2Crave Models DUB LA 2015 We are in Luck W&HM Cover Models

Three of Wheels and Heels Magazine Cover Models in the 2Crave Wheels Booth at the DUB LA 2015 Car Show!

Wheels and Heels Magazine Cover Models Jessica Weaver, Leanna Bartlett, and Elizabeth Velasquez Looking Stunningly Gorgeous at the Busy 2Crave Wheels Booth

 Los Angeles, CA / Py Pai
At the DUB LA 2015 car show in Los Angeles Convention Center, 2Crave Wheels shines again among other major wheel companies with our Wheels and Heels Magazine cover models, Jessica Weaver, Leanna Bartlett, and Elizabeth Velasquez!  We totally appreciate 2Crave's high aesthetics on their model selections!!

 As always the case at the 2Crave booth, there is constantly a long line of attendees waiting for their chance to spin the fortune wheel and win something to go home with.  The wheel goddess, Elizabeth Velasquez always has a great smile, and take care of people who not only got a chance to win something but also a chance to get a personal photo with this happy and bright cover model!

At the other side of the booth, several sleek cars with cool looking 2Crave wheels, parked around our other cover models, Jessica Weaver and Leanna Bartlett.  These two statuesque goddesses look simply stunning.  Not only they brightened up the whole scene, the crowd drawing power is immense!

Together with our cover models, is a great model as well, Lisa Lee Marie  We've seen her many times, and she is totally awesome at the 2Crave booth!

#TBT #FREE Wheels and Heels Magazine Print Issue #16 Free Digital Download @FranchescaDC @TheDiamondDozen @Autoconevents

Celebrating Throwback Thursday, We Have Free Digital Download of Wheels and Heels Magazine Print Edition #16 Cover Model Franchesca Del Carpio!

Los Angeles, CA / Py Pai

In celebration of Throwback Thursday, we decided that we provide our awesome issue Wheels and Heels Magazine Print Edition #16 download for FREE!

In this issue, we have the super talented and very successful CEO of The Diamond Dozen, Franchesca Del Carpio, as our cover model and sole feature of the issue  Also, this issue is dedicated to the cool car show Autocon 2014.  The great pictorials of gorgeous Franchesca plus the history of Autocon from the year of inception to the big stardom in the car show world, all are in this wonderful issue. Definitely download it now!!  Here is the download link:

Wheels and Heels Magazine Print Edition #16
Free Digital Download (format: PDF, Size: 16MB)
* You don't need to sign up dropbox to download the PDF *


You can also get a copy of the print edition at the following page:

WHEELS Quick Report on 2015 CES Car Industry Innovations - Console Systems and Accessories

W&HM WHEELS SECTION 2015 CES REPORT - Accessorize Your Car

We have a new article about CES 2015 show report on car console war and Android Mobile and Apple CarPlay.  Please visit the link for more photos: 


The New HEELS Section For Our Awesome Cover and Featured Models!

Wheels and Heels Magazine New HEELS section

A New Wheels and Heels Magazine "HEELS" Section to Celebrate Our Featured Models and a Dedicated "PRINT" Section for Back Print Issues

Los Angeles, CA / Py Pai, Editor in Chief
We are very excited to have a brand new model "Heels" section and a re-dedicated section for print issues on our Wheels and Heels Magazine site.

In the past, it's always bothering us that we don't have a specific section that showcases our spectacular and highly selective featured models.  Well, that bothering has ended!

We came to our senses while we were feverishly working in the semi-conscious hours in the night.  We figured it out and made the following evolution step... One small step of our editorial team is a big step for the magazine, and for the models that we have had the fortune to feature, and for many many models fans, as well as for the hiring companies and agencies to find our exclusive model hall of fame!

Here are what's new:

  1. We created a brand new section called "HEELS" to echo the Wheels and Heels notion's heel's part.  We have the WHEELS section for a long time for cars, bikes, motorsports and related coverage and news.  Now we have a balanced section, HEELS, that we exclusively feature the models that we have worked with and featured in our magazine.

    Here you can find great models with introduction, our feature works, a bit Q&A, and their contact information if you like to follow them or contact them,.  This is magical!

    We are slowly building this section both looking forward and looking retrospectively.  Stay tuned for more updates in the future!

