Big Highlights of The Grand #Bimmerfest West 2017 by W&HM @bimmerfest

Sisters Sam Ferraez and Hanna Ferraez together at Bimmerfest 2017
Sam Ferraez (for Califronia Motorsports) and our cover model Hanna Ferraez (for Impressive Auto Salon) at
Bimmerfest West 2017

 The biggest BMW community car show in the world, Bimmerfest has another record breaking year at the Autoclub Speedway Fontana - Day 1 highlight coverage / Py Pai
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This is another year of super success for the Bimmerfest car show and event!  Every one we talked to, including the attendees, vendors, models, and media peers, all agreed that this is one of the most important car show in their checklist.  Bimmerfest has cemented the prestige top honor in BMW car show community!

If you've ever been to the Autoclub Speedway, you know it's big!  Well, Bimmerfest has occupied a good portion of the show venue space, as well as the parking lots.  When you take a survey of the parking lot, it's virtually a sea of BMW cars, from the vintage to the ultra modern models.
Also the vendors have their show of support and force to entice one of the best car show crowds out there, with their booths, staffs, products, swags, as well as models.

Talking about models, we are soooo happy to see so many our cover models and feature models working at the show!  That's one great proof that working with us and being featured in our magazine carries certain level of professional quality and substantial cachet!

Wheels and Heels Magazine Cover and Feature Models at Bimmerfest Car Show

Here we met our cool cover model Hanna Ferraez (top right) and her sister Sam at the show.

Jessica Weaver for Vertini Wheels

Our amazing cover model Jessica Weaver for Vertini Wheels always has that
super glam look and awesome personality 24 x 7

Ashley Twomey for Rohana Wheels.

Our cover model Ashley Twomey for Rohana in white dress looking amazing!
We haven't seen Sandra for a long time!  We totally miss her!

Sandra Wong for a VMR Wheels 

Our cover model Sandra Wong in red for VMR Wheels

Nicole Marie Reckers for MOMO

Our Cover model Nicole Marie Reckers for MOMO in a full nylon body suit in a near 100F weather!!

Arley Elizabeth for Dinmann

Our cover model Arley Elizabeth for Dinmann looking refreshing!

Laura Dioza and our cover model Elizabeth Velasquez for RSR Wheels

Cool duo Laura and our cover model Elizabeth Velasquez for RSR Wheels

Tyler Aries for Wagner Tuning 

Sweet feature model Tyler Aries could not stop laughing when we took pictures of her,
but finally we got the chance to do a different style of photo shoots.

Bethany Gragg for GSX Marketing

We were very happy to run into our feature model Bethany Gragg from
the neighboring racing house, with GSX Marketing

Athena for Miro Wheels

Always a great smile by Athena at MIRO Wheels

Lisa Lee Marie for 2Crave Wheels

Gorgeous and super personable feature model Lisa Lee Marie for 2Crave.  She is such a wonderful friend!!

Bee Barajas for Impressive Auto Salon

Bee is so fashion awesome at any car show with her striking poses and engaging personality!

Vendor Show Cars and BMW Enthusiast & Fan Community of Cars 

Then definitely the biggest stars are the BMW cars at the show, as well as the show of the BMW enthusiasts' and fans' support.  The sheer amount of BMW car presence is already staggering.

With the variety from the vintage of the classic to the newest and coolest ultra-contemporary models, all showed the diversity of love and interests in this highly regarded brand and works.

Vendor Models at Bimmerfest 

Bimmerfest is one of the biggest car shows with a great amount of promotional personalities at the show.  However, they all maintain a classy and sexy appearances.

They can be from the sporty to the beautiful pin-up-ish, to the totally casual.  They are totally awesome!

Kaylie Finch

Happy Kaylie Finch for 2Crave Wheels

Carmen Kija

Carmen for 2Crave Wheels Looks so cool and confident!

The RW Carbon girls are soooo welcoming and sweet!

Hannah Jensen

Hannah is one of the most awesome models at the Bimmerfest this year!  She is so friendly and ready to pose for our camera at any given moment!  If we have a trophy for top model, she will definitely gets one!!

Kylie Noon

Sam Ferraez for California Motorsports

Amanda Paris for Ferrada Wheels

 Jenn Q and Nicole Leigh for MAD, Morph Auto Design

Cristal Aguirre for Wagner Tuning

Bianca for Camui

Elizabeth Michelle for ESM Wheels

Ally Joy for Savini Wheels

Asia Christine fro CAMUI

Sierra for Rohana Wheels


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