Beautiful Cover Model Nicole Marie Reckers #nicolemariereckers for MOMO at Bimmerfest 2017 #momo #bimmerfest

Our sunny and gorgeous cover model Nicole Marie Reckers looked amazing in MOMO uniform at the Bimmerfest 2017 / W&HM Staff
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Nicole Marie Reckers is one of the most hard working and most professional and most awesome models that we've ever had the great fortune to know her in her early career, as well as worked with her for our magazine cover feature.

We still remember the first time we saw her when she was applying to be a feature model at the Spocom show.  She was radiating with her refreshing youth spirit.  Ever since then, she has been busy with non-stop events and appearances.  Whenever she was dedicated to work, she's always giving her 100% to the show and to her career.  We are thoroughly impressed!

Now Nicole is getting full speed on her car show works and we are so happy to see her in so many car shows!  She is totally awesome and everybody should say hi to her and support her awesome celebrity stardom!

Beisdes more photos in the full article here, you can find much more past coverage of Nicole here in our magazine here!

Nicole Marie Reckers