March 31, 2015

Very Vaping Happy Time at Kuya Model Expo Vaping and Babes Edition

 Erica Law at Team Connoisseur at Kuya Model Expo Vapes and Babes Edition
Erica Law at Team Connoisseur
at Kuya Model Expo
Vapes and Babes Edition 

Many Vaping Hot Import Models Under One Big Tent

Erica Law and Many Other Import Car Show Models Showed Up in Support of Vaping Community and Kuya Model Expo

Carson, CA / W&HM Staff

The brand of Kuya Model Expo has established itself in the import model community that it's time to expand and spread its wing, as in this case of Vaping and Babes show.
Shirley May at Kuya Model Expo Vapes and Babes Edition
Shirley May at Kuya Model
Expo Vapes and Babes Edition
As we all know, vaping industry from the get go, has an intense link with the import models.  Before the vaping heatwave, there were electronic cigarette companies following fashion trends and trying to create an stylized life choice imagery with limited successes.  Then came in the vaping craze, and introduction of the vaping models, who are mostly plugged from the import car show scene, has generated a huge wave of buzzes and employment opportunities.  As witnessed today, just like the Vaping Convention in the last few months, all showed that they community has grown and become a new crop of business and glamour.

March 29, 2015

Our Stunning Cover Model Constance Nunes, and Beautiful Erica Nagashima and Janey Bolina at 2015 Formula Drift Tech Day @constance_nunes @ericanagashima

Bright Stars at the Formula Drift Tech Day

Our Cover Model Costance Nunes and Super Street Magazine's Erica Nagashima, Pioneer's Janey Bolina Brought Super Glam to FD Tech Day

Irvine, CA / By Py Pai
Formula Drift Tech Day is a pre-main-competition event that showcases some of the most interesting happenings in the formula drift world.  This year, it's Daigo's new car with Achilles debut while they are building it, literally.  As usual, there were many car lovers who brought in their beloved and showoff cars to the event.  The parking lot is a good size which can host a few hundred cars.  By our estimate, it's filled up pretty quickly just about the event started.

Together with these cool cars, are the beautiful models who we love to see!  We saw our cover model Constance Nunes, who was just attending the event for her love of cars.  Constance has started a fun and cool car feature on her instagram profile.  Every week, she picks a car submission from people sending in their beloved rides, and show case in her high profile instagram account.  There is no shortage of cool cars, awesome exposure, and a big nod to this ultra talented model's passion to cars.

At the Super Street Magazine booth, Erica Nagashima showed up in her bright red top, signing her posters away for the eager fans.  Also at the vendor area, we saw the lovely Janey Bolina, who was happily giving everybody a photo op with her sheer gorgeousness.
Overall, the event was a great success and we were so happy to see all these stars showing their support to the cool gathering.  

Don't forget that the 2015 Formula Drift season opener is coming up in less than two weeks at the streets of Long Beach, CA.  From all the press releases and publicity that we have witnessed, it will be another great year and exciting season.  All the new rule changes, and new entries of drivers, will make this year another nail biting year.

To find more information about the formula drift series you can visit their web site at  The long beach event ticket information can be found here (ext link).

Formula Drift Tech Day 2015 - Daigo Saito's New R35 GT-R Sponsor Wrapping

Public Showing of Formula Drift Pro Driver Daigo Saito's Brand New Design R35 GT-R at Formula Drift Tech Day

Irvine, CA / by Py Pai
We have a series of photos capturing some actions of the sponsor wrapping of Daigo's new car.  Here is the photo gallery:

Check it out if you are fan of Daigo's car or car wrapping, plus stay tuned for more coverage of the cool Formula Drift Tech Day event!

Awesome Wheels and Heels Magazine Cover and Feature Models at Vapes and Babes Show, Carson

Wheels and Heels Magazine Cover Model Jessica Weaver in Her Beautiful pose
Wheels and Heels Magazine
Cover Model Jessica Weaver in
Her Beautiful pose

 Wheels and Heels Magazine Awesome Cover and Feature Models at Kuya Model Expo Vapes and Babes

Our Cover and Feature Models Jessica Weaver, Brittani Paige, Elizabeth Tran and L'Amour Niggl Had a Fantastic and Hot Time at the Model + Vaping Event

Carson, CA / Py Pai
The genius combination of vaping and baes started several years ago.  For some reason, many of the vaping shops hired many of the import models that we frequently see in car shows and events.  The golden combination has proven the success in the industry's marketing and the models' new sources of income.  It's a happy-happy solution!
Wheels and Heels Magazine Cover Model Brittani Paige never ceases to h ave fun and people love her for that
Wheels and Heels Magazine
Cover Model Brittani Paige
never ceases to h ave fun
and people love her for that
In this edition of Kuya Model Expo, the exact combination was presented in a remote location in the heart of southern California.  Big Abe's Vapes and Babes show is situated right next to a church, in a big tent right by an event center.  This reminded us a scene in "The Simpson Movie", where people learned about the end of the world is coming and the two groups of people suddenly rushed to the others' establishments, as a bar and a church, in the movie.

