Super Fun Brittani Paige and Xena Kai for Stance Wheels in 2015 DUB LA

Wheels and Heels Magazine  Cover Model Brittani Paige Plays bunny ears at Stance Wheels booth in  2015 DUB LA Show
Wheels and Heels Magazine
Cover Model Brittani Paige Plays
bunny ears at Stance Wheels booth in
2015 DUB LA Show

Brittani Paige is Ready for Easter Sunday!  Xena Kai Looking Great!

Wheels and Heels Magazine Cover Model Brittani Paige Made it Fun, While Xena Kai Being Awesome Self, at Stance Wheels in DUB LA 2015

Los Angeles, CA / W&HM Staff
There is never a dull moment in Brittani Paige's promotional work.  We can witness that again and again, such as in this 2015 DUB LA show in the Stance Wheels booth. Whenever you point your camera at her, she would come up the most genius ways of play.  She can be relaxing and nonchalant at moments, and then super serious about posing, and boom! gives you a Kodak moment in a Normal Rockwell style!  Now that's what we call genius interactive modeling!

At the same booth with Brittani, was Xena Kai, the very famous import model, and a frequent Stance Wheels model.  Xena has also graced our coverage many times.  Both these two awesome models have made the Stance Wheels booth a very popular spot in the DUB LA show this year.

#WWWH Photographer Highlight Clinton Lum - Our Sage Contributing Photographer @calibre68

Highlight of Our Sage Contributing Photographer Clinton Lum in Cars and Models

Los Angeles, CA / Py Pai
We are very happy to have the opportunity to highlight our sage contributing photographer, Clinton Lum here in the WWWH / World Wide Wheels and Heels section.

Clinton has been the very first inspiration for our magazine to come to life in the first place.  The pristine coverage of various car shows and promo models on his Flickr photo stream, has opened a brand new door for us.  Over the years, Clinton has been a central figure in event coverage across car shows, motorsports events, manufacturers' open houses, model expos, as well as fashion shows and other lifestyle shows and events.

Here we have a chance to see hear from his story and see more of his private work.  And by this opportunity, we want to thank him for his amazing work and inspirational professionalism that have inspired not just us but many other friends in the industry!  Let's pay our tribute to him!  Hip hip hooray!!  Hip hip hooray!!

The article is in the picture above or follow the below link:

New Print Wheels and Heels Magazine Issue 26 - Cover Model Ashley Twomey

Wheels and Heels Magazine Print Edition issue 26

Cover Model Ashley Twomey and Feature Models Ciara McAteer, Darrian Arch and cover model Ryan Oso

Los Angeles, CA / Py Pai
We are very excited to the issue 26 out today!  It's the most worded issue ever, with so much interesting interviews to read!  To learn more about the magazine, check out the full article in the Print section in the below link:

(And yes, we took an unconventional approach and having a train engine as our wheels part in the cover shot for all train enthusiasts!)

Very Vaping Happy Time at Kuya Model Expo Vaping and Babes Edition

 Erica Law at Team Connoisseur at Kuya Model Expo Vapes and Babes Edition
Erica Law at Team Connoisseur
at Kuya Model Expo
Vapes and Babes Edition 

Many Vaping Hot Import Models Under One Big Tent

Erica Law and Many Other Import Car Show Models Showed Up in Support of Vaping Community and Kuya Model Expo

Carson, CA / W&HM Staff

The brand of Kuya Model Expo has established itself in the import model community that it's time to expand and spread its wing, as in this case of Vaping and Babes show.
Shirley May at Kuya Model Expo Vapes and Babes Edition
Shirley May at Kuya Model
Expo Vapes and Babes Edition
As we all know, vaping industry from the get go, has an intense link with the import models.  Before the vaping heatwave, there were electronic cigarette companies following fashion trends and trying to create an stylized life choice imagery with limited successes.  Then came in the vaping craze, and introduction of the vaping models, who are mostly plugged from the import car show scene, has generated a huge wave of buzzes and employment opportunities.  As witnessed today, just like the Vaping Convention in the last few months, all showed that they community has grown and become a new crop of business and glamour.

Our Stunning Cover Model Constance Nunes, and Beautiful Erica Nagashima and Janey Bolina at 2015 Formula Drift Tech Day @constance_nunes @ericanagashima

Bright Stars at the Formula Drift Tech Day

Our Cover Model Costance Nunes and Super Street Magazine's Erica Nagashima, Pioneer's Janey Bolina Brought Super Glam to FD Tech Day

Irvine, CA / By Py Pai
Formula Drift Tech Day is a pre-main-competition event that showcases some of the most interesting happenings in the formula drift world.  This year, it's Daigo's new car with Achilles debut while they are building it, literally.  As usual, there were many car lovers who brought in their beloved and showoff cars to the event.  The parking lot is a good size which can host a few hundred cars.  By our estimate, it's filled up pretty quickly just about the event started.

Together with these cool cars, are the beautiful models who we love to see!  We saw our cover model Constance Nunes, who was just attending the event for her love of cars.  Constance has started a fun and cool car feature on her instagram profile.  Every week, she picks a car submission from people sending in their beloved rides, and show case in her high profile instagram account.  There is no shortage of cool cars, awesome exposure, and a big nod to this ultra talented model's passion to cars.

