Awesome and Huge Highlight of 2014 Formula Drift Irwindale Models (Day 1 & 2)

2014 Formula Drift Model in Irwindale - Olivia Korte for Motegi
(Cover Model Olivia Korte for Motegi at 2014 Formula Drift Irwindale)

Irwindale, CA, by Py Pai - 2014 Formula Drift Final Fight at Irwindale was a great success!  The crowd, the vendors, the show cars, the models, and of course the drifting actions, all came out with a big bang or a great bang for the buck!  It's a great job well done, and an awesome season finale!  It only left us with more craving for the next year's events!

Die hard fans rush to the stadium whenever there were loud motor noises rumbling, together with that unmistakable tire-burning smoke.  They can even drop their hotdogs and pick up their handy portable cams for some memorable action glimpses.  we've witnessed many enthusiastic drifting motorsports lovers who came in on a work Friday, and happy family good time seekers in a comfortable 90F weather, as well as social buddies out for some great Saturday full 1/2 day adrenaline spikes.  They sure got what they came her for and more!

For more drifting actions and ceremonies, our contributing photographer, Clinton Lum, has worked tirelessly for the last THREE days, from early in the day to the cold dark near midnight to bring back the great moments and key happenings of the fierce races of both Pro 2 and big tight fight!  Definitely stay tuned for the news and photos!

On the lifestyle expo side, many vendors showed up for this last big event of the year in southern California. No wonder they came out in full force with high marketing effects.  There were eye dazzling banners, or car decals, as well as rows after rows of merchandises on display, and one of the key ingredients in car show marketing, the amazing promotional models!

This year, we have the great pleasure to observe that many of our cover models have shown up in this huge event.  They are the VIP promotional and spokesmodels for the companies that they represented.  We have Olivia Korte for Motegi, Sandra Wong for Ark Racing, as well as Jessica Weaver, who worked long + long hours in both days, at Exedy, Arley Elizabeth for Achilles, Nicole Marie, who we have not seen for a long time, for GT Radial, Angelina Andrada for SuperStreet, plus Krstina Hong, all the way from Houston, for Spocom, and Eva Skye for Nitto Tires!  As you can see, they are totally incredible and highly interpersonal.  No wonder they are the cream of the crop for many great vendors to seek their representation!

In the next many days, we will have more detailed coverage of most of the models that we have captured their great presence here.  Definitely check them out when they are available.  Also, they will be in our future print issue that you can buy a copy for your personal collection of your favorite model!

Overall, the Formula Drift is long established drifting franchise.  They have done a great job and a tremendous movement created.  They grow leaps and bounds with more media channels and inclusion of wider communities.  We highly salute to their great efforts and always a great job very well done.  We look forward to next year's new season actions and competitions and new results!
(Cover Model Sandra Wong for Ark Racing at 2014 Formula Drift Irwindale)

(Cover Model Jessica Weaver for Exedy at 2014 Formula Drift Irwindale)

(Cover Model Arley Elizabeth, right, for Achilles at 2014 Formula Drift Irwindale)

(Cover Model Nicole Marie for GT Radial at 2014 Formula Drift Irwindale)

(Cover Model Anglina Andrada for Super Street at 2014 Formula Drift Irwindale)

(Feature Model Krstina Hong for Spocom at 2014 Formula Drift Irwindale)

(Feature Model Eva Skye for Nitto at 2014 Formula Drift Irwindale)

Check out the full article for the entire highlight high resolution gorgeous coverage of the 2014 Formula Drift Irwindale models!

Arley Elizabeth and Chantelle for Achilles
Julie Galindo for Falken
Julie Galindo and Liz Godwiin for Falken
Julia Galindo, Liz Godwin, and Katie Carnes for Falken
Katie Carnes for Falken
Katie Carnes and Julie Galindo for Falken
Randyl Dawn for Falken
The awesome Hankook models, Sadie May, Erica Nagashima, and Jessica Harbour
They are such kidders, totally awesome!
Sadie May for Hankook
Erica Nagashima for Hankook
Jessica Harbour for Hankook
Jessica Weaver for Exedy

Xena Kai for Exedy

Christina for Kawasaki
Daniel (?) for Alpine
Alicia Whitten for Super Street
Hayle Cayaga for SP Engineering
B3ar Dellinger for Rehv

Brittani Paige for R1-Concepts
Erica Law for R1-Concepts
Kairi Dreme for R1-Concepts
Raquel Estrella for R1-Concepts
Raichelle Viado for Universal Technical Institute
Jenn Q for SP Engineering
Jasmyn Skye for JDM Sport
Marissa Nicole for JDM Sport
Wen Lin for JDM Sport
Serena Su for Extreme Dimensions
Jenna as herself!
Krstina Hong and Nicole Leigh for Spocom
Mercedes Terrell for Monster Energy Drink
Erica Juliet for Road Race Engineering
Sandra Wong!! for Ark Racing
Breezy for Ark Racing
Nikki Trinadad
Autumn Allenbach and friend for Alpine
Hayle Cayaga for SP Engineering
Vivian Nguyen for many friends!!

Brielle Ansdell for Gumout
Lyna Ly Sparks for Gumout
Arley Elizbaeth! for Achilles
Gina Darling, Natalie Paladin, and Eva Skye for Nitto 
 Daniela and Nicole Marie for GT Radial

Tuner Port Model

Nicole for SR Research
Scion Racing models

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