October 31, 2014

Beautiful Chrstina Hong at Spoocm Booth and Cute Serena Su at 2014 Formula Drift Irwindale

 Irwindale, CA, by W&HM - Our beautiful feature model Krstina Hong came all the way from Texas to attend the 2014 Formula Drift for Spocom.  This Miss Spocom Bikini Contest 2014 winner always brings her Texas size warm heart with her and showed people how awesome Spocom is having this wonderful lady at the show!

Just across from the Spocom booth we found the very cool model Serena Su as well!  We have seen Serena many times in the past and she always has that wonderful smiles, bright personality and gorgeous presence, just like this time as well.

We totally love these two great models and for sure we will see them a lot more in the future as well!

October 30, 2014

Beautiful Autumn Allenbach and Daniella at Alpinestars, Erica Juliet for Road Race, and more!

 Irwindale, CA, by W&HM - The last time we met Autumn Allenbach was at the beginning of the year at the Monster Energy Supercross event at Anaheim for Alpinestars booth.  This time, we were happily to find that she and her friend Daniella were again at the event of 2014 Formula Drift Irwindale.  Their bright smiles and warm welcome made us a truly guest to their booth.

Erica Juliet, under the golden California sunset, looked simply awesome!  Her natural talented star power made her look like she is doing a Sports Illustrated photo shoot and the photo set totally proved that.

We also met up an unconfirmed Christina(?) at the Kawasaki booth.  During the big sun afternoon, the tent shade was the best place to be and she made it look cool!

Check out the full article for more awesome photos!

October 28, 2014

Gorgeous Cover Model Angelina Andrada with Alicia Whitten for SuperStreet Magazine and Raichelle Viado for UTI

Irwindale, CA, by W&HM - On the first day of 2014 Formula Drift Irwindale, we saw Super Street Magazine booth set up in the expo area.  We were not sure who would show up at the main day of the event.  Super Street is the industry leader so this must be good!  Then we came the second day, and were so happy to see Angelina Andrada, our cover model at the booth together with the awesome industry big star Alicia Whitten.  They were in their super cool white SS bra-top uniforms and cute denim shorts, looking so uplifting and bright and happy, and good-feeling!
Raichelle Viado has been our friends for a long time.  This time, she is taking the Universal Technical Institute to a new height with her awesome self together with her friend, getting lots of show attendees attention and foot traffic, and still gave us a lot of photo opportunities!  Raichelle is such an awesome model!

October 27, 2014

Gorgeous Falken Girls Julie Galindo Liz Godwin and Katie Carnes at 2014 Formula Drift Irwindale @JulieMGalindo

Falken Girls Julie Galindo Liz Godwin and Katie Carnes at 2014 Formula Drift Irwindale in their blue and white uniform
Irwindale, CA, by W&HM - 2014 Formula Drift Irwindale is one of the great grand final events for the southern California drifting fans, car enthusiasts, and model watchers.  At the Falken Tires booth, you can always expect a huge line that come out of the model podium.  The thrills of meeting their official Falken Girls, including Julie Galndo, Liz Godwin, and Katie Carnes, were palpable in the air, and the satisfactions of having their autographed posters and a selfie opportunity is totally a highlight of the day's event!

Falken models are always top talents in the car promotional world.  We had the honor working with their former super model, Olivia Korte, as our print magazine's cover model, and the experience was totally amazing!

Here we get to meet with them, and have a one-on-one photo op, which is a rare opportunity, because they are full-time busy signing their posters any minutes that they have during the event.  And the photos prove to be amazing, as we all expected!!  Check out the full article for more photos of these amazing models!
Falken Girl Julie Galindo at 2014 Formula Drift Irwindale in their blue and white uniform

October 26, 2014

Super GorgeousO Olivia Korte Wheels and Heels Magazine Cover Model for Motegi Racing at 2014 Formula Drift Irwindale @_oko_

Super GorgeousO Olivia Korte Wheels and Heels Magazine Cover Model for Motegi Racing at 2014 Formula Drift Irwindale in black tanktop
Irwindale, CA, by W&HM - One of the highlights of our coverage in 2014 Formula Drift Irwindale is to cover Olivia Korte our awesome cover model at the Motegi Racing booth.  She has built up the anticipation through her social media about her presence at the event.  Many fans were excitedly waiting for the big Saturday to come so that they can meet and be greeted by this bright, talented and totally fun super model and have an autographed poster to bring home to.

