Sultry Model Ally Joy for Savini Wheels at #Bimmerfest 2017 #allyjoy

Sultry and sexy model  Ally Joy for Savini Wheels in Bimmerfest 2017 / W&HM Staff * forward any requests or questions to

We've known Ally Joy for a couple of years.  Well, it's more know of her through our coverage and never really got a chance to work together to feature her.  However the more and the more of  her appearances at various major shows here in southern Cal, we got to know her better than before.
Well, we sure hope that we will get a chance to feature her in a future issue to bring awesome works to all and a better chance to let her tell us her 411.

Upcoming Star Sam Ferraez for California Motorsports at #Bimmerfest 2017 #samferraez

The rising star of Sam Ferraez gave her awesome appearance at the California Motorsports in Bimmerfest 2017 / W&HM Staff
* forward any requests or questions to

Sam Ferraez 

Many people know Sam Ferraez in relation to her sister Hanna Ferraez, our cover model.  However, Sam stood on her own on her very first public car show appearance in last year's Extreme Autofest San Diego bikini contest.  She not only showed up with her amazing self, she won the first place at the contest!  That's the rocket start of her stardom!

Hot Cover Model Nicole Marie Reckers for Project Cars 2 at #Wekfest LA 2017 #nicolemariereckers

Our cover model Nicole Marie Reckers is gorgeous and hot at the Project Cars 2 booth in Wekfest LA 2017 / W&HM Staff
* forward any requests or questions to
It's always a pleasure to see Nicole Marie Reckers.  Not only she is so beautiful and elegant and hot, she is such a personable model and a great friend to the magazine and it's always fun to catch up with her.

During the Wekfest show, the tent cast a shadow that created a virtually freeze zone.  Most of the models under the tent actually wanted to come out and shoot so that they can get the warmth of the sun light.  That's a great opportunity for all the photographers at the show, so we totally grabbed it!  And the many articles of these amazing models are here for all the enjoy!  Thanks Prestige Marketing's unintended brilliance!

Sweet Model Manda Joy at Project Cars 2 in #Wekfest LA 2017 #mandajoy #projectcars2

Manda Joy is such a happy and uplifting model who made the Project Cars 2 booth shine bright at the Wekfest LA 2017 / W&HM Staff
* forward any requests or questions to

Manda Joy

This may be the first time we met Manda Joy, but boy it was a great meet!  The happy and bright model showed her animated side when we start clicking our camera.  She totally created the vivid photos for us of the cool Wekfest car show!  Great job Manda!

Bee Barajas Made a Deep Impression at Impressive Wrap in @Bimmerfest 2017 #Impressivewrap

The blue hair Bee Barajas made the Impressive Wrap even more impressive at the Bimmerfest 2017 (contact us at

Bee Barajas

Bee has been busy with car shows as she is in high demand, especially in the recent months.  We have seen her in several major car shows in very impressive vendor booths.  She is definitely the it-girl that many companies seek after!

With an artistic personality at heart, Bee always gives us all she has and create beautiful and creative looks that other models don't or can't do.  We totally appreciate that and always look forward to seeing her in the next event!

Four quick shots of #covermodel Sandra Wong at @VMRWheels booth at #Bimmerfest 2017

Our cover model Sandra Wong wore a beautiful red dress at the VMR Wheels booth in the hot Bimmerfest 2017 car show event / W&HM Staff
* forward any requests or questions to

From our past coverage of Sandra Wong, you should know that Sandra is always a friendly and great friend to catch up with.  Not only her academic pursue is interesting, she also cares about the lives of other people, e.g. ours.  Now that's a super wonderful model that we forever root for!

Sandra Wong

Always Cool and Awesome Model Bee Barajas for #AllAspects at #wekfest LA 2017

The up and coming up fast awesome model Bee Barajas showed her coolness in the super hot Long Beach Wekfest 2017 event for All Aspects / W&HM Staff
* forward any requests or questions to
The more we see Bee Barajas the more we are impressed by her talents and coolness.  She has progressed tremendously and yet very subtly over recent shows.  It totally shows that Bee means business!  :-)

Bee Barajas

Gorgeous and Always Refreshing Cover Model Angelina Andrada for Project Cars 2 at #Bimmerfest 2017

Sweet Asian model Angelina Andrada in black halter tank top smiling

Our sweet, gorgeous, cool, bright, pleasant, awesome, refreshing,... cover model Angelina Andrada gave us a big smile at Project Cars 2 booth in Bimmerfest 2017 / W&HM Staff
* forward any requests or questions to
Yes, there is no enough positive and great adjectives that can properly describe the awesome cover model Angelina Andrada.

During the super hot Fontana weather at Bimmerfest 2017, under the big Project Cars 2 tent, Angelina Andrada was busy helping people to try on the new VR game of the same name.

If you have played VR games or event tried it before, you know it's not an easy technology to adopt, no matter how the hypes are about and how desperate you want to love it.  However, no matter what comes at the end of the VR games there, you would see Angelina smiling at you and you would instantly feel that you are in heaven, which is a level up about the VR level.  That is so cool!

