Awesome Cover Model Nicole Marie Reckers and Stunning Model Dennii for GT Radial at 2014 Formula Drift Irwindale @

 Irwindale, CA, by W&HM - We were ecstatic spotting Nicole Marie, our cover model, at the GT Radial booth in 2014 Formula Drift Irwindale event.  It has been a long time since we last seen her in a car show scene.  It was definitely a happy reunion moment for us!

Dennii, the stunning blonde model also at the GT Radial, has that radiant personality, full of passion in modeling and in life.  Under the soft glowing sunset, Dennii looked simply awesome!
Let's find out these two gorgeous ladies more in the full article!

Nicole Marie Reckers

This gorgeous lady always has a striking presence any time she shows up.  We still remember the first time we saw her a few years back at the Spocom Show Anaheim.  She was filling out one of the photo test for a magazine's on-site casting.  We were taken back by her angelic beauty already at the spot.  Then we flourished in the car show scene, and shot up to the winner of 2011 Top Models in our magazine.  She has been with many biggest brands in the industry, including Hankook Tires, NOS Energy Drink, as well as countless other modeling spots.  Nicole Marie took a bit time off with her family in the past year. Now we are seeing her coming back to the scene, and are super excited!  We look forward to seeing her in the future events, a lot more!!!


Dennii is a petite but packed with highly explosive passion of modeling.  Her intuitive pursue of modeling opportunities has made her a much sought after model in the industry.  Especially in the motorsports segment of the modeling, Dennii has definitely made a name for herself already.  During our brief encounter with her, we were impressed by her friendly and bright personality instantly.  She is such a natural and wonderful modeling personality, waiting for  us to find out more!  We can foresee that Dennii is one of the models that we will see a lot more in the future!  Definitely stay tuned!

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