Super Gorgeous and Fun #Hankook Girls at 2014 #FormulaDrift @jessharbour @ericanagashima @s80may

 Irwindale, CA, by W&HM - Hankook girls are synonymous to high elegance, super beauty, uber sexiness, and top of the industry!  Through out our coverage of many years on Hankook Girls, you would see abundant evidence of gorgeous models, friendly pack, and fun fun and more fun moments!

At 2014 Formula Drift Irwindale, during the driver autograph time, it's the window of opportunity to witness these amazing Hankook girls, including Jessica Harbour, Erica Nagashima, and Sadie May behind their supported drivers, especially their drivers are doing well throughout the season.

We also got a chance to capture some of the cool and goofy kodak moments of these marvelous models!  Definitely check out the full article to see them!!

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We have a new poll!!!  You probably have heard or seen enough of political ads that try to push their agenda to you.  We say, "Enough!  Let's have something that we all really want!"

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- Thinner and More Frequent? Like thinner and more reasonably priced copies?
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Let us know!  You can vote once in multiple selections at the top right corner of the home page:

Thank you and may the candidates that you like win too!

Awesome Arley Elizabeth and Chanel Urban for Achilles Tires at 2014 Formula Drift Irwindale @arrrrlz @chanelurban

Arley Elizbabeth and Chanel Urban the umbrella girls for Achilles Tires at 2014 Formula Drift Irwindale in their miniskirts and white knee high boots
Irwindale, CA, by W&HM - The super model Arley Elizabeth, our print edition cover model, as well as Chanel Urban, Arley's beautiful partner in modeling at the Achilles booth in 2014 Formula Drift Irwindale.

This dynamic duo has done a lot at this professional final title fight drifting event.  They were at the pit stop with the crew, walked around to promote the brand, when the autograph session starts, they stood behind their drivers and smile for a long hour and plus time to cameras, also posing for video filming team as if they were having tons of fun, and then showed up next day doing the same, but replacing the autographing session with opening ceremony by their drivers and in their car!  PLUS had to endure the champagne fighting with their top driver being the winner of the Round 7 competition.  It's a super tough job, but Arley and Chanel did an excellent job as you can see in the full article of some moments in their hard but fun working!
Arley Elizbabeth our cover model for Achilles Tires at 2014 Formula Drift Irwindale in their miniskirts

Awesome Cover Model Nicole Marie Reckers and Stunning Model Dennii for GT Radial at 2014 Formula Drift Irwindale @

 Irwindale, CA, by W&HM - We were ecstatic spotting Nicole Marie, our cover model, at the GT Radial booth in 2014 Formula Drift Irwindale event.  It has been a long time since we last seen her in a car show scene.  It was definitely a happy reunion moment for us!

Dennii, the stunning blonde model also at the GT Radial, has that radiant personality, full of passion in modeling and in life.  Under the soft glowing sunset, Dennii looked simply awesome!
Let's find out these two gorgeous ladies more in the full article!

Big Lineup of Big Names Import Models at #R1Concetps in 2014 #FormulaDrift Irwindale #BrittaniPaige #EricaLaw #KairiDreme #RaquelEstrella

Irwindale, CA, by W&HM - At any major car shows or motorsports event, if there is presence of R1-Concepts, then it's a must stop spot for a chance to meet their awesome models.  R1-Concepts marketing has the brilliance of hiring some of the top industry models to represent their cool products and strong brand.

At 2014 Formula Drift Irwindale, this is totally the case, as the FD event is one of the biggest in the southern California region.  R1-Concepts came out with full force with Brittani Paige, Erica Law, Kairi Dreme, and Raquel Estrella and of course Big Abe too.  We can only say wow each time we stopped by.

Check out the full article for many more gorgeous photos of these gorgeous models at a beautiful sunny day...

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