More Models at MOD Day Mitsubishi Car Event #MOD2015

Mitsubishi's MOD Day 2015 Had Many Models Showed Up to Support the Mitsubishi Car Community

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Cypress, CA / W&HM Staff
From our serial reporting of the Mitsubishi MOD Day #MOD2015 event, we have seen several awesome models, like our very Wheels and Heels Magazine cover model.  Here we found even more models from the event, including Jennifer Angel Ancheta, previously covered featured model Tyler Aries, as well as beautiful Erica Juliet, plus a duo for the NLAND DSM too!

This also concludes the coverage of this wonderful Mitsubishi car community event.  We can tell from the enthusiasm and happy faces that we saw, that this is a very successful event.  We look forward to the next year's 11th anniversary!

World Wide Lancer Club's Jennifer Angel Ancheta and Tyler Aries

Jennifer Angle Ancheta

 Erica Juliet for Road Race Engineering

 NLAND DSM's Bee and Rachel Loraine

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