Lilly Evans Heated up Dayuum! at Spec-D Tuning Spring Showoff @LillyEvans_

Girls in Red Raised Mercury Bars at Spec-D Tuning Spring Showoff Car Meet

Lilly Evans in Red Hot Top for Dayuum! and Nora Gonzalez, Megan in Pure Red Dresses

City of Industry, CA / W&HM Staff
Well, we've been talking about the heat wave hitting the Spec-D Tuning Spring Showoff Car Meet, and we were not talking about the weather either.  The hotness of the models at the meet, was incredible!

Lilly Evans

 At the Dayuum! booth, not only the cool cars were at the meet, they had the amazing Lilly Evans at their helm as well.  It's very hard not to divert your eyes to this gorgeous model by the shining Dayuum! cars.  Lilly is always so elegant and gentle and awesome to work with. What an incredible talent!

Lilly Evans have been busy with many ventures and we always have our hats off to this talented model.  We worked with her several years back and we could tell that she will be an awesome model for sure!

 Nora Gonzalez and Megan

On the other end of the car meet, we met up Nora Gonzalez and Megan (who went by the instagram profile name of _meganlynn22, even though it was written as _meganlynn21 by her on our card.  Will there be a new one next year, like _meganlynn23?  We never know...)  The hot duo were busy with various photographers in front of various cars for various shots.  The hot red dressed with deep-plunged mesh lines, simply accentuate the great looks of these two models!

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