Southern California is renowned for its heat waves.  This is no exception.  The event date is a record heat day at the location, while the rest of the country is still grappling with big snow or freezing cold.  We are so blessed here, to the point of being too blessed.  Inside the tent, it's pretty much all surrounded by the tent top and erected walls.  With the help of hotness of the models, and steaming vapors from vapes, it sure feels like we were in a dim sum steamer basket.  It totally energized the air, the models, the show goers, and the whole event.
Wheels and Heels Magazine Cover Model Elizabeth Tran is  the most active model at the show, having a great time with everybody
Wheels and Heels Magazine
Cover Model Elizabeth Tran is 
one of the most active models at
the show, having a great time 
with everybody
 Were were super excited to see many of our cover and feature models present at the show.  We have Jessica Weaver, Brittani Paige, as well as Elizabeth Tran and L'Amour Niggl at the center model lounge for people to get a chance to catch up , buying their merchandise and taking pictures.  It's a very happy atmosphere.

Even though the heat was relentless, even though the sweats are the models' one of toughest enemies, these brave and beautiful models still had a wonderful time, and did not stop giving their fans a great opportunity to have a face-to-face interaction.
Wheels and Heels Magazine Feature Model L'Amour Niggl  is getting very popular at car shows and events
Wheels and Heels Magazine
Feature Model L'Amour Niggl
is getting very popular at car
shows and events
We had a good time, and we were sure that the models had a wonderful time a swell.  We could feel joy in the air, smiles on people, money exchanged in hand,  and many happy vendors.

Looking back at today's event, it seems that the model lounge theme is growing in its root, and there are only a handful people can pull this off.  Thanks to the support of the vaping industry and paying patrons, we are pretty sure that this can be a profitable and sustainable pop-up-like model event series.  It gives a great platform for the new models to enter the industry, and established models to rekindle their fan bases and economics.  The participating vendors got a great exposure, which is pretty priceless in this crowded market.  We foresee that this could go on for a long while, if properly managed.  We say, very cool!

And our cover and feature models are totally awesome and we want to give them a great shout out again here.  Great job, well done!!  Wheels and Heels Magazine cover and feature models Jessica Weaver, Brittani Paige, Elizabeth Tran, and L'Amour Niggl!!

More model coverage from the show will be posted in the next few days.  Stay tuned while checking out  a lot more high resolution photos here!

March 28, 2015

Gorgeous Wheels and Heels Magazine Cover Models Leanna Bartlett and Olivia Korte and Fellow Rockstar Energy Models

 Ultra Glam, Super Gorgeous Cover Models in Rockstar Energy Model Team

Wheels and Heels Magazine Cover Models Leanna Bartlett and Olivia Korte together and Rockstar Girls Rocked the SX A3!

Anaheim, CA / W&HM Staff
As the Monster Energy AMA Supercross Competitions touring across the nation (today at St. Louis, Mo), there is always an iconic presence at the Pit Party Area, the Rockstar Energy Drink Booth.  As in the case earlier in the year here, you would find the amazing and beautiful models, including our cover models Leanna Bartlett and Olivia Korte, together with their wonderful Rockstar Energy model friends.
 Needless to say, it's always a great pleasure to meet Leanna Bartlett and Olivia Korte, as we have met many + many times in various events.  Their sheer beautiful is irresistible by itself already, then they have that magnetic interpersonal charms that just melt everybody's heart.  And then they are signing their posters away for their fans and giving them an opportunity to take a photo with them at the booth.  Now that's just a day's gift dropped from heaven.  The Supercross ticket has already paid itself with this experience, even before the real main event started!

Together with Leanna and Olivia, there are equally gorgeous Rockstar Energy Models, including Amanda Delgado, Courtney Riggs, and Rachel Brann.  In their Rockstar costume, they were like the rock stars in the Pit Party area, with almost no end of fun!  We totally look forward to meeting them again in the future!!

March 26, 2015

#TBT #FREE #PDF Wheels and Heels Magazine Print Issue #19 - @Spocom Special Edition

This week's Wheels and Heels Magazine TBT has doubled the fun and hotness!

Elizabeth Tran and Janis True with Roy's Original 72' Nissan Skyline in Our Issue #19 Spocom Special Edition - FREE!

Los Angeles, CA / Py Pai
The Wheels and Heels Magazine Print Edition #19 Spocom Edition is a special collector edition issue for us.  The cover shot with the talented and popular models Elizabeth Tran and Janis True with Roy Shakosuka's legendary original 72' Nissan Skyline, is simply incredible!  Everything in that picture looks sooo pristine.  It was shot at the Spocom headquarter and we cannot say thank you enough to the Spocom team for letting us creating this special cover feature!

