Readline Time Attack Official Model Kay Bae And Car Big Shoot by Clinton Lum @calibre68 @RedlineTA @Kay_Bae

Redline Time Attack official model Kay Bae with the race car #626 

Redline Time Attack's Hot Official Model Kay Bae with Racing Cars In Buttonwillow, Created by Clnton Lum 

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Button Willow, CA / W&HM Staff
We haven't seen Kay Bae for a while. In this cool the-day-after-July-4th holiday gathering, Redline Time Attack has brought this amazing model to the desert-like town Buttonwillow to celebrate the long running of the series.

Under the severe sun, and dry wind desert, our sage guest photographer Clinton Lum, worked his magic, created a body of high key intense heat photo works with Kay Bae, around different racing cars at the event.  The results are like an in-person experience, that you can feel the hotness of the model and the weather and the cars and the air... That's totally awesome!!  Definitely check out the full article for a lot more experiential photos!!

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