Gorgeous and Always Refreshing Cover Model Angelina Andrada for Project Cars 2 at #Bimmerfest 2017

Sweet Asian model Angelina Andrada in black halter tank top smiling

Our sweet, gorgeous, cool, bright, pleasant, awesome, refreshing,... cover model Angelina Andrada gave us a big smile at Project Cars 2 booth in Bimmerfest 2017

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Yes, there is no enough positive and great adjectives that can properly describe the awesome cover model Angelina Andrada.

During the super hot Fontana weather at Bimmerfest 2017, under the big Project Cars 2 tent, Angelina Andrada was busy helping people to try on the new VR game of the same name.

If you have played VR games or event tried it before, you know it's not an easy technology to adopt, no matter how the hypes are about and how desperate you want to love it.  However, no matter what comes at the end of the VR games there, you would see Angelina smiling at you and you would instantly feel that you are in heaven, which is a level up about the VR level.  That is so cool!

We wish Angelina would have her own VR games that can play along side with players to go through Mario racing, or Donkey Kong rescuing...

Angelina Andrada

Project Cars 2 VR Game