Besides the amazing cover feature editorial and interviews, we also have ultra fashionable models, including Cherie Noel, Monika Cozlin, as well as Jamie Centers. The photography of these features is simply breathtaking!

March 25, 2015

W&HM WHEELS: The Incredibly Showy Cars in DUB Los Angeles 2015

A Highlight Coverage of 2015 DUB LA Show Cars

Los Angeles, CA / Py Pai
We have a highlight coverage of the you-don't-see-them-everyday kind of cars in the DUB LA car show 2015.  The car show was full of all the surprises, glitters and glamour, as well as muscles and powers.  Definitely check them out at the following link:

March 24, 2015

Hot Diana Sparks at Stance Wheels in Spec-D Spring Showoff

Diana Sparks Non-Stop Flashes on Her and Stance Wheels

 A Quick Hot Capture of Diana Sparks at Stance Wheels in 2015 Spec-D Spring Showoff Car Meet

City of Industry, CA / W&HM Staff
We've met Diana Sparks many times in the past.  However, this time at the 2015 Spec-D Spring Showoff car meet, there is something different.  The super so-Cal Spring heat wave, the relentless hot air in the car meet parking lot, all made Diana Sparks looking even more caliente!  Diana is the main model for Stance Wheels many times across various shows.  Her athletic physique, and bright look, makes her a strong brand ambassador the build-tough-look-good wheel company.  Now the floodgate of car show season is wide open, we anticipate to see Diana many times again this season!

March 22, 2015

Wheels and Heels Cover Models Jessica Weaver and Brittani Paige for R1-Concepts at Spring Festival of LXs 2015 @msbrittanipaige @jessicakes33 @r1concepts

Festive Joy and Heat at LX Car Show in Irvine With Our Cover Models

Wheels and Heels Magazine Cover Models Jessica Weaver and Brittani Paige Beaming Pure Hotness with R1-Concepts at 10th Annual Spring Festival of LXs

Irvine, CA / Py Pai
The 10th Annual Spring Festival of LXs at Irvine CA was a fun event with lots of cool Dodge and Chrysler cars both stock and showy ones. Among hundreds of clean lines and stiff curves of these American domestics, there were the vendor rows of various companies marketing their cool products.  The biggest and the coolest was the R1-Concepts booth, who has been in this show for the last 7 or 8 years already, making them one of the pioneer and reigning vendors at the show.  At the booth, we were super happy to find out that our two cover models, Jessica Weaver and Brittani Paige were guarding the tent and showing the cars.

The gorgeous dynamic duo is the symbol of their proud vendor R1-Concepts.  With their costume of black top and red/black bottom, and comfy sneakers, these two top models were at home with their homies and venues.

Lucky for us, as this is a very American car show, plus there were two other competing events, including NASCAR in Fontana and HRE Open House with Targa Trophy down in San Diego, we got a big chance to really take the time with our cover models for some cool shots, unlike other events that people were vying for a tiny open position against other people or photographers to get a snapshot of these two gorgeous models.

At the end, the show was a great success. The vendors got their targeted audience leads.  Our cover models got a relatively easy breezy show to do.  And we got some very cool work without much efforts.  Overall, it's a very good trip!  Until we started the car heading back and get stuck at the notorious OC-LA freeway system, and everything went downhills both literally and metaphorically.  Nonetheless, the ending experience made the event experience much more delicious and savory.  Very cool!!

We want to say special thanks to R1-Concepts for always bringing their cool models, and of course, our super awesome cover model duo, Jessica Weaver and Brittani Paige!!

March 21, 2015

Lilly Evans Heated up Dayuum! at Spec-D Tuning Spring Showoff @LillyEvans_

Girls in Red Raised Mercury Bars at Spec-D Tuning Spring Showoff Car Meet

Lilly Evans in Red Hot Top for Dayuum! and Nora Gonzalez, Megan in Pure Red Dresses

City of Industry, CA / W&HM Staff
Well, we've been talking about the heat wave hitting the Spec-D Tuning Spring Showoff Car Meet, and we were not talking about the weather either.  The hotness of the models at the meet, was incredible!

Lilly Evans

 At the Dayuum! booth, not only the cool cars were at the meet, they had the amazing Lilly Evans at their helm as well.  It's very hard not to divert your eyes to this gorgeous model by the shining Dayuum! cars.  Lilly is always so elegant and gentle and awesome to work with. What an incredible talent!

Lilly Evans have been busy with many ventures and we always have our hats off to this talented model.  We worked with her several years back and we could tell that she will be an awesome model for sure!