    Here is the "HEELS" section address:

  2. We moved the original MODEL section to become our "PRINT" section, as the newsstand for our back issues of print editions.  As of this writing, there are 25 issues already in this digital stand.  Definitely check them out and feel free to buy them for your favorite models!

    Here is the address: http://print.wheelsandheelsmag.com/

  3. And we decoupled the HOME page from the HEELS page from the past, and dedicate the HOME page as the main entry point with all the latest coverage of the news and events, and features, and news and more.  It will be more diverse with more than just models, but also with cars, events, awesome guest contributions, and many other cool stuffs.

    Here is the address: http://www.wheelsandheelsmag.com/

We are super excited about the new section and how the magazine has a complete and awesome look and structure!

As always, please send us your comments here to let us know what we can do better, and what you like to see more, and what you advise us to change!  We also look at the comments and always love to respond too!  Thank you!

Very Best / Py Pai 
Editor in Chief, Team W&HM
Wheels and Heels Magazine

* To see more coverage and features of the model, click on the labels below in the gray box. * If you have links to other sources of the model, please add to the comment section. * Model, if you like provide updates, or request changes, please let us know.

Huge Highlight Coverage of DUB Show Los Angeles 2015 - 70+ Best Photos! - Car Show Season is On!

DUB LA 2015 Makes a Great SoCal Car Show Season Opener with Stunning DUB Models and Exclusive and Flashy Cars

 Los Angeles, CA / by Py Pai
2015 major car show season has just started kicked off by the DUB LA show!  It went with big bangs and loud booms and lasting impression, as always!

Since the last four plus months, lack of major car show events in southern California has hit many car enthusiasts and model fanciers like the water drought here that we want something or some actions to quench our thirsts.  Thank goodness, DUB LA 2015 show has come to the rescue.  The show has given us all the right elements of a major car show and we came away fully drenched with satisfaction and tons of great pictures!

This year's DUB LA show has a bit different mood in the air.  Even though the setups and vendors were all pretty much at their original spots as last year, and the concert were still generating a huge crowd in front of the stage, we just could not finger pointing it... At east we felt a bit more breathing room while roaming the convention center floor and not bumping into other people as much and constantly saying "excuse me" or "perdón" as used to be.  That's definitely a great thing, as we have more room to take great pictures!

In the vendor display area, especially in the promotional aspect of the show, the wheels company still dominate the show as the premier vendor hot spots to show attendees.  2Crave had three of our cover models, Leanna BartlettJessica Weaver, and Elizabeth Velasquez, absolutely the top models in the industry, giving away merchandise as well as their beautiful smiles for people to take home with in hand or in their phones.

Heavy Hitters Wheels (top photo) had a quad-fashion-model line up.  With Jessica Andres, Jackie Kim, Inessa Chimato and Alana Nicole Noland at promotional helm, the booth was lively and dazzling, and buzzing with awesomeness for their top show car worthy wheels!

Now more on our cover model, Phoenix was helping Diablo Wheels in getting their cool image out to the walking crowd.  Savini Wheels took a brand new approach and had several fresh faces, including Tawnie JaclynCynthia Comacho, Berlin,  at the show making their wheels and cars super glamorous and colorful, which is Savani's signature style!

Cars are actually the major part of the show, as this is one of the opportunity for show cars to come out and meet their fans, as well as car clubs to hang together, checking out other peers and fellow club's cars too.  There were tons of researches, and eye-balling and appreciations going on through out the show.  Across the big Los Angeles Convention Center hall, there were various sections for different genres of cars.

Starting from the far right, away from the concert stage, there were vintage classic cars that have really sleek restoration works done. Then you meet the low rider section that have many local big name car clubs showing, including Nokturnal, Swift, Xplizit, and many more.  These are the brightest, literally, and flashest, literally again, and loudest, figuratively speaking now, cars in the show.  They are the special effect kings, passion and love dedications, as well as camera candies!

Then moving to the center section, you encounter the ultra luxury cars, like rich-and-famous household names Lamborghini, Porsche, Bentley, Rolls Royce, high end Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, and more.  Just inbetween the lowriders and ultra luxury, you have the American beauties, like Camero, others, and JDM cars too.  This is the place to show case the car and the crowd just could not stop taking pictures to prove that they have there with these amazing cars or the next projects that they can invest in.  America, after all, is the land of opportunities, right?!

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