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Las Vegas, NV, by W&HM - If you have followed our coverage of previous Hankook models in various events, then you know that it needs no introduction that Hankook has the best models and costumes in the industry.  To work as a Hankook model is definitely a resume item for models, on top of being in the SEMA show!

Erica Nagashima was leading the pack in our coverage and always gives us amazing photos whenever we see her.  Her fun and gentle personality would put anyone at ease and wanted to start a conversation with her, like we did, under her irresistible friendliness spell.


The famous Hankook Formula Drift driver, Frederic Aasbo, was having a great time surrounded by these beauties during the autograph session!  Everybody was so happy!

Jessica Harbour and Sadie May are the perfect complementary couple at the show.  They represented the great all american girl personas for Hankook USA!
We had a wonderful opportunity to do an exclusive nano-photo shoot session with Jessica Harbour.  Jessica is such an awesome model!  When she realized that we were only taking her pictures while she was sitting down, she came up to us and gave us a great photo shoot in front of the Hankook display cars.  She is super awesome!!

Sadie May has that fashion model look and our pictures of her are always so crispy and stylish.  We totally love working with Sadie!!

Even though we did not get a chance to do a coverage of Katelynn Ansari, we are pretty sure that you have seen her in many occasions in our past reports.  We sure look forward to seeing her again next time and do a catch up nano-shoot with her soon!

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