March 20, 2015

Great Coverage of R1-Concepts Models at 2015 Spec-D Tuning Spring Showoff @msbrittanipaige @R1Concepts

 HOT R1-Concepts Models at 2015 Spec-D Tuning Spring Showoff Car Meet

Wheels and Heels Magazine Cover Models Jessica Weaver and Brittani Paige as Well as Great Erica Law Making R1-Concepts a Must-Stop Spot at The Awesome Spec-D Tuning Spring Showoff Car Meet

City of Industry, CA / W&HM Staff
The hot weather at the hot show of Spec-D Tuning Spring Showoff did not stop the R1-Concepts models to make it even hotter!!  The very awesome cover models of Wheels and Heels Magazine, Jessica Weaver, and Brittani Paige, together with very cool Erica Law made the fun and relaxing event even more festive and hot!

From the moment the super models arrived at the show, there was a crowd migration to the R1-Concepts booth, with people lining up to get a personalized autographed poster from the gorgeous models, and photographers juxtaposing each other for a position to get a snap of these beauties.  The heat wave did not dampen these high professionals nor the enthusiastic fans!

R1-Concepts never let their loyal fans disappointed and we totally look forward to seeing this great team and their awesome models again soon!

March 19, 2015

#TBT Wheels and Heels Magazine Print #18 Digital Edition FREE @CorissaFurr @EliseXOXO

Throw Back Thursday with Free W&HM Issue Digital Version

TBT FREE Wheels and Heels Magazine Print Issue Digital Edition #18 with Cover Model Corissa Furr

Los Angeles, CA / Py Pai
We love throw back Thursday!  We can throw goodies back to our loyal readers and fans for your non-stop support and spreading the good words for us!!

In this TBT, we continued our free digital editions of our Print issues for you.  You will find the Wheels and Heels Magazine Print Issue 18 with cover model Corissa Furr, Featuring Models Victoria Elise and Mecca Madison, Cover Car by Tyler Hirashima 1999 S2K, Exclusive interview with Affect Model CEO Shari Eckert by Phoenix Stanna, as well as Event Coverage of 2014 Formula Drift Long Beach Drifting and Cars, 2014 DUB LA Models, Model/Car Casting Call, and More...

You can download your Wheels and Heels Magazine Print Issue #18 Digital Edition Free here (ext link:

If you fancy to obtain a hard copy of the magazine on premium quality paper and beautiful contents, here is the link to the paper version ordering page:

* To see more coverage and features of the model, click on the labels below in the gray box. * If you have links to other sources of the model, please add to the comment section. * Model, if you like provide updates, or request changes, please let us know.

March 18, 2015

#WWWH WALK Project Presents a Vice Boutique Fashion Show Featuring Encore Salon at Ten Night Club

#WWWH WALK Project Hosted a Cool Fashion Runway Show with Vice Boutique, Featuring Encore Salon at Ten Night Club

We have a new article in the WWWH section:

Gorgeous Fitness Model Serena Su and Fashion Model Elizabeth Michelle Intensified The Heat at The Spec-D Tuning Spring Showoff Car Meet! @serenasuu

Fitness Model Serena Su at
Spec-D Tuning Spring Showoff
Car Meet 

 (Continued) Spec-D Tuning Girls at the Spec-D Tuning Spring Showoff Car Meet

Serena Su and Elizabeth Michelle Complete The Awesome Lineup of the great car meet of Spec-D Tuning Spring Showoff

City of Industry, CA / by W&HM Staff
The gorgeous Spec-D Tuning girls that we covered in the last article, including Ashley Twomey and Melissa Dacher.  Now we complete the coverage with the cool fitness model Serena Su and the highly fashionable model Elizabeth Michelle!  This time at the Spring Showoff event, they were both very popular and they gave the attendees and media folks a great deal of opportunities to have a wonderful selfie ops and photo ops.

From all the encountering of the Spec-D Tuning girls at SEMA, at this car meet, we are very impressed by the quality and the support from this awesome company to bring out the best talents to the community!  Great job we say!  Our hats off to you!!

March 17, 2015

Beautiful Ashley Twomey and Melissa Dacher Rocked at the Spec-D Tuning Spring Showoff @Ashley2me @

Blonde model Ashley Twomey looking Stunning at Spec-D Tuning Spring Showoff Car meet
Ashley Twomey looking
Stunning at Spec-D Tuning
Spring Showoff Car meet

 Gorgeous Spec-D Tuning Models at the Car Meet

Stunning Spec-D Tuning Models, Ashley Twomey and Melissa Dacher Heated Up the Spring Showoff Car Meet

City of Industry, CA / by W&HM Staff
The beautiful golden girl, Ashley Twomey, our future cover model, brought the extra heat to the Spec-D Tuning Spring Showoff car meet at the city of industry, CA.  Together with her great friend, Melissa Dacher, they totally made the car meet event fun and glamorous!

