W&HM 2012 Top Models - More! Corissa Furr, Natalia Marie, Sarah Marie, Holly Lee

Pasadena, CA (W&HM) - As we have said time and time again, Corissa Furr is simply one of the most photo-friendly, photo-genic, and photo-popular models in the car show promotional modeling world.  We think that there ought to be a book written about her and show the world the awesomeness of being a promotional model!  Congrats Corissa!


Natalia Marie is always so sunny and fun to shoot with.  If there is a costume contest, she sure will get the most creative artistry title.  Very very cool!



Sarah Marie is the official model for Kinetik; therefore, we see her in many shows, both big and boutique.  That's very awesome!  And we see very strong comradery of the Kinetik team ralling for Sarah Marie, which we highly respect!  Awesome Sarah Marie, and the Kinetik Team!


And how we can not see Holly Lee in the top list?  Her Hello-Kitty cuteness and California sunny-ness on her angelic face, regardless outdoor or indoor or in shades, are her trademarks to all her fantastic pictures.  Wonderful Holly!!