We wish Angelina would have her own VR games that can play along side with players to go through Mario racing, or Donkey Kong rescuing...

Angelina Andrada

Ultra Cool Laura Diosa Giraldo @diosalau77 for RSR Wheels @rsrwheels at #Bimmerfest 2017

model Laura Diosa Giraldo in a white RSR Wheels mini dress / W&HM Staff * forward any requests or questions to

It was Autocon this year, that we first met Laura Diosa Giraldo and we were impressed not only by the sheer beauty and reserved sensuality that she has.  It's also the big crowd at the show around her hoping to take some pictures of this amazing model!

We were so happy to see this wonderful model showing up at the RSR Wheels at the Bimmerfest 2017.  This time we would not miss the opportunity and took our time to create some of the most awesome photos at the show!

Laura Diosa Giraldo

Ferrada Wheels Amanda Paris @MissAmandaParis

blonde model Amanda Paris in Ferrada Wheels black T-shirt

brunette model Kelsey Quayle in Ferrada Wheels black t-shirt next to their wheels

Ferrada Wheels had three wonderful models for the 2-day bimmerfest, including famous Amanda Paris and awesome Kelsey Quayle and more / W&HM Staff * forward any requests or questions to

We ran into Amanda Paris at the Wekfest car show and then luckily again at the Bimmerfest.  That's like a 2 consecutive weekends of awesomeness!  This is the first time we met Kelsey Quayle and we were thoroughly impressed by her tireless smiles and high spirit despite the high heat desert weather at the Bimmerfest 2017!

Amanda Paris

Gorgeous and Cool Hannah Jensen @jensenhannnah for RW Carbon @rwcarbon at #Bimmerfest 2017

model Hannah Jensen in a little black dress and long black boots

The immediate magnetism that Hannah Jensen projected was unavoidable. She made the RW Carbon booth the first stop and she was the first model that we captured. That made the whole show a great start! / W&HM Staff * forward any requests or questions to

Hannah Jensen was literally the first model that caught our attention, ahead of a big model queue that we planned to meet with.  Her unassuming model-personality and ready for click at any given moment totally gave us a great start of the show.

At the end of the two-day long show, we have stopped multiple times by the RW Carbon booth, and also took coverage of their awesome show cars (to be shown in the CARS section.)

We say awesome job Hannah!

Hannah Jensen

Leggy and Sweet Feature Model Tyler Aries for Wagner Tuning at Bimmerfest 2017 / W&HM Staff
* forward any requests or questions to

It's always such a great pleasure to see Tyler Aries!  The super charming, sweet, and friendly model has been a great model and a great friend!  At the Bimmerfest 2017, Wagner has found her representing the brand to be the promotional model for them.  The combination with their cool car has been a wonderful gift to all.

Tyler Aries

Awesome Cover Model Elizabeth Velasquez for @RSRWheels at @Bimmerfest 2017 @LizVelasquez #bimmerfest / W&HM Staff
* forward any requests or questions to

At the Bimmerfest 2017, we were so happy to see the our super amazing cover model Elizabeth Velasquez at the RSR Wheels booth!  She has been busy with her model management business lately so we did not get a chance to see her more at various events.

Elizabeth Velasquez

That's also a great note that if you have any modeling requirements, definitely contact Elizabeth. She has been such a great resource to many of her clients and wonderful friend to us!  We totally love her!

Beautiful Cover Model Nicole Marie Reckers #nicolemariereckers for MOMO at Bimmerfest 2017 #momo #bimmerfest

Our sunny and gorgeous cover model Nicole Marie Reckers looked amazing in MOMO uniform at the Bimmerfest 2017 / W&HM Staff
* forward any requests or questions to

Nicole Marie Reckers is one of the most hard working and most professional and most awesome models that we've ever had the great fortune to know her in her early career, as well as worked with her for our magazine cover feature.

We still remember the first time we saw her when she was applying to be a feature model at the Spocom show.  She was radiating with her refreshing youth spirit.  Ever since then, she has been busy with non-stop events and appearances.  Whenever she was dedicated to work, she's always giving her 100% to the show and to her career.  We are thoroughly impressed!

Now Nicole is getting full speed on her car show works and we are so happy to see her in so many car shows!  She is totally awesome and everybody should say hi to her and support her awesome celebrity stardom!

Beisdes more photos in the full article here, you can find much more past coverage of Nicole here in our magazine here!

Nicole Marie Reckers

Another Big Highlights of Bimmerfest West 2017 Car Show #bimmerfest

Sweet Angelina Andrada in black halter top for Project Cars 2 in Bimmerfest
Our cover model Angelina Andrada for Project Cars 2 at Bimmerfest 2017

Bimmerfest has completed another block buster year of this two-day event in the hot hot Fontanta Autoclub Speedway! / Py Pai
* forward any requests or questions to

A 2-day event may seem to be a long show, especially in the super heated Fontana, the heart of Inland Empire desert.  However, we did not feel a bit of show exhaustion, but only being heat-exhausted.

