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October 24, 2014

Super Gorgeous and Fun #Hankook Girls at 2014 #FormulaDrift @jessharbour @ericanagashima @s80may

 Irwindale, CA, by W&HM - Hankook girls are synonymous to high elegance, super beauty, uber sexiness, and top of the industry!  Through out our coverage of many years on Hankook Girls, you would see abundant evidence of gorgeous models, friendly pack, and fun fun and more fun moments!

At 2014 Formula Drift Irwindale, during the driver autograph time, it's the window of opportunity to witness these amazing Hankook girls, including Jessica Harbour, Erica Nagashima, and Sadie May behind their supported drivers, especially their drivers are doing well throughout the season.

We also got a chance to capture some of the cool and goofy kodak moments of these marvelous models!  Definitely check out the full article to see them!!

  Jessica Harbour

Jessica Harbour is simply beyond gorgeous.  She has all that American beauty in her both inside and out, and at any angle and at any time.  No matter when you meet her at any event, she always has that very sweet smile, warm friendliness, as well as her genuine and radiant personality that you would immediately be attracted to.  Her awesome appearances in many of high profile events and TV and print works makes her resume longer than any of the models that we've seen.

Beyond the amazing beauty and wonderful personality, Jessica Harbour is super professional.  Any time we encountered her, she is always dutifully at her job and presenting herself as the best professional staff in teams.  No wonder we see a lot of her in many events and definitely we look forward to seeing her more in the future too!
Jessica Harbour in 2014 Formula Drift Irwindale Hankook girl in white sexy uniform with a beautiful smile

 Erica Nagashima

We've known Erica Nagashima for many years, and we still remember the first time we saw her at a car event.  She instantly jumped out of the crowd, in a figure of speech, in our camera captures.  Erica has that bright and optimistic, fun and your-best-friend awesome aura that surrounds her fans, friends, and people.  Inside her beautiful look, Erica is also very talented and creative in her pursue of many forms of arts.  That always keeps her in the wonderful cloud of being inventive, creative, and interactive.  We totally look forward to seeing her in many future events!!

Erica Nagashima in 2014 Formula Drift Irwindale Hankook girl in white sexy uniform with a beautiful smile

 Sadie May

We see Sadie only at the Hankook events in car shows.  Nonetheless, these few appearances of Sadie would already make our impression deep as this slim and angel Arwen-like quality model was joined by the other awesome Hankook models. Sadie is tall, and very fashion-enriched.  Her portfolio is full of ethereal and forward trend styles of works.  We do hope that we will see more of her again soon!
Sadie May in 2014 Formula Drift Irwindale Hankook girl in white sexy uniform

 Hankook Models Having Fun

Erica is such a fun person to hang around with.  No matter you talk to her, or interactive with her, or just pointing your camera to her, she is always so creative to give you something that you would not imagine.  This time, the lead the pack with some fun goofing moments for our camera.  It's always sunny with the Hankook model Team!

Sadie May, Erica Nagashima, Jessica Harbour in 2014 Formula Drift Irwindale Hankook girl in white sexy uniform with beautiful smiles and goofing having fun

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