Marie Alvarez - A Genuine, Angelic and Caliente Model @ariannaamarieee


Marie Alvarez:

Marie Alvarez is a very genuine model.  She speaks her honest mind, she expresses her true feelings and she smiles from the bottom of her heart.  That's rare in this industry and we highly appreciate that. We think that there is nothing more sexier than a person being his/her self for real.  

Of course, let's not overshadow a bit her amazing look!  At 5'4", she can effortlessly create those super model 6'+ tall looks, with her slender physique and leggy limbs.  Marie always maintain a super classy yet uber sexy style throughout her modeling career.  This makes her a perfect model for a brand ambassador or high promotional roles.

She has worked tiredlessly in many events.  We went as far back as 2011 and we are sure that she may have started even earlier.  Her appearances in many web sites, magazines, as well as tons of coverage, only proves that she is high in demand by vendors and organizers, and more to the point, very + very popular among her fans!

Marie Alvarez Following Information: 

IG: @ariannaaamarieee 
(W&HM: we think Marie took all the vowels from the Wheels of Fortune(R)...)

Sample Event Appearances:

Kuya Model Expo 2, La Habra, Photos by Py



2013 Celebrity and Model Expo (C.A.M.E.) Show by Clinton Lum @calibre68

2013 SEMA Las Vegas, NV for Kosei - Photos by Py

Las Vegas, NV (W&HM) - The first time is always the most exciting and most memorable one.  Marie Alvarez was super excited about coming to SEMA this year, and worked at the Kosei Wheels booth.  Each day Marie has a different costume and we managed to capture 1.5 costumes (the 0.5 being that she was actually just about leaving.  good catch!)

From the photos, you can tell that Marie has become super-model strong in her modeling pursue.  The look, the style and the projection are all right on the spot!  Great job!!  Definitely keep it up Marie!


2013 HIN Fontana, CA - Photo by Py

Subifest, Fontana, CA for Clear Bra Pro - Photos by Py 

Fontana, CA (W&HM) - At the Subiefest Fontana earlier, we met up with Marie Alvarez, in her flower child hair band, reminded us about the 60's, a period of fun, carefree, experiments, adventures and of course, love! We've known Marie for a long time, and through the various shows and time, she has transformed and grown into a full blown top model status. She posses her carefree and happy-go-lucky spirit and it's a real fun catch up with her. She would make you feel that you are her good pal, and she does not mind telling you all the fun things in her life, and even
don't mind twerking to show you (not on you!) that she is really hip!

When she got on a mini-scooter, she's like a boy at the Christmas morning, could not stop playing with it and having all kinds of fun on it! Marie is totally awesome and we look forward to seeing her in the future soon!

Extreme Autofest San Diego for Lexani - Photos by Py 

San Diego, CA (W&HM) - Marie Alvarez has a new look and she is totally sizzling caliente! At the Extreme Autofest, Lexani set up a big container size truck with full of sparkling and shiny wheels and accessories inside, making it a spectacular sight by itself!
Then came Marie Alvarez, standing tall and awesome with her incredibly long legs and slander figure. The view is amazing and with the white steel horse by her side, simply perfect!


2013 Celebrity and Model Expo (C.A.M.E.), La Mirada, CA - Photos by Py

La Mirada, CA (W&HM) - Something about Marie this time we saw her. She has that strong presence and cool look. Awesome!

And she is not shy about rocking in front of the band, uh, modelly speaking...

2012 Extreme Autofest, Anaheim, CA - Photos by Py

Marie Alvarez gave a full-hearted smile that would only melt one's heart away... Great job Marie! :-)


2012 Motion Auto Show, Long Beach, CA - Photos by Py

Marie Alvarez flashed us a sweet smile with her sparkling eyes!

2012 HIN Pomona, CA - Photos by Py


2011 Celebrity and Model Expo (C.A.M.E.), La Mirada, CA - Photos by Py

La Mirada, CA (W&HM) - Marie Alvarez looks awesome in her cool bikini-dress. It's a genius touch!! Great job!