Big Presence of @JDMsport at the @ExtremeAutofest San Diego 2015

JDM Sport Team's Big Presence at the Extreme Autofest San Diego 2015 Show

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San Diego, CA / W&HM Staff
JDM SPort is one of the most prolific show sponsors in the car show world, especially here in the southern California.  Every time you go to a car show, most likely you will see their bright red flag up.  One key characteristic of JDM Sport presence is their huge model line up.  They are constantly and relentlessly discovering new models to the car show world.  Many times, we saw some really cool models and some totally fresh faces.

At the Extreme Autofest San Diego 2015, JDM Sport team has done it again!  They had many cool models at the show. We recognize Victorya Van Tran in her sleek black dress, together with other models that we are becoming more familiar with through the repeating appearances.

Next time if you are in a car show, definitely check out JDM Sport's cool models, and don't forget their vast arrays of products and their cool cars too!

Convivial Erica Law for @R1Concepts at @extremeautofest San Diego 2015 @ericalaw22

Friendly and Warm and Fun Erica Law Always Bring Her A+ Game to R1-Concepts, Here at Extreme Autofest San Diego 2015 

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San Diego, CA / W&HM Staff
Every time we see Erica Law, especially at R1-Concepts booth, she's always happy to see us.  But, we are more happy to see her!  No matter when, Erica always took the time to greet us and gave us some of the great fun and beautiful photos at the show.  This time at the Extreme Autofest San Diego 2015, despite the scorching hot sun, Erica gave us her gorgeous moments to be recorded on our camera.

Later on when she was joined with Brittani Paige, the awesome duo would not stop having fun, and that means lucky for us to capture some of the coolest semi-candid pictures!  We definitely want to thank R1-Concepts for always having Erica Law at various shows!!

Stunning Glimpses of Gorgeous Crystal Mendez for Chariotz at #EAF SD 2015 @ilove_CRYSTAL @chariotzinc

Stunningly Gorgeous Crystal Mendez for at Extreme Autofest San Diego 2015

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San Diego, CA / W&HM Staff
We don't see Crystal Mendez at every shows that we attended.  Ever since we covered Crystal in a long time travel back, she has always been the top model that has rare appearances but generated a lot of attentions and crowds no matter where she was.  Crystal has that indescribably glamour beauty inside her yet in a very quiet storm way on the exterior.  Each time we see her, it's always a great pleasure, and also definitely a memorable moment in our show coverage experiences!

At the Extreme Autofest San Diego 2015, Crystal is with the Chariotz company who provides a platform for car customization enthusiasts as well as car shops and pros and manufacturers to gain inspirations and connections.

With this rare opportunity, we took a lot more than usual of this super awesome top model!!

Welcome Back Brittani Paige for R1 Concepts at #ExtremeAutofest San Diego 2015 @msbrittanipaige

Happy to See our Cover Model Brittani Paige Back in CA for R1-Concepts Again at The Extreme Autofest Car Show San Diego 2015

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San Diego, CA / W&HM Staff
It's been a while since the last time we saw Brittani Paige.  She has been on a trip to the wild wild west and had a lot of activities and fun and more stuffs to tell all.  This time at the Extreme Autofest San Diego, she returned to the R1-Concepts booth teamed up with Erica Law for the happy show, and she definitely showed her happiness!  Through out the photos, you can tell her trademarks of fun and creativity and generally upbeats!!

Super Charming Cover Model Sandra Wong at #ExtremeAutofest San Diego 2015 @thesandrawong @EAFCarshows

Extreme Autofest Official Model and Wheels and Heels Magazine Cover Model Sandra Wong in Warm and Cute Neko Costume in EAF SD 2015

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San Diego, CA / W&HM Staff
The car show super model Sandra Wong had an amazing appearance in the Extreme Autofest San Diego, 2015.  The theme of the model lounge this year is cosplay costume and Sandra had a super cute Neko look.  When we saw her, we were already impressed by the warm costume that she had.  The weather out there was close to 90F and felt like 100F easily.  Despite the no-breeze heat, Sandra did a wonderful job in her costume and was prepared to wear her pink wig to fully accustomed to the character she portrayed.  We were deeply impressed, and our hat's off to her tremendously!!

During the catch up, we confirmed that we will do another cover feature of Sandra.  Usually we don't release such thing until things are all prepared and done.  However, we were so happy for this that we just cannot contain ourselves and want to share with everyone to know.  We are creating different concepts and see what would be really cool and really unique.  If you have any suggestions, definitely leave a comment here for us to include in our discussion!  We simply cannot wait!!

Big And Beautiful Highlight Coverage of #ExtremeAutofest San Diego 2015 #EAF

Animated Import Models and Transformer Mod Cars Ruled The Hot Extreme Autofest San Diego 2015 Car Show

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San Diego / Py Pai
HOT was on everybody's mind!  The weather was baking HOT.  The models were smoking HOT and the cars are modding HOT at the Extreme Autofest San Diego 2015.  Extreme Autofest is always a major show of force in the southern California greater region.  The format that they adopt is a long established car and model, or wheels and heels, plus stage performances and their famous bikini contest, kind of lifestyle show.  This year, they have done another great job in the San Diego, and brought a lot of great fun and busy scenes for fans and families to enjoy a hot and cool Saturday afternoon and night.
As the tradition goes, Extreme Autofest hosts a lot of variety of cars in their vast show lot.  You can get a taste of super vintage classic cars, to custom low riders, to articulated tuner modified, as well as luxury performance brands.  It's like going to a shopping mall, with all types and makes of cars that you can enjoy seeing and learning.  Extreme Autofest brings a great car community together and help expanding to reach new car lovers and safe fun seekers.

In the show, we were super delighted to see our cover models and cover cars at all various places.  From the top we have Sandra Wong, with her hot, both figuratively and literally, Neko costume, while Juan's Low300c showed up at the front seat row in front of the stage, plus Brittani Paige for R1-Concepts, all looking smashing!!
We have lots of coverage photos of the models and cars.  Definitely check out the full article here as well as the future articles coming soon!!
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