Every time we meet Olivia, she is always so warm and friendly and sharing her passion about modeling, friends, and life in general. This great quality of hers radiates through out her modeling career.  No matter we saw her at the Falken girls days, or being a co-host of the Motorz TV, or being on the cover of the big final issue of Import Tuner magazine, she is always so sunny and amazing!

Definitely check out the full pictorial article here and see how she did a perfect job on a shoutout video in just 7 seconds!!  She is such a natural and utmost talented model and TV host and more!!

We totally look forward to seeing a lot more of her in the future!!

October 24, 2014

Super Gorgeous and Fun #Hankook Girls at 2014 #FormulaDrift @jessharbour @ericanagashima @s80may

 Irwindale, CA, by W&HM - Hankook girls are synonymous to high elegance, super beauty, uber sexiness, and top of the industry!  Through out our coverage of many years on Hankook Girls, you would see abundant evidence of gorgeous models, friendly pack, and fun fun and more fun moments!

At 2014 Formula Drift Irwindale, during the driver autograph time, it's the window of opportunity to witness these amazing Hankook girls, including Jessica Harbour, Erica Nagashima, and Sadie May behind their supported drivers, especially their drivers are doing well throughout the season.

We also got a chance to capture some of the cool and goofy kodak moments of these marvelous models!  Definitely check out the full article to see them!!

October 23, 2014

NEW POLL (To your right) in This Voting Season!!

We have a new poll!!!  You probably have heard or seen enough of political ads that try to push their agenda to you.  We say, "Enough!  Let's have something that we all really want!"

So we created a simple poll to ask what you want!  In future print issues (and the free digital version of them for the free VIP club members) what would you like to see more of?

- More model features?  A lot more gorgeous models in gorgeous pictures?
- More car features?  Should we start featuring more cars in various details and beauty?
- New lifestyle topics? Like vaping, watches, movies, jokes,..?
- Thinner and More Frequent? Like thinner and more reasonably priced copies?
- Special Issues? To produce some special issues like Swimsuit edition? Lingerie Edition? Uber Sexy Edition?...

Let us know!  You can vote once in multiple selections at the top right corner of the home page:


Thank you and may the candidates that you like win too!

Awesome Arley Elizabeth and Chanel Urban for Achilles Tires at 2014 Formula Drift Irwindale @arrrrlz @chanelurban

Arley Elizbabeth and Chanel Urban the umbrella girls for Achilles Tires at 2014 Formula Drift Irwindale in their miniskirts and white knee high boots
Irwindale, CA, by W&HM - The super model Arley Elizabeth, our print edition cover model, as well as Chanel Urban, Arley's beautiful partner in modeling at the Achilles booth in 2014 Formula Drift Irwindale.

This dynamic duo has done a lot at this professional final title fight drifting event.  They were at the pit stop with the crew, walked around to promote the brand, when the autograph session starts, they stood behind their drivers and smile for a long hour and plus time to cameras, also posing for video filming team as if they were having tons of fun, and then showed up next day doing the same, but replacing the autographing session with opening ceremony by their drivers and in their car!  PLUS had to endure the champagne fighting with their top driver being the winner of the Round 7 competition.  It's a super tough job, but Arley and Chanel did an excellent job as you can see in the full article of some moments in their hard but fun working!
Arley Elizbabeth our cover model for Achilles Tires at 2014 Formula Drift Irwindale in their miniskirts

October 22, 2014

Awesome Cover Model Nicole Marie Reckers and Stunning Model Dennii for GT Radial at 2014 Formula Drift Irwindale @

 Irwindale, CA, by W&HM - We were ecstatic spotting Nicole Marie, our cover model, at the GT Radial booth in 2014 Formula Drift Irwindale event.  It has been a long time since we last seen her in a car show scene.  It was definitely a happy reunion moment for us!

Dennii, the stunning blonde model also at the GT Radial, has that radiant personality, full of passion in modeling and in life.  Under the soft glowing sunset, Dennii looked simply awesome!
Let's find out these two gorgeous ladies more in the full article!

October 20, 2014

Big Lineup of Big Names Import Models at #R1Concetps in 2014 #FormulaDrift Irwindale #BrittaniPaige #EricaLaw #KairiDreme #RaquelEstrella

Irwindale, CA, by W&HM - At any major car shows or motorsports event, if there is presence of R1-Concepts, then it's a must stop spot for a chance to meet their awesome models.  R1-Concepts marketing has the brilliance of hiring some of the top industry models to represent their cool products and strong brand.

