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 Many More Radiant Import Models From The Hot Import Nights Anaheim 2015 Show 

Anaheim, CA / W&HM Staff
Hot Import Nights must have many hot import models, as the legendary rule goes.  At the Anaheim 2015 show, HIN has brought on many import models to celebrate the nation's birthday, July 4th.  These fine import models had full spectrum of energy and personality at the model lounge.  Some were like passionate flowers, some quiet storms, some happy EDM girls, and also the famous omni-present Big Abe as well!  Definitely take the time to see these awesome photos of these awesome import models here...

Neo Red Hot Alyhed Morales Model Lounging and Gogo Dancing at #HIN 2015 Anaheim

 Red Hot Alyhed Morales Played Three Key Roles at HIN Anaheim 2015

Anaheim, CA / W&HM Staff
Alyhed Morales, the awesome gogo talent and cool import model with The Diamond Dozen model team, had a busy day at the HIN Anaheim 2015 event.  The cool model was at the model lounge giving photographers and show goers ample opportunities for a photo and selfies.  Then we rushed to the stage and did a most rigorous gogo dancing, several times throughout the day!  Then, she needed to prepare for the Miss HIN beauty contest later in the night.  We cannot say enough of this wonderful talent showing all her awesome skills!  Our hats off to Aly!!

Stunning Miss #HIN Dallas 2015 Marie Madore at Anaheim Show 2015 @MarieMMao @Hotimportnights

 Gorgeous and Sultry Marie Madore, Miss HIN 2015 Dallas Gave So-Cal Car Show Lovers Much Love!

Anaheim, CA / W&HM Staff
Marie Madore is an ultra sexy model who has been a tremendous force in the car show modeling world lately.  Starting from our coverage last year at the Extreme Autofest Anaheim show, we spotted this gorgeous model in a crowded model lounge.  Then at the HIN San Diego / Del Mar show this year, she really shined as a bright star in the show.  Now we are very happy to see this newly crowned Miss HIN 2015 Dallas coming back to southern California again for Hot Import Nights HIN Anaheim 2015!

Marie has that sultry look that is hard to imitate.  She has that just right amount of sexiness that is not overtly revealing but yet definitely extremely alluring.  Whenever she goes, there is always a crowd with many cameras and fans that would like to capture a close up of her.  Under such hot hospitality, Marie always showed her super star quality and made everyone a welcome friend.  What a great model!!
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Import Model Darlings Chelley L and Drea Lynn at #HIN #HotImportNights Anaheim 2015 Model Lounge

 Chelley L, the blonde import model in a beautiful deep cut floral top at 2015 HIN Anaheim
Chelley L, the blonde import model in a beautiful deep cut floral top at 2015 HIN Anaheim

 Sweet Import Models Chelley L and Drea Lynn at the Model Lounge in Hot Import Nights 2015 Anaheim

Anaheim, CA / W&HM Staff
At the Hot Import Nights (HIN) car show Anaheim 2015, two very sweet models were gaining a lot of attractions and camera clicks.  The cute model Chelley L has grown into a blonde vixen since the the first time we met at the Spec-D Tuning car meet earlier in the year.  Import model Drea Lynn played a dark hair sweet model right next to Chellley L, and sending waves of her beautiful smiles.

These two models have brought the model lounge heat index several degrees higher, with their model passion and alluring looks.  We are very shure that we will see them a lot in future car shows as well!
Dark hair Drea Lynn with sweet smiles an elaborate tatoos attracted a lot of fans at the HIN 2015 Anaheim
Dark hair import model Drea Lynn with sweet smiles an elaborate tattoos
attracted a lot of fans at the HIN 2015 Anaheim
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Super Cute Jessica Wong, Miss HIN OC 2015 @Hotimportnights @jessicuhwong

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 Anaheim, CA / W&HM Staff
At the Hot Import Nights Anaheim 2015, the air was filled with festive energy, not just because it's July 4th on that day, but also there were many happy and fun loving import models at the model lounge as well as on the stage.  At the Miss HIN search, Jessica Wong stood out and won the Miss HIN OC 2015!  We totally congrat this gorgeous and refreshing beauty for a great achievement!  We first saw Jessica at the Kuya Model Expo earlier in the year.  We were already impressed by her tall and enchanting look.  It's no surprise that she would garner the top honor at the show here.  We definitely look forward to seeing her again soon!

Big Highlight of HIN Models and Cars at #HotImportNights Anaheim 2015 @HotImportNights

 Big Coverage Highlight of Hot Import Nights 2015 Anaheim Models and Cars and Night Market Party on July 4th Holiday

Anaheim, CA / Py Pai
It's July 4th, the birthday of the nation, the big day for celebration with burgers and beers, but not quite usual for a car show, especially a big car show.  Hot Import Nights, the legendary import car show franchise, has a genius plan to produce this great show together with OC Block Party by KTown Night Market.

Hot Import Nights (HIN) and OC Block Party are like a binary system, where two planets revolving each other, bound by gravity and attracting each other with flow of energy constantly.  HIN has a core constituents of car lovers, model fans, and vendor showings.  OC Block Party has a strong showing of local Orange County families, dating couples and strong Asian good goers.  These two could not be a more perfect combination and it showed.  HIN introduced the import tuner car culture to the family folks and young couples, while OC Block Party provided a festive and fun dining experience.  Combined, they are in perfect harmony!  Brilliant, we say!
In so-Cal car show, we cannot stop talking about the weather.  Especially this one, because it's simply too gorgeous.  The comfortable 80 something degrees, clear sky, gentle breezes, everything is set for a great car show and block party.

The central attention spots are the main HIN stage, where all the fashion and beauty contents were held, and then the model lounge where all the notable and noted models congregated and photographers gravitated.  Gradually away from these epicenters, you get to see more awesome cool cars and vendor offerings.

Do you know where the lemonade stand is a real business?  Not by the street stands in your neighborhood put up by entrepreneur kids.  It's in the food section at southern California carnivals.  The line to the lemonade stand was so long that people could not wait to give their money to the cashier, especially under the big bright sun.  Kids, take notes!!
Definitely click the full article to see all the exciting activities and import models from the show, here!

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