Melissa Dacher by an Audi R8,  great wheels and heels, at Spec-D Tuning Spring Showoff Car meet
Melissa Dacher by an Audi R8,
great wheels and heels, 
at Spec-D Tuning
Spring Showoff Car meet
Spec-D Tuning is always so awesome to bring extra amazing models to their events, and booths at shows.  In the past, we have witnessed the long lines of attendees at SEMA, trying to get an autographed posters from the Spec-D girls.  This time, we were lucky to have these beauties to be available by many souped up cars at Spec-D Tuning's company lot!

Check out the full article to see many more photos of these two awesome models!

March 15, 2015

A Huge Success at 2015 Spec-D Tuning Sprint Showoff Car Meet

Spec-D Tuning Spring Showoff Car Meet Turned Summerly HOT!

Top Import Models and Seriously Mods/Lighting plus Cool Vendors Showed up at The Spec-D Tuning Spring Showoff Car Meet!

City of Industry, CA / by Py Pai
It was a hot summer day in the middle of Spring here in so-Cal.  The temperature reached 95F while the rest of the country is still wondering when the normal weather is coming back...

 Spec-D Tuning (ext link) who specializes in lighting equipment of cars, from projector headlight, to LED, to tail lights, to fog lights, to corner lights, to many other lights, definitely picked a very sunny day to reflect their bright industry and cool equipment.  At the car meet, lines and lines of highly tuned, and buffed-shined cars lined up at their parking lot.  There were high-performance Maserati, as well as Audi R8, Porsche, and other exotic looking import cars as well as good old Americans.  It's definitely a show of force of these cool cars that benefited from Spec-D's awesome lighting apparatus upgrades, or wildly diverse forms of upgrades and add-ons.  We will have articles to cover the cars from the car meet in more details in our WHEELS web section.
 Not to be outdone by the beauty of these cars, the models that Spec-D brought in were equally if not even hotter than the metal counterparts.  The appearances definitely brought up the mercury height an inch higher and many cameras' sensors heated, as well as flash bulb burning...  At the main trophy booth of Spec-D, we saw our future cover model Ashley Twomey and her great friend Melissa Dacher looking amazing there.  We also saw Serena Su, the awesome fit model who graced our coverage many times.  On top of all these, there were also Elizabeth Michelle and her friend.  We are talking about many stars shining in this hot day in the valley.
 Just across the Spec-D booth, there was the R1-Concepts model booth, who is forever known for their ultra cool and highly popular models.  This time, our cover model Jessica Weaver, together with Brittani Paige and Erica Law brought down the house with their sheer popularity.  There were no stop stream of people lining up to get an autographed poster, or an auto-self or just pressing an automatic shutters to capture a few glimpses of these beauties.  Talking about star powers, this is like the level of Sailor Moon combination power!!

  Of course, there are many other cool models from other vendors as well, such as Diana Sparks for Stance Wheels.  Diana is a great video personality if you don't know about her.  If you have a decent video in front of her, she can do magics and leave you breathless!
We are really impressed by the showing of the cars and models at the Spec-D Tuning Spring Car Meet.  If all vendors can put up this kind of meets, then the wiki definition of car meet will be forever changed.

March 14, 2015

Ultra Fashionable Heavy Hitters Wheels Car Show Models at DUB LA 2015

Heavy Hitters Wheels  Ultra Fashionable Models,  Alana Nicole Noland,  Jessica Endres,  Inessa Chimato, and  Jackie Kim.
Heavy Hitters Wheels
Ultra Fashionable Models,
Alana Nicole Noland,
Jessica Endres,
Inessa Chimato, and
Jackie Kim.

 Heavy Hitters Wheel's Highly Approachable Great Fashion Models

Heavy Hitters Wheels Demonstrated the Beauty of Approachable Fashion and the Art of Breath-Taking Visual Loudness

Los Angeles, CA / by W&HM Staff
Heavy Hitters Wheels is always at the forefront of the cool and awesomeness in their wheel designs.  Together with that image are the great models that they use to represent the core essences of it.  At the 2015 DUB LA show, Heavy Hitters Wheels Models continued this great tradition, with great fashion models, Alana Nicole Noland, Jessica Endres, Inessa Chimato, and Jackie Kim.  These amazing models are all tall, slim, and know how to pose and work with people.
The photos that came out of the shoots with them at the 2015 DUB LA Show are simply amazing!  Not only the wardrobe of the models are spot on with that elegant white mini dress, the styling also conveys a sense of nostalgically chic yet Hollywood glamour.  Our hats off to the Heavy Hitters Wheels team for always coming up with great promotional personality and with a strong sense of fashion beauty and class!

