Stuning annd Leggy Pirelli Models at SEMA 2016 #SEMA

Pirelli never disappoints us. This year, they brought many beautiful and leggy models to the SEMA show and we were awe-struck! / W&HM Staff
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Pirelli has been a staple of the SEMA show. After Falken moved out of the prime spot of SEMA show South Hall, Pirelli got their chance and at the SEMA 2016 they were the front and first see spot at the big hall where branding is everything.

This time, Pirelli brought our familiar Brooke Boerman together with three other girls to the show. These awesome models in the signature Pirelli uniform, were simply breath taking!

Harley Davidson Golden Girl - Christina Riordan at LA Autoshow 2016 @_ChristinaR_

It's so great to see our cover model, and newly featured FHM's Instagram girl, Christina Riordan, for Harley Davidson at LA Autoshow from W&HM / W&HM Staff
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We haven't seen our amazing cover model, Christina Riordan, for almost a half year so far.  That's why it's great to see her at the LA Autoshow.

Mishimoto Girls, Our Cover Model Angelina Andrada and Model Shelly Scholten, Totally Awesome at SEMA 2016 #SEMA @ShellyScholts

Our twice-cover model Angelina Andrada, showed up at Mishimoto at WEMA 2016 / W&HM Staff
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Mishimoto always brings a surprise element to the SEMA show.  This year, it's huge mechanical parts assemblage that is like a big medieval fighting knight. Every time we passed them (there were two versions in display) we always say "Cool!"

Together with the impressive sculpture is our cover model Angelina Andrada who has all the great softness on her.  Her sweet smile and beautiful curves and awesome personality, all are a stark but great complementary to each other with the giant robots.

Grid Wheels Dancing Girls, Our Cover Moddel Brittani Paige Together with Marie Madore at SEMA 2016 #SEMA @msbrittanipaige @mariemadore

W&HM cover model Brittani Paige was having fun dancing with Marie Madore and friend for Grid Wheels at SEMA 2016 / W&HM Staff

Ever since Brittani Paige relocated to Las Vegas any sighting of our cover model is a great event. This time at the Grid Wheels spot at SEMA.  They were filming a model video with Brittani and Marie Madore and friend.  The whole thing sure brought a lot of fun again!
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