Helen Fancik at AMSOil, Falken Tire Girls and More at SX A1 @icapizza

Anaheim, CA, by W&HM - At the Monster Energy SuperCross Anaheim 1, the season opener event, had many great appearances of great models.  We saw Helen Fancik, who is always so refreshingly gorgeous, since the day 1 that we met her!  She's surrounded by two energetic and beautiful model friends, making the AMSOil booth like a family outing spot!

International Star Leng Yein at 2013 #SEMA @Lengyein


Las Vegas, NV, by W&HM - At the 2013 SEMA show JDM Sport booth, we met up the international star Leng Yein from Malaysia.  And equally importantly, she is our cover model of 2012 February!  

Leng Yein is a multi-talented model and DJ.  Not only she graced many publications as well as periodicals, she is also a DJ musician and singer, and has a new album out just recently!  

While she was in the US, we got a chance to work with her to produce a feature for the magazine.  Stay tuned for the issue to come out!

Find out more about Leng Yein:
Instagram: @lengyein
Twitter: @lengyein

Don't Miss More Stunning Models at SX A1 @ms_charisse


Anaheim, CA, by W&HM - Besides the glittering glamour Rockstar super models and amazing array of Monster Energy girls, there were many gems in the Pit Party area at the Monster Energy Supercross Anaheim I event.

(We are working in the reverse picture order above...)  When you walked into the party expo area, not too far from the entrance, you would be greeted by the three graces of  Randie Raige (red hair) and Michelle Cardoza (platinum blonde) and Stevie Austin (brunette) at the Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorney booth.  The strong presences of these three beauties set the tone for the wonderful venue here.  

Then we passed the NGK Sparkplugs booth, and met the elegant Jenna Poole in her red top and black skirt.  Jenna is a very tall model and can easily pass as a print commercial model in any of the major store commercials.  Combined with her industrious work attitude, Jenna is a great asset to NGK!  
On the other side of the vendor row, we ran into Amber Papst and Kelsea Rock for BTO Motocross spot.  Both of them had the warm smile and great personalities that matches the festive mood of the event!

And we pleasantly saw a very cool and at the same time very petite model, Charisse Cha, at the Shark Kage trailer ramp side.  Her mere presence at the place has made many people flocked to the booth and checked out what's in the store.  Now that's promotion that we say.  Our hats off to her!

There are a lot more photos of these amazing ladies!  Check them out in the full article here...

Brie Williams - Ultimate Sultry and Talented Cover Model @bri_tard

Los Angeles, CA, by Py - Our cover model of Issue 12, Brie Williams, has a natural talent of modeling, either in her personality or in her skills and creativity.  The 5'4" beauty has traveled much of the west coast throughout her formation years.  This extensive experience in multi-geographical livings has brought her great perspectives in her career and life.  She appreciates great aesthetics, creative concepts, and most of all, great quality of arts!  We definitely see this gorgeous beauty expands to many avenues of artistic performances and expressions and be awesome about them!


Facebook / Booking: http://www.facebook.com/Brie.C.Williams
Instagram: @bri_tard
Modelmayhem: http://www.modelmayhem.com/1762849

Wheels and Heels Magazine Issue 12 - Cover Model


HxWxV, a Petite Meet with Huge Gathering @VxApes @Jessicakes33 @arrrrlz @officialsandrawong @miss_brittani_paige @Lillyevans__ @jennadrenalina

San Gabriel, CA - by Py - This is a very exciting meet.  You would not imagine the turn out and the effects of this event, but it has a huge impact across many aspects.  HxWxV stands for Heels, Wheels and Vapes, which is very fitting to the appearances of great models, great cars and bikes, right in the V-Apes shop in San Gabriel.  

The idea was conceived by the very awesome Jessica Weaver, our cover model.  Leveraging the V-Apes store in San Gabriel, that she is part of.  The idea is to have a "Kick Cancer Fundraiser" event, and having some of the top models in the industry to raise the awareness of the event, as well as providing a space for people to network and mingle.  And boy did we see heavy duty networking and mingling at the event.  Not only this is the first semi-major (definitely not minor) import model gathering at one spot after the start of the year, the draws of these models attracted the majority of local photographers that we meet regularly at various events.  This is almost like an unofficial network event.  People were busy capturing beautiful pictures of the models, especially with the awesome backdrop painted by the famed mural painting artist Kopyeson.  On their trigger resting time, people spent a lot of time catching up with each other, like a long lost friends network reunion.  People talked about shows last year, this year, and every year, talked about cars and bikes and clubs and many other things.  It's almost you can feel a strong industry vibe there.  We totally applaud to Jessica and V-Apes for providing this wonderful opportunity for all the gathering together and having a good time!  We definitely look forward to more in their future events!
Jessica Weaver is always so beautiful and awesome to take pictures of and catching up with.  Her interpersonal skills are warm and friendly and personable.  All these made her a perfect hostess of the event.
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