Here are the detailed portfolio photos of each Heavy Hitters Wheels Models!

March 13, 2015

2015 Formula Drift Round 1 is Less Than a Month Away! @FormulaDrift #formuladrift

2015 Formula Drift Season Opener Countdown

The Bigger and Bolder Formula Drift Opens 2015 Season at The Streets of Long Beach, CA on April 10 and 11

Los Angeles, CA, by Py Pai
The highly anticipated Formula Drift series will begin in less than a month.  We have set up the countdown calendar on the right side of the page so that you can plan your that weekend accordingly.

This year, with total $300,000 prize money in sight, the competitions will sure be more fierce than ever.  Also after the ESPN deal, a multi-year contract signed with CBS broadcasting, the Formula Drift team has elevated this motor sports to the mainstream media and general public.  We are seeing the day that they become the household name just like NASCAR!  

2015 is a busy year for the Formula Drift team. There will be 7 rounds in the US as well as 3 international competitions: 

April 10-11, 2015   
Streets of Long Beach, USA       World / Pro
April 17-19, 2015   
Streets of Long Beach, USA       Invitational Event
May 8-9, 2015       
Road Atlanta, USA                World / Pro
June 5-6, 2015      
Orlando Speedworld, USA          World / Pro / Pro2
June 26-27, 2015    
Wall Stadium, USA                World / Pro
July 11-12, 2015    
Fuji Speedway, JAPAN             World
July 24-25, 2015    
Evergreen Speedway, USA          World / Pro / Pro2
August 21-22, 2015  
Texas Motor Speedway, USA        World / Pro / Pro2
September 6-7, 2015 
Autodrome St. Eustache, CANADA   World
October 9-10, 2015  
Irwindale Speedway, USA          World / Pro / Pro2
November, 2015      
CHINA                            World

We will see if the current reigning champion Chris Forsberg will retain his title this year, or will be upset by Fredric Aasbo, as the difference is less than 2.5% in their points awarded.  Or we never know if other up and coming drivers will take the top spot.  This will be a very interesting year for sure!

For more information, visit Formula Drift's web site at

March 12, 2015

#DUB LA 2015 Cars Highlight in the WHEELS section!

New in the WHEELS section
We have the highlight of 2015 DUB LA show cars.  Definitely check it out here:

#TBT #FREE Wheels and Heels Magazine Print Issue Gabby Jeanne Special Edition digital version

Throw Back Thursday!  FREE Wheels and Heels Magazine Print Issue #17 Digital copy

The Special edition of Wheels and Heels Magazine exclusive solo feature of Gabby Jeanne, the majestic import model, is FREE for download (digital version).

Los Angeles, CA / Py Pai
In this throw back Thursday day, we are extremely happy to bring you the gorgeous Gabby Jeanne special edition of Wheels and Heels Magazine Print Edition Number 17.

In this issue, we have the exclusive pictorial of Gabby in high editorial glamour style.  We also did a chronicle of the modeling appearances that we captured from the first time we saw her.  Gabby is definitely the true genius in car show modeling!  Together with Gabby on the cover and in the feature is Chris Williamson's white 2013 GTR aka FAASSTT.  It's a totally awesome combination of beauty and beauty!

You can download the FREE copy of Wheels and Heels Magazine Gabby Jeanne Special Edition print issue #17 digital version here or this URL: or click the above cover photo.  All work!

March 11, 2015

World Wide Wheels and Heels Wednesday! WWWH Feature Photographer Carlos Toledo

WWWH Feature Photographer Carlos Toledo

Los Angeles, CA / by W&HM Staff
We have a newly transformed section, called World Wide Wheels and Heels or WWWH.  In this place, we showcase talents and events that are happening around the world.   Through their photos and bios, we get to take a look inside these talents's mind and work, as well as events' happenings!

For the Wednesday, we celebrate the World Wide Wheels and Heels, we have the WWWH Photographer Carlos Toledo (int link) here  with his works and some advice for the newbies in the people photography world.  Check out his photos of Ela Pasion, Victorya Van Tran, LeAnn Michele, and Mariah Hook, as well as visit his website and instagram.

March 8, 2015

Awesome Savini Wheels Car Show Models at DUB LA 2015 @TawnieJaclyn @CynthiaCCamacho @SaviniWheels

Savini Models Berlin,
Cynthia Camacho, Tawnie Jaclyn,
at the 2015 DUB LA Car Show

 Gorgeous Savini Models Wow The DUB LA 2015 Car Show Goers

Savini Wheels' Car Show Models, Tawnie Jaclyn, Berlin, Cynthia Camacho and Friend Were The Bright Stars at The 2015 DUB LA Show

Los Angeles, CA / W&HM Staff
Savini Wheels are well known in the wheel manufacturing industry as the performance and creativity gold standard.  Their Savini Models are equally famous in the Car Show Model promotional circle.  Here at the DUB LA 2015 car show, Savini Models did it again, giving the show goers a golden opportunity to appreciate their brand, their wheels and their models.