At 2014 Formula Drift Irwindale, this is totally the case, as the FD event is one of the biggest in the southern California region.  R1-Concepts came out with full force with Brittani Paige, Erica Law, Kairi Dreme, and Raquel Estrella and of course Big Abe too.  We can only say wow each time we stopped by.

Check out the full article for many more gorgeous photos of these gorgeous models at a beautiful sunny day...

October 18, 2014

Gorgeous Cover Model Lyna Ly and Beautiful Model Brielle Ansdell for #Gumout at 2014 #FormulaDrift Irwindale @MissLynaLy @brielle_ansdell

 Irwindale, CA, by W&HM - The awesome cover model Lyna Ly and her model partner Brielle Ansdell were the first models who greeted us at the 2014 Formula Drift Irwindale Final Fight at the GUMOUT booth.  It signaled a beautiful start of the event.

The booth is the first booth that anybody entering the main expo area, and it could not be more significant to the visuals.  Big blown up tent with eye catching cars and of course the two incredible models at the front of the booth.  Each time we passed their booth (and trust us, there were many times) we always saw them busy with the attendees. giving out flyers, and signing their posters.  That's totally awesome promotional work there we say!!

Now let's take a closer look at these two great models in front of our camera!

October 17, 2014

Great Model Showing at hmsphrs Vaping Store 1 Year Anniversary by Clinton Lum @calibre68

 Pomona, CA, Photos by Clinton Lum, Lumdigital, Text by W&HM - Our sage photographer Clinton Lum has brought us back some of the very cool photos of R1-Cocnepts models as well as Limitless Society duo, and More from the hmsphrs vaping store one year anniversary car meet.  They are all awesome.  Definitely don't miss any of them in the full article!

October 16, 2014

WOW! #JessicaWeaver and #XenaKai for #Exedy at 2014 #FormulaDrift Irwindale @jessicakes33 @XenaKai

Irwindale, CA, by W&HM - Exedy this year has the great wisdom having our awesome cover model Jessica Weaver and the amazing talent Xena Kai as their promotional persona.  This blonde and brunette combination is a huge bombshell promo boost for the brand.

October 15, 2014

Super Cute #SandraWong and #BreezyJade for #ARKPerformance at 2014 #FormulaDrift Irwindale @thesandrawong @breezyabbott

Irwindale, CA, by W&HM - Sandra Wong, our amazing cover model, is always one of the most popular models in our magazine coverage.  Whenever there is coverage of her, we see her loyal fans and friends showing their support to her and to us.  We totally feel the love in the air!  Breezy Jade is a new comer to the car show modeling scene.  With her flowy blonde hair and bright smiles, she definitely won many hearts and minds and flashes!  ARK Performance did a wonderful job in their racing competitions, as well as having these two amazing beauties at the 2014 Formula Drift Irwindale event!  We definitely look forward to seeing them at the SEMA show, where they will debut their ARK Performance model!

October 13, 2014

2014 Formula Drift Irwindale Final Fight Opening Ceremony and Closing Ceremony by Clinton Lum @calibre68

 Irwindale, CA, Photos by Clinton Lum, Text by W&HM - Our long-hours, hard working, heat-fighting, sage contributing photographer, Clinton Lum, has done it again. He started the 2014 Formula Drift Final Fight on the early Thursday round, to check out the actions from the drivers.  Continued to the Friday's first big day, capturing lots of actions till the end of the Pro 2 closing ceremony late at night.  Then less than 12 hours, jumped back in the Irwindale Speedway, for the big finale of the season championship competitions.  From the early hours of the event, to the dusk opening national anthem time, with great Kodak moment photos from the ceremony, to the close to midnight die-hard-fan hours of award podium celebrations, he was there all the time!  With 15 years of true passion and strong dedication, Clinton has developed his keen styles and highly professional eyes to press the shutter at the precise moments with optimal settings.  He knows the importance of car body motion and wheel turning blurs.  He persists at toughest hours and gets the a fraction of a second action shots.  We are so honored to have him as our sage photographer.

Here Clinton has brought back some of the highlights of his thousands of photos captured in the 2014 Formula Drift Final Fight event, both on the drifting actions and model/driver actions.

