Ashley Harrell - W&HM Magazine Print Issue Feature Model @smashharrell

Los Angeles, CA, by Py -

We have so many great adjectives that we love to adorn our Issue 13 print edition feature model, Ashley Harrell, including sunny, bright, happy, smart, sincere, friendly, talented, professional, fun to work with, plus many more in overall awesomeness!

We first met Ashley at the 2013 Spocom Super Show in Anaheim, CA.  We just took a few photos of her and talked to her a bit to know her better.  We immediately knew that she is our kind of gal who has great personality, cheerful attitude, and high professionalism.  Through working with her, we learned that Ashley is not only a great model, who has woned the Maxim "Beautify America" LV Editor's Choice (, she is also an amazing hairstylist.  No wonder she always looks like she just stepped out the salon with her gorgeous hair, and flawless make up and wonderful attitude!

We are very happy to see Ashley more and more in various events.  At each event, she always has that upbeat energy and friendly vibe around her.  People just love taking pictures of her.  We look forward to seeing her more in the future and see her modeling and hairstyling career flourish to no stop!!

Contact Info: 

IG: @smashharrell and you will find her contact and booking email address


During our fashion style photo shoot, she performed beautifully and created some of the most striking images that we did for a long time!  Our hats are totally off to her and her fantastic talents!

Here is a facebook cover picture size photo.  Just feel that this is a very lyrical picture. :-)

Event Coverage from the past:

Ashley Harrel at 2013 International Motorcycle Show, Long Beach

We worked with Ashley Harrell in a photo shoot as well as coverage feature in the past for the 2Crave team in various events. She always has that brilliance in her eyes, and brightness in her personality when she is talking with you. Totally awesome!

Ashley Harrel at 2013 DUB Show Anaheim, CA

Anaheim, CA (W&HM) - We first met Ashley Harrell at the 2Crave Booth in the Spocom Show this year.  We were thoroughly impressed already not just her pure beauty, but also her positivity and energy.  Definitely left us as well as many others a great impression after the show.  Now again at the 2Crave booth, we were so glad to see her again and had a great opportunity to do a mini photo shoot with the 2Crave Minis and wheels.


Ashley Harrell at 2013 Spocom Super Show, Anaheim, CA