individual coverage of the models!

 As predicted in our 2014 Top 6 Trend and Forecasts article, new models are coming up like bamboo shoots in the spring time.  We applaud this trend and are glad to see the new talents showing up in the scene.  However, we do have some modeling advice for the newbies who are serious about this path of fame or nominal monetary rewards:
- make yourself presentable, and super package yourself, especially in this picture-first industry
- learn some basic modeling skills, like how to pose and how to give memorable smiles
- be likable and interactive, because nobody feels the love if you are perceived uninterested
We understand that some of you may feel shy about being in front of the public.  We say this; just treat everybody like a friend, and they will become a friend to you immediately.

Vendors and food stands joined the expo as well, making this expo a fun time for a sunny Saturday afternoon!

As the season opener, Kuya Model Expo 2 is a great success.  It provided a floor for models to warm up to the big games, and photographers to rekindle their admiration to their beloved personalities and search for the next top models, and media people to have contents to report to their faithful readers, especially after a long drought of show period.  Big Abe did a great job pulling together a great platform for models, fans, professionals and media to get together again in a huge way.  We say "Great Job!"  We definitely look forward to the next one!
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