At the Super Street Magazine booth, Erica Nagashima showed up in her bright red top, signing her posters away for the eager fans.  Also at the vendor area, we saw the lovely Janey Bolina, who was happily giving everybody a photo op with her sheer gorgeousness.
Overall, the event was a great success and we were so happy to see all these stars showing their support to the cool gathering.  

Don't forget that the 2015 Formula Drift season opener is coming up in less than two weeks at the streets of Long Beach, CA.  From all the press releases and publicity that we have witnessed, it will be another great year and exciting season.  All the new rule changes, and new entries of drivers, will make this year another nail biting year.

To find more information about the formula drift series you can visit their web site at  The long beach event ticket information can be found here (ext link).

Formula Drift Tech Day 2015 - Daigo Saito's New R35 GT-R Sponsor Wrapping

Public Showing of Formula Drift Pro Driver Daigo Saito's Brand New Design R35 GT-R at Formula Drift Tech Day

Irvine, CA / by Py Pai
We have a series of photos capturing some actions of the sponsor wrapping of Daigo's new car.  Here is the photo gallery:

Check it out if you are fan of Daigo's car or car wrapping, plus stay tuned for more coverage of the cool Formula Drift Tech Day event!

Awesome Wheels and Heels Magazine Cover and Feature Models at Vapes and Babes Show, Carson

Wheels and Heels Magazine Cover Model Jessica Weaver in Her Beautiful pose
Wheels and Heels Magazine
Cover Model Jessica Weaver in
Her Beautiful pose

 Wheels and Heels Magazine Awesome Cover and Feature Models at Kuya Model Expo Vapes and Babes

Our Cover and Feature Models Jessica Weaver, Brittani Paige, Elizabeth Tran and L'Amour Niggl Had a Fantastic and Hot Time at the Model + Vaping Event

Carson, CA / Py Pai
The genius combination of vaping and baes started several years ago.  For some reason, many of the vaping shops hired many of the import models that we frequently see in car shows and events.  The golden combination has proven the success in the industry's marketing and the models' new sources of income.  It's a happy-happy solution!
Wheels and Heels Magazine Cover Model Brittani Paige never ceases to h ave fun and people love her for that
Wheels and Heels Magazine
Cover Model Brittani Paige
never ceases to h ave fun
and people love her for that
In this edition of Kuya Model Expo, the exact combination was presented in a remote location in the heart of southern California.  Big Abe's Vapes and Babes show is situated right next to a church, in a big tent right by an event center.  This reminded us a scene in "The Simpson Movie", where people learned about the end of the world is coming and the two groups of people suddenly rushed to the others' establishments, as a bar and a church, in the movie.

Southern California is renowned for its heat waves.  This is no exception.  The event date is a record heat day at the location, while the rest of the country is still grappling with big snow or freezing cold.  We are so blessed here, to the point of being too blessed.  Inside the tent, it's pretty much all surrounded by the tent top and erected walls.  With the help of hotness of the models, and steaming vapors from vapes, it sure feels like we were in a dim sum steamer basket.  It totally energized the air, the models, the show goers, and the whole event.
Wheels and Heels Magazine Cover Model Elizabeth Tran is  the most active model at the show, having a great time with everybody
Wheels and Heels Magazine
Cover Model Elizabeth Tran is 
one of the most active models at
the show, having a great time 
with everybody
 Were were super excited to see many of our cover and feature models present at the show.  We have Jessica Weaver, Brittani Paige, as well as Elizabeth Tran and L'Amour Niggl at the center model lounge for people to get a chance to catch up , buying their merchandise and taking pictures.  It's a very happy atmosphere.

Even though the heat was relentless, even though the sweats are the models' one of toughest enemies, these brave and beautiful models still had a wonderful time, and did not stop giving their fans a great opportunity to have a face-to-face interaction.
Wheels and Heels Magazine Feature Model L'Amour Niggl  is getting very popular at car shows and events
Wheels and Heels Magazine
Feature Model L'Amour Niggl
is getting very popular at car
shows and events
We had a good time, and we were sure that the models had a wonderful time a swell.  We could feel joy in the air, smiles on people, money exchanged in hand,  and many happy vendors.

Looking back at today's event, it seems that the model lounge theme is growing in its root, and there are only a handful people can pull this off.  Thanks to the support of the vaping industry and paying patrons, we are pretty sure that this can be a profitable and sustainable pop-up-like model event series.  It gives a great platform for the new models to enter the industry, and established models to rekindle their fan bases and economics.  The participating vendors got a great exposure, which is pretty priceless in this crowded market.  We foresee that this could go on for a long while, if properly managed.  We say, very cool!

And our cover and feature models are totally awesome and we want to give them a great shout out again here.  Great job, well done!!  Wheels and Heels Magazine cover and feature models Jessica Weaver, Brittani Paige, Elizabeth Tran, and L'Amour Niggl!!

More model coverage from the show will be posted in the next few days.  Stay tuned while checking out  a lot more high resolution photos here!
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