W&HM 2012 Top Models Continued - Erica Nagashima, Michelle Yee, Sandra Wong @ihrtmichellleyee @

Pasadena, CA (W&HM) - Erica Nagashima has that beauty-glam presence, but she is down to earth and totally fun to chat with when you talk to her in person.  Next time, when  you go to a major car show, don't miss out the Hankook booth and make sure to meet her!  Awesome Erica!

We've known Michelle Yee for a long time, and she seems to be always busy at various shows, here and there, and internationally everywhere.  She is diverse in talent and strong in network, which keeps her a never stopping schedule on her calendar.  Great job Michelle!




Sandra Wong is also super-busy and popular in all car shows model  She works tirelessly (although among lots of tires for sure) in many + many shows and people simply love her pure, personable, approachable, and gentle modeling.  She is such a natural car poser that you can always take a great picture of her especially by a car.  Don't miss it next time!  Congrats Sandra!!



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W&HM 2012 Top Models Continued - Arley Elizabeth and Xena Kai @Arrrrley @XenaKai

Pasadena, CA (W&HM) - We continue the count-up of W&HM 2012 Top Models!

Arley is always a favorite to many people.  Her confident and interdependent spirit gives her a command presence at any shows.  Great job Arley!

Xena Kai has her own style of presence that nobody can pass without stopping, no flashes can be ready without firing, no cameras can sit idle... We are sure that she gets flash-burn after each show.  Keep it up Xena!


W&HM 2012 Top Models - Maya Michelle, Olivia Korte, Alexia Cortez, @MayaMichelleRew @_oKo_ @AlexiaCortezLA

Pasadena, CA (W&HM) - First of all, from the very true bottom of our heart, we think all the models in the contest are simply breathtaking and totally amazing.  They represent the best of the best in the promotional world; they make people want to be near them, they help establish the brand's identity and style, and they make you remember them after you leave the venue.  Hardly any flyer, banner, commercials, or other medium can achieve the same strong effects as these great models.  Great job all!  Our hats' off to you!!

This year's W&HM Top Models contest adopted a new form of finding the top winners by incorporating fan-voting into the accounting process.  The results are fiercely competitive at the third place and the extended.  Who said that a couple of votes don't  count and cannot tilt the scale?  It happened here with the all the polls including votes by comments.  It's hair splitting close!! (Note: at the end, we decided to let people have the full voice, and not include our editorial input.  Democracy rules!  Yay!)

Maya Michelle Rew is by far with the most votes (34%).  Her astronomically strong fan base (117K on FB) and her campaign for votes secured her in the first place easily.  She is definitely one of the hardest working models out there and one of the most creative one too!  There is literally not a dull moment when you are in the proximity of 3 meters from her and she will keep you engaged to no end.  Totally awesome! Congratulations Maya!!

Olivia Korte is at the Mount-Everest level with the second most votes (23%).  Even though her fan base on FB is not as much as Maya Michelle's (but still super impressive!), her fans definitely pulled in all stops and catapulted her way above all the rest of the team.  At one time, it was like Rommel vs Montgomery, Red Baron vs Brown, between Maya and Olivia.  We salute to Olivia for her non-stop awesomeness and total coolness!!  Even though we will super miss her from Falken, we look forward to seeing her in more diverse media and places in 2013!!  Congratulations Olivia!


Alexia Cortez is such a successful model that she appeared in so many different places.  It's always a pleasure to capture Alexia's beauty, because she always makes sure that we get good pictures of her.  That's just what a smart and beautiful model would do; don't wait for chances or other people's random triggers on you; be proactive and ensure that the best pictures are coming out of a person's camera.  That would be super memorable and impress the true professionals!  Awesome Alexia!  Congratulations!!

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