A Huge Success at 2015 Spec-D Tuning Sprint Showoff Car Meet

Spec-D Tuning Spring Showoff Car Meet Turned Summerly HOT!

Top Import Models and Seriously Mods/Lighting plus Cool Vendors Showed up at The Spec-D Tuning Spring Showoff Car Meet!

City of Industry, CA / by Py Pai
It was a hot summer day in the middle of Spring here in so-Cal.  The temperature reached 95F while the rest of the country is still wondering when the normal weather is coming back...

 Spec-D Tuning (ext link) who specializes in lighting equipment of cars, from projector headlight, to LED, to tail lights, to fog lights, to corner lights, to many other lights, definitely picked a very sunny day to reflect their bright industry and cool equipment.  At the car meet, lines and lines of highly tuned, and buffed-shined cars lined up at their parking lot.  There were high-performance Maserati, as well as Audi R8, Porsche, and other exotic looking import cars as well as good old Americans.  It's definitely a show of force of these cool cars that benefited from Spec-D's awesome lighting apparatus upgrades, or wildly diverse forms of upgrades and add-ons.  We will have articles to cover the cars from the car meet in more details in our WHEELS web section.
 Not to be outdone by the beauty of these cars, the models that Spec-D brought in were equally if not even hotter than the metal counterparts.  The appearances definitely brought up the mercury height an inch higher and many cameras' sensors heated, as well as flash bulb burning...  At the main trophy booth of Spec-D, we saw our future cover model Ashley Twomey and her great friend Melissa Dacher looking amazing there.  We also saw Serena Su, the awesome fit model who graced our coverage many times.  On top of all these, there were also Elizabeth Michelle and her friend.  We are talking about many stars shining in this hot day in the valley.
 Just across the Spec-D booth, there was the R1-Concepts model booth, who is forever known for their ultra cool and highly popular models.  This time, our cover model Jessica Weaver, together with Brittani Paige and Erica Law brought down the house with their sheer popularity.  There were no stop stream of people lining up to get an autographed poster, or an auto-self or just pressing an automatic shutters to capture a few glimpses of these beauties.  Talking about star powers, this is like the level of Sailor Moon combination power!!

  Of course, there are many other cool models from other vendors as well, such as Diana Sparks for Stance Wheels.  Diana is a great video personality if you don't know about her.  If you have a decent video in front of her, she can do magics and leave you breathless!
We are really impressed by the showing of the cars and models at the Spec-D Tuning Spring Car Meet.  If all vendors can put up this kind of meets, then the wiki definition of car meet will be forever changed.

Spec-D Girls

Ashley Twomey
Ashley Twomey holding a Spec-D Tuning Trophy
Ashley Twomey holding a can of West Coast Chill (which has no sugar nor caffeine! Wow!)
Melissa Dacher
Elizabeth Michelle

Serena Su

R1-Concepts Girls

Jessica Weaver

Brittani Paige

Erica Law

Spec-D Tuning Spring Showoff Cars


Lilly Evans

More Cars!

Stance Wheels Girls

Diana Sparks

More Models

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