Savini Wheels Car Show Model
Tawnie Jaclyn in a little black dress
with Savini Wheels on a white Corvette
 The strong showing of the Savini Models including Tawnie JaclynBerlinCynthia Camacho, and friend gave unlimited photo ops for people.  Together with Savini's cool wheels and ultra luxury and performance machines.  This is the perfect photo op for any car and model, wheels and heels lovers.

Once you check out the display of Savini's wheels, you would instantly recognize the diversity and creativity that are infused to their designs and manufacturing. A large array of different types of cars can definitely benefit from Savini's awesome upgrades, including ultra luxury cars, speed chasers, street kings, as well as show stunners.  This combination of amazing wheels, awesome cars, and gorgeous models is definitely a gold standard and a golden rule for a successful car show marketing!!

March 6, 2015

2Crave Models DUB LA 2015 We are in Luck W&HM Cover Models

Three of Wheels and Heels Magazine Cover Models in the 2Crave Wheels Booth at the DUB LA 2015 Car Show!

Wheels and Heels Magazine Cover Models Jessica Weaver, Leanna Bartlett, and Elizabeth Velasquez Looking Stunningly Gorgeous at the Busy 2Crave Wheels Booth

 Los Angeles, CA / Py Pai
At the DUB LA 2015 car show in Los Angeles Convention Center, 2Crave Wheels shines again among other major wheel companies with our Wheels and Heels Magazine cover models, Jessica Weaver, Leanna Bartlett, and Elizabeth Velasquez!  We totally appreciate 2Crave's high aesthetics on their model selections!!

 As always the case at the 2Crave booth, there is constantly a long line of attendees waiting for their chance to spin the fortune wheel and win something to go home with.  The wheel goddess, Elizabeth Velasquez always has a great smile, and take care of people who not only got a chance to win something but also a chance to get a personal photo with this happy and bright cover model!

At the other side of the booth, several sleek cars with cool looking 2Crave wheels, parked around our other cover models, Jessica Weaver and Leanna Bartlett.  These two statuesque goddesses look simply stunning.  Not only they brightened up the whole scene, the crowd drawing power is immense!

Together with our cover models, is a great model as well, Lisa Lee Marie  We've seen her many times, and she is totally awesome at the 2Crave booth!

March 5, 2015

#TBT #FREE Wheels and Heels Magazine Print Issue #16 Free Digital Download @FranchescaDC @TheDiamondDozen @Autoconevents

Celebrating Throwback Thursday, We Have Free Digital Download of Wheels and Heels Magazine Print Edition #16 Cover Model Franchesca Del Carpio!

Los Angeles, CA / Py Pai

In celebration of Throwback Thursday, we decided that we provide our awesome issue Wheels and Heels Magazine Print Edition #16 download for FREE!

In this issue, we have the super talented and very successful CEO of The Diamond Dozen, Franchesca Del Carpio, as our cover model and sole feature of the issue  Also, this issue is dedicated to the cool car show Autocon 2014.  The great pictorials of gorgeous Franchesca plus the history of Autocon from the year of inception to the big stardom in the car show world, all are in this wonderful issue. Definitely download it now!!  Here is the download link:

Wheels and Heels Magazine Print Edition #16
Free Digital Download (format: PDF, Size: 16MB)
* You don't need to sign up dropbox to download the PDF *

You can also get a copy of the print edition at the following page:

WHEELS Quick Report on 2015 CES Car Industry Innovations - Console Systems and Accessories

W&HM WHEELS SECTION 2015 CES REPORT - Accessorize Your Car

We have a new article about CES 2015 show report on car console war and Android Mobile and Apple CarPlay.  Please visit the link for more photos:

March 3, 2015

The New HEELS Section For Our Awesome Cover and Featured Models!

Wheels and Heels Magazine New HEELS section

A New Wheels and Heels Magazine "HEELS" Section to Celebrate Our Featured Models and a Dedicated "PRINT" Section for Back Print Issues

Los Angeles, CA / Py Pai, Editor in Chief
We are very excited to have a brand new model "Heels" section and a re-dedicated section for print issues on our Wheels and Heels Magazine site.

In the past, it's always bothering us that we don't have a specific section that showcases our spectacular and highly selective featured models.  Well, that bothering has ended!

We came to our senses while we were feverishly working in the semi-conscious hours in the night.  We figured it out and made the following evolution step... One small step of our editorial team is a big step for the magazine, and for the models that we have had the fortune to feature, and for many many models fans, as well as for the hiring companies and agencies to find our exclusive model hall of fame!