After the day 1 highlight coverage that you can find it here, we are entering the day 2, the continued awesomeness!

At day 2 of Bimmerfest 2017, it's a quieter scene and the traffic was much better in term of cruising around vendors and checking out cars as well as taking pictures of models.  It's  like a recuperating day from Day 1's tight schedule and tight space.

Wheels and Heels Magazine Cover and Feature Models

At the day 2, even though half of the vendor models did not attend, we still a great array of our cover and feature models doing all types of promotional works for their clients.

At the top, we were so happy to see our cover model Angelina Andrada for Project Cars 2 helping attendees their virtual reality racing thing.  Though we did not get to eye-on the VR set up, we can tell it's a very intense experience!
Our cover model Hanna Ferraez for California Motorsports
Then our cover model Hanna Ferraez looking so refreshing even at the last hours of the show.  Bravo and bravo!!
Our cover model Elizabeth Velasquez is so great to meet!  Nowadays she does a lot of model booking for clients. If you have a need for models for your events or car club or your happenings, definitely contact Elizabeth!

Sweet Lisa Lee Marie for 2Crave always looks so awesome!!  It's so fun to catch up with her that we were just cracking jokes non stop.  It's such a mental refreshment from the shining metal after a long while

Our feature model Tyler Aries always looks so tall and leggy in our camera.  She has that magic formula in her gene and in her pose.  We totally love her!

Bimmerfest Show Cars

Big Highlights of The Grand #Bimmerfest West 2017 by W&HM @bimmerfest

Sisters Sam Ferraez and Hanna Ferraez together at Bimmerfest 2017
Sam Ferraez (for Califronia Motorsports) and our cover model Hanna Ferraez (for Impressive Auto Salon) at
Bimmerfest West 2017

 The biggest BMW community car show in the world, Bimmerfest has another record breaking year at the Autoclub Speedway Fontana - Day 1 highlight coverage / Py Pai
* forward any requests or questions to

This is another year of super success for the Bimmerfest car show and event!  Every one we talked to, including the attendees, vendors, models, and media peers, all agreed that this is one of the most important car show in their checklist.  Bimmerfest has cemented the prestige top honor in BMW car show community!

If you've ever been to the Autoclub Speedway, you know it's big!  Well, Bimmerfest has occupied a good portion of the show venue space, as well as the parking lots.  When you take a survey of the parking lot, it's virtually a sea of BMW cars, from the vintage to the ultra modern models.
Also the vendors have their show of support and force to entice one of the best car show crowds out there, with their booths, staffs, products, swags, as well as models.

Talking about models, we are soooo happy to see so many our cover models and feature models working at the show!  That's one great proof that working with us and being featured in our magazine carries certain level of professional quality and substantial cachet!

Wheels and Heels Magazine Cover and Feature Models at Bimmerfest Car Show

Here we met our cool cover model Hanna Ferraez (top right) and her sister Sam at the show.

Jessica Weaver for Vertini Wheels

Our amazing cover model Jessica Weaver for Vertini Wheels always has that
super glam look and awesome personality 24 x 7

Ashley Twomey for Rohana Wheels.

Our cover model Ashley Twomey for Rohana in white dress looking amazing!
We haven't seen Sandra for a long time!  We totally miss her!

Sandra Wong for a VMR Wheels 

Our cover model Sandra Wong in red for VMR Wheels

Nicole Marie Reckers for MOMO

Our Cover model Nicole Marie Reckers for MOMO in a full nylon body suit in a near 100F weather!!

Arley Elizabeth for Dinmann

Our cover model Arley Elizabeth for Dinmann looking refreshing!

Laura Dioza and our cover model Elizabeth Velasquez for RSR Wheels

Cool duo Laura and our cover model Elizabeth Velasquez for RSR Wheels

Tyler Aries for Wagner Tuning 

Sweet feature model Tyler Aries could not stop laughing when we took pictures of her,
but finally we got the chance to do a different style of photo shoots.

Bethany Gragg for GSX Marketing

We were very happy to run into our feature model Bethany Gragg from
the neighboring racing house, with GSX Marketing

Athena for Miro Wheels

Always a great smile by Athena at MIRO Wheels

Lisa Lee Marie for 2Crave Wheels

Gorgeous and super personable feature model Lisa Lee Marie for 2Crave.  She is such a wonderful friend!!

Bee Barajas for Impressive Auto Salon

Bee is so fashion awesome at any car show with her striking poses and engaging personality!

Vendor Show Cars and BMW Enthusiast & Fan Community of Cars 

Then definitely the biggest stars are the BMW cars at the show, as well as the show of the BMW enthusiasts' and fans' support.  The sheer amount of BMW car presence is already staggering.

With the variety from the vintage of the classic to the newest and coolest ultra-contemporary models, all showed the diversity of love and interests in this highly regarded brand and works.
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