W&HM 2013 Jan Cover Model - Sandra Wong

Pasadena, CA (W&HM) - (continued from the previous segment)

W&HM: Awesome!  How do you like the modleing life?  What are the perks that you like most?
Sandra: I absolutely love it, its like I have two lives, a modeling life and a school life.

W&HM: Very cool!  Do yuo have any petpeeves on the other hand?
Sandra: I don’t like people with bad odor! Phew!

W&HM: Haha, there should be a do's and don'ts list, right?  Haha
Sandra: True!!!

W&HM: Now a totally different topic...  What is your most favorite food?
Sandra: I love spagetti, especially my own spagetti. I could literally enjoy my spagetti everyday

W&HM: That's cool!  Do you cook?  And do you like to go out of just take out?
Sandra: Yes I do! Since I started to live on my own, I learned to cook lots of meals. And I like to take out sometimes, but not really because they sometimes are fattening

W&HM: How about spicy foods?  Any particular dish you like?
Sandra: Spicy food! Yes this one delicious Thai dish, I think it was some kind of seafood soup.


(to be continued...)

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