Here are what's new:

  1. We created a brand new section called "HEELS" to echo the Wheels and Heels notion's heel's part.  We have the WHEELS section for a long time for cars, bikes, motorsports and related coverage and news.  Now we have a balanced section, HEELS, that we exclusively feature the models that we have worked with and featured in our magazine.

    Here you can find great models with introduction, our feature works, a bit Q&A, and their contact information if you like to follow them or contact them,.  This is magical!

    We are slowly building this section both looking forward and looking retrospectively.  Stay tuned for more updates in the future!

    Here is the "HEELS" section address:

  2. We moved the original MODEL section to become our "PRINT" section, as the newsstand for our back issues of print editions.  As of this writing, there are 25 issues already in this digital stand.  Definitely check them out and feel free to buy them for your favorite models!

    Here is the address:

  3. And we decoupled the HOME page from the HEELS page from the past, and dedicate the HOME page as the main entry point with all the latest coverage of the news and events, and features, and news and more.  It will be more diverse with more than just models, but also with cars, events, awesome guest contributions, and many other cool stuffs.

    Here is the address:

We are super excited about the new section and how the magazine has a complete and awesome look and structure!

As always, please send us your comments here to let us know what we can do better, and what you like to see more, and what you advise us to change!  We also look at the comments and always love to respond too!  Thank you!

Very Best / Py Pai 
Editor in Chief, Team W&HM
Wheels and Heels Magazine

* To see more coverage and features of the model, click on the labels below in the gray box. * If you have links to other sources of the model, please add to the comment section. * Model, if you like provide updates, or request changes, please let us know.

March 2, 2015

Huge Highlight Coverage of DUB Show Los Angeles 2015 - 70+ Best Photos! - Car Show Season is On!

DUB LA 2015 Makes a Great SoCal Car Show Season Opener with Stunning DUB Models and Exclusive and Flashy Cars

 Los Angeles, CA / by Py Pai
2015 major car show season has just started kicked off by the DUB LA show!  It went with big bangs and loud booms and lasting impression, as always!

Since the last four plus months, lack of major car show events in southern California has hit many car enthusiasts and model fanciers like the water drought here that we want something or some actions to quench our thirsts.  Thank goodness, DUB LA 2015 show has come to the rescue.  The show has given us all the right elements of a major car show and we came away fully drenched with satisfaction and tons of great pictures!

This year's DUB LA show has a bit different mood in the air.  Even though the setups and vendors were all pretty much at their original spots as last year, and the concert were still generating a huge crowd in front of the stage, we just could not finger pointing it... At east we felt a bit more breathing room while roaming the convention center floor and not bumping into other people as much and constantly saying "excuse me" or "perdón" as used to be.  That's definitely a great thing, as we have more room to take great pictures!

In the vendor display area, especially in the promotional aspect of the show, the wheels company still dominate the show as the premier vendor hot spots to show attendees.  2Crave had three of our cover models, Leanna BartlettJessica Weaver, and Elizabeth Velasquez, absolutely the top models in the industry, giving away merchandise as well as their beautiful smiles for people to take home with in hand or in their phones.

Heavy Hitters Wheels (top photo) had a quad-fashion-model line up.  With Jessica Andres, Jackie Kim, Inessa Chimato and Alana Nicole Noland at promotional helm, the booth was lively and dazzling, and buzzing with awesomeness for their top show car worthy wheels!

Now more on our cover model, Phoenix was helping Diablo Wheels in getting their cool image out to the walking crowd.  Savini Wheels took a brand new approach and had several fresh faces, including Tawnie JaclynCynthia Comacho, Berlin,  at the show making their wheels and cars super glamorous and colorful, which is Savani's signature style!

Cars are actually the major part of the show, as this is one of the opportunity for show cars to come out and meet their fans, as well as car clubs to hang together, checking out other peers and fellow club's cars too.  There were tons of researches, and eye-balling and appreciations going on through out the show.  Across the big Los Angeles Convention Center hall, there were various sections for different genres of cars.

Starting from the far right, away from the concert stage, there were vintage classic cars that have really sleek restoration works done. Then you meet the low rider section that have many local big name car clubs showing, including Nokturnal, Swift, Xplizit, and many more.  These are the brightest, literally, and flashest, literally again, and loudest, figuratively speaking now, cars in the show.  They are the special effect kings, passion and love dedications, as well as camera candies!

Then moving to the center section, you encounter the ultra luxury cars, like rich-and-famous household names Lamborghini, Porsche, Bentley, Rolls Royce, high end Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, and more.  Just inbetween the lowriders and ultra luxury, you have the American beauties, like Camero, others, and JDM cars too.  This is the place to show case the car and the crowd just could not stop taking pictures to prove that they have there with these amazing cars or the next projects that they can invest in.  America, after all, is the land of opportunities, right?!

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