W&HM 2013 Jan Cover Model - Sandra Wong

Sandra's Instagram: Officialsandrawong
Facebook: Facebook.com/Mssandrawong

Pasadena, CA (W&HM) - We have seen Sandra around earlier this year.  And ever since then, we kept seeing her in many + many car shows, including the big ones, the boutique ones, the indoor ones, the outdoor ones, the chilly ones, the super hot ones... Basically she is an amazing model who has passion (otherwise, it's hard to sustain) and has kind personality (otherwise, she would not have so many fans), and wonderful modeling talents.  We are very happy that we have Sandra as our first feature model in 2013, a new and a very promising and ambitious new year for us!  Yay!

We know that many people would love to know more about her, so we jump right into the interview part...

W&HM: Hi Sandra, we are very happy to have you as our featured model! You've worked so hard in so many carshows.  It's like we always run into you in almost all the carshows that we covered.  You are awesome!
Sandra: Thank you very much for the kind words! =] Yes, I try my best to be at every car show, and show my love & support to my awesome fans!

W&HM: First, please tell us a little about yourself, and how you got into the modeling world.
Sandra: I started off in tenth grade, to help my friend’s portfolio. And from there I persisted in shooting with many photographers, in time many companies noticed my work and asked me to come appear at Car shows!

(to be continued...)
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