Wheels and Heels Cover Models Jessica Weaver and Brittani Paige for R1-Concepts at Spring Festival of LXs 2015 @msbrittanipaige @jessicakes33 @r1concepts

Festive Joy and Heat at LX Car Show in Irvine With Our Cover Models

Wheels and Heels Magazine Cover Models Jessica Weaver and Brittani Paige Beaming Pure Hotness with R1-Concepts at 10th Annual Spring Festival of LXs

Irvine, CA / Py Pai
The 10th Annual Spring Festival of LXs at Irvine CA was a fun event with lots of cool Dodge and Chrysler cars both stock and showy ones. Among hundreds of clean lines and stiff curves of these American domestics, there were the vendor rows of various companies marketing their cool products.  The biggest and the coolest was the R1-Concepts booth, who has been in this show for the last 7 or 8 years already, making them one of the pioneer and reigning vendors at the show.  At the booth, we were super happy to find out that our two cover models, Jessica Weaver and Brittani Paige were guarding the tent and showing the cars.

The gorgeous dynamic duo is the symbol of their proud vendor R1-Concepts.  With their costume of black top and red/black bottom, and comfy sneakers, these two top models were at home with their homies and venues.

Lucky for us, as this is a very American car show, plus there were two other competing events, including NASCAR in Fontana and HRE Open House with Targa Trophy down in San Diego, we got a big chance to really take the time with our cover models for some cool shots, unlike other events that people were vying for a tiny open position against other people or photographers to get a snapshot of these two gorgeous models.

At the end, the show was a great success. The vendors got their targeted audience leads.  Our cover models got a relatively easy breezy show to do.  And we got some very cool work without much efforts.  Overall, it's a very good trip!  Until we started the car heading back and get stuck at the notorious OC-LA freeway system, and everything went downhills both literally and metaphorically.  Nonetheless, the ending experience made the event experience much more delicious and savory.  Very cool!!

We want to say special thanks to R1-Concepts for always bringing their cool models, and of course, our super awesome cover model duo, Jessica Weaver and Brittani Paige!!

 Jessica Weaver 

 Brittani Paige

Chanel Urban and Friend

We were also pleasantly surprised to see Chanel Urban and her friend at the show.  The unavoidable eye-catching red dress made them stood out in the crowd in a very good way!  Chanel is always so bright and professional!  It's such a fun time taking pictures of her!

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