NEW POLL (To your right) in This Voting Season!!

We have a new poll!!!  You probably have heard or seen enough of political ads that try to push their agenda to you.  We say, "Enough!  Let's have something that we all really want!"

So we created a simple poll to ask what you want!  In future print issues (and the free digital version of them for the free VIP club members) what would you like to see more of?

- More model features?  A lot more gorgeous models in gorgeous pictures?
- More car features?  Should we start featuring more cars in various details and beauty?
- New lifestyle topics? Like vaping, watches, movies, jokes,..?
- Thinner and More Frequent? Like thinner and more reasonably priced copies?
- Special Issues? To produce some special issues like Swimsuit edition? Lingerie Edition? Uber Sexy Edition?...

Let us know!  You can vote once in multiple selections at the top right corner of the home page:

Thank you and may the candidates that you like win too!