#TBT #FREE #PDF Wheels and Heels Magazine Print Issue #19 - @Spocom Special Edition

This week's Wheels and Heels Magazine TBT has doubled the fun and hotness!

Elizabeth Tran and Janis True with Roy's Original 72' Nissan Skyline in Our Issue #19 Spocom Special Edition - FREE!

Los Angeles, CA / Py Pai
The Wheels and Heels Magazine Print Edition #19 Spocom Edition is a special collector edition issue for us.  The cover shot with the talented and popular models Elizabeth Tran and Janis True with Roy Shakosuka's legendary original 72' Nissan Skyline, is simply incredible!  Everything in that picture looks sooo pristine.  It was shot at the Spocom headquarter and we cannot say thank you enough to the Spocom team for letting us creating this special cover feature!

Besides the amazing cover feature editorial and interviews, we also have ultra fashionable models, including Cherie Noel, Monika Cozlin, as well as Jamie Centers. The photography of these features is simply breathtaking!

On the event coverage side, there are many + many cars and models in the 2014 Autocon LA, 2014 E3 Show, 2014 Extreme Autofest Anaheim, plus the 2008 - 2013 Spocom car show highlights.

This is definitely a collector edition issue!  Download it today!!

Download the PDF (15.7MB) here: http://goo.gl/BgySD4

Or if you like to keep them in your real library, not the online one, you can purchase a copy at:

And don't forget that many important car shows and events are coming up!  Formula Drift Season Opener, and Autocon LA are all within the one month reach!!  You can visit our EVENTS page for more information: http://events.wheelsandheelsmag.com/

Happy Free TBT!!



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