Hot Cover Model Nicole Marie Reckers for Project Cars 2 at #Wekfest LA 2017 #nicolemariereckers

Our cover model Nicole Marie Reckers is gorgeous and hot at the Project Cars 2 booth in Wekfest LA 2017 / W&HM Staff
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It's always a pleasure to see Nicole Marie Reckers.  Not only she is so beautiful and elegant and hot, she is such a personable model and a great friend to the magazine and it's always fun to catch up with her.

During the Wekfest show, the tent cast a shadow that created a virtually freeze zone.  Most of the models under the tent actually wanted to come out and shoot so that they can get the warmth of the sun light.  That's a great opportunity for all the photographers at the show, so we totally grabbed it!  And the many articles of these amazing models are here for all the enjoy!  Thanks Prestige Marketing's unintended brilliance!


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