W&HM 2012 Top Models Continued - Erica Nagashima, Michelle Yee, Sandra Wong @ihrtmichellleyee @

Pasadena, CA (W&HM) - Erica Nagashima has that beauty-glam presence, but she is down to earth and totally fun to chat with when you talk to her in person.  Next time, when  you go to a major car show, don't miss out the Hankook booth and make sure to meet her!  Awesome Erica!

We've known Michelle Yee for a long time, and she seems to be always busy at various shows, here and there, and internationally everywhere.  She is diverse in talent and strong in network, which keeps her a never stopping schedule on her calendar.  Great job Michelle!




Sandra Wong is also super-busy and popular in all car shows model  She works tirelessly (although among lots of tires for sure) in many + many shows and people simply love her pure, personable, approachable, and gentle modeling.  She is such a natural car poser that you can always take a great picture of her especially by a car.  Don't miss it next time!  Congrats Sandra!!



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