Majestic @MelyssaGrace at #KuyaModelExpo 2014 for R1-Concepts

La Habra, CA, by W&HM - Our incredible cover model, Melyssa Grace, is always one of the top models in the industry.  You have seen countless photos of her in our past event coverage as well as the super cool cover feature pictorials.  At the Kuya Model Expo 2 2014, Melyssa showed her genius again with our and our peers' cameras.  From her graceful to playful poses, she could easily mesmerize you to no end.

During the tiny windows of opportunities to shoot with her at the busy Kuya Model Expo, her energetic self, confident posing, and totally interactive playfulness comes to full bloom, leaving us utterly drunk in her awesomeness.  To look good is one thing, to pose good is the next thing, and to create a personable experience is the ultimate thing!  Melyssa definitely won our heart and our high respect, many times again!!

Melyssa has been busy with her drifting activities.  She has attended many competitions and being featured in several occasions.  We totally love the combination of modeling and competitive driving, showing the world that beauty and brain do come together, very well!  We very much look forward to seeing her more in the future!