The highlights of the Final Fight drifting actions, check them out here [int link].
(For the full results of the 2014 Formula Drift season championship and Round 7 [int link], you can find it in our News section as well.)

For the opening ceremony, it's like a happy reunions of the great drivers and great models.  It's a happy moment that everyone would hope to last forever.  While the closing ceremony, probably only Forsberg would like to repeat of this year's grand success, and others may be thinking of taking the top spot next year already.  All in all, it's a great event very well done, and another great history being made here...

For continuing coverage of the 2014 Formula Drift Irwindale Final Fight, you can come back any time at:

Car sand Vendors: http://cars.wheelsandheelsmag.com/search/label/2014%20Formula%20Drift
Models: http://www.wheelsandheelsmag.com/search/label/2014%20Formula%20Drift%20Irwindale

October 12, 2014

Awesome and Huge Highlight of 2014 Formula Drift Irwindale Models (Day 1 & 2)

2014 Formula Drift Model in Irwindale - Olivia Korte for Motegi
(Cover Model Olivia Korte for Motegi at 2014 Formula Drift Irwindale)

Irwindale, CA, by Py Pai - 2014 Formula Drift Final Fight at Irwindale was a great success!  The crowd, the vendors, the show cars, the models, and of course the drifting actions, all came out with a big bang or a great bang for the buck!  It's a great job well done, and an awesome season finale!  It only left us with more craving for the next year's events!

Die hard fans rush to the stadium whenever there were loud motor noises rumbling, together with that unmistakable tire-burning smoke.  They can even drop their hotdogs and pick up their handy portable cams for some memorable action glimpses.  we've witnessed many enthusiastic drifting motorsports lovers who came in on a work Friday, and happy family good time seekers in a comfortable 90F weather, as well as social buddies out for some great Saturday full 1/2 day adrenaline spikes.  They sure got what they came her for and more!

For more drifting actions and ceremonies, our contributing photographer, Clinton Lum, has worked tirelessly for the last THREE days, from early in the day to the cold dark near midnight to bring back the great moments and key happenings of the fierce races of both Pro 2 and big tight fight!  Definitely stay tuned for the news and photos!

On the lifestyle expo side, many vendors showed up for this last big event of the year in southern California. No wonder they came out in full force with high marketing effects.  There were eye dazzling banners, or car decals, as well as rows after rows of merchandises on display, and one of the key ingredients in car show marketing, the amazing promotional models!

This year, we have the great pleasure to observe that many of our cover models have shown up in this huge event.  They are the VIP promotional and spokesmodels for the companies that they represented.  We have Olivia Korte for Motegi, Sandra Wong for Ark Racing, as well as Jessica Weaver, who worked long + long hours in both days, at Exedy, Arley Elizabeth for Achilles, Nicole Marie, who we have not seen for a long time, for GT Radial, Angelina Andrada for SuperStreet, plus Krstina Hong, all the way from Houston, for Spocom, and Eva Skye for Nitto Tires!  As you can see, they are totally incredible and highly interpersonal.  No wonder they are the cream of the crop for many great vendors to seek their representation!

In the next many days, we will have more detailed coverage of most of the models that we have captured their great presence here.  Definitely check them out when they are available.  Also, they will be in our future print issue that you can buy a copy for your personal collection of your favorite model!

Overall, the Formula Drift is long established drifting franchise.  They have done a great job and a tremendous movement created.  They grow leaps and bounds with more media channels and inclusion of wider communities.  We highly salute to their great efforts and always a great job very well done.  We look forward to next year's new season actions and competitions and new results!
(Cover Model Sandra Wong for Ark Racing at 2014 Formula Drift Irwindale)

(Cover Model Jessica Weaver for Exedy at 2014 Formula Drift Irwindale)

(Cover Model Arley Elizabeth, right, for Achilles at 2014 Formula Drift Irwindale)

(Cover Model Nicole Marie for GT Radial at 2014 Formula Drift Irwindale)

(Cover Model Anglina Andrada for Super Street at 2014 Formula Drift Irwindale)

(Feature Model Krstina Hong for Spocom at 2014 Formula Drift Irwindale)

(Feature Model Eva Skye for Nitto at 2014 Formula Drift Irwindale)

Check out the full article for the entire highlight high resolution gorgeous coverage of the 2014 Formula Drift Irwindale models!
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