Gigantic Highlights of Awesome Spocom Super Show 2015 Cars and Models @Spocom

Super Highlight Coverage of Spocom Super Show 2015, Cars, Models, Go-Gos, and Dance Competition, Bikini Contest and Lingerie Fashion Show 

Anaheim, CA / Py Pai 
Spocom Super Show, one of the most sought after car show in southern California is finally here. This year, Spocom has carried their great tradition of gathering the industry's top models and new faces at their model lounge, cool mod cars all across the entire convention floor, together with the highly competitive dance contest, plus the very famous Miss Spocom Super Show bikini contest, plus the Dollz for Dayz lingerie fashion show.  This non-stop activities and enjoyments could make the 6-hour show fly by in no time, even though you may feel it in the next morning on your back and your feet.  We say what a wonderful job that Spocom has always done with their super show.  It is one of the very top shows that we always look forward to!

The unusual July storms swept through the west and south west have saved us from the severe drought that we have been experiencing this year.  It created a slight havoc on traffic for people to come to the show, but they are not deterred!  Once you are inside the convention center, you would feel nothing but joyful air and dazzling atmosphere, that you want to stay for a long time to have a good time checking out everything!

At the model lounge, many of our Wheels and Heels Magazine cover models and feature models were present with many fans surrounding them.  We were very happy to see the latest issue cover model Jennifer Irene, and our contributing adviser cover model Sandra Wong, as well as Angelina Andrada, Elizabeth Velasquez, Ryan Oso, Monika Cozlin, Krstina Hong, Eva Skye, and Elizabeth Tran!  Besides these gorgeous models, there were many familiar and new faces at the model lounge and vendor booths that we simply could not stop taking photos of them to bring them back to all! 
At the car show side, many of the car owners displayed their cars with bells and whistles to amp their chance to have the top bragging trophy at hand.  There were many cars that showed their colorful sides both in and out, and side, and bottom.  As the trophies were given out, many nail biting moments among the owners and clubs, showing the intensity of owner passions and club team-ship!

One of the unique activity of Spocom is the dance competition that gathers many talented dance teams to show off their fast moves and precision synchronizations.  The competition was fierce, but friendship is strong.  The definitely brought the stage performances to the new height each time they were up there!
Miss Spocom is a high title in industry.  The exposure, and the attention that you get from having this title is rarely compared to other titles.  Through Chantel Zales' hosting, the contest was smooth and straight to the point.  The no fuss clean execution was perfect for the busy schedule that Spocom show has.
Also there was the Dollz for Dayz lingerie fashion show hosted by Lux.  The various showing of lingerie kinds was a good icing on the cake for the show and definitely brought another high from the crowd!

Overall, Spocom Super Show 2015 was another great success that we always love.  The combination of the latest and great models and cars, together with talents and competitions, it's definitely a great time to spend in a stormy Saturday night!  Our hats off to you all the Spocom team!!

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Model Lounge

Ellen Raie

Sandra Wong
Jennifer Irene
 Angelina Andrada
 Jessica Wong
 Alicia Whitten
 Eva Skye
 Noemii J
 Shirley May
 Alyhed Morales
 Arnee Mory
 Monika Cozlin
 Yari Vanessaa
 Sabrina Bing
Catherine Lynn

Victoria Bajaras
 Yari Vanessaa
 Lila Vy
 Victorya Van Tran
 Rachel Gal

 Vendor Booths and Models

2Crave Models
Elizabeth Velasquez

 Lisa Lee Marie
 D2 Racing Model Elizabeth Tran
 TruHart USA Model Krstina Hong
 R1-Concepts Model Erica Law
 Toyo Tire Niki Howard
 Fondmetal Model Danielle Ruiz
Motivwheels Model Annelise Marie
 Team Hybrid Models
 Lilly Evans

 Dayuum Models Jamie Lynn
 JDM Sport Models
 L'Amour Niggl
 Wenlin Yeh
 Street Standard Model

 DJ and Dance Competitions

 Miss Spocom Super Show Anaheim 

Hostess Chantel Zales

 The winner of 2015 Miss Spocom Anaheim Bikini Contest, Jessica Wong

 The Huge Car Show

 The Trophies and Trophy Givers and Trophy Winner(s)

 Dollz for Dayz Lingerie Fashion Show

Hostess Lux

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