Great Highlight of Import Models at #Wekfest Long Beach 2015 by Clinton Lum @calibre68

 Awesome Highlight Coverage of Import Models at Wekfest Long Beach 2015 by Clinton Lum

Long Beach, CA / Photos by Clinton Lum, Text by W&HM Staff
Wekfest Long Beach was held on their traditional grassy Queen Mary Events Park location for another great year.  The attendance was large and the enthusiasm was high.  That also counts the import model presence at the show.  From the huge array of Savini Wheels model lounge to the Prestige Marketing models to the R1-Concepts 4-models line up to several other vendor import models, this is a great event for both the car lovers and model fans!

Sweet Sarah Top for Savini Wheels at #Wekfest Long Beach 2015 by Clinton Lum @sarahtoptweets @calibre68

 Sweet and Gorgeous Sarah Top Looking Awesome for Savini Wheels at the Wekfest Long Beach 2015 Event

Long Beach, CA / Photos by Clinton Lum, Text by W&HM Staff
Wekfest has grown into a major force in the southern California car show scene.  Savini Wheels is definitely a super power when it comes to their promotional work and promotional models.  Our sage photographer Clinton Lum, has captured some of the sweet, cool, beautiful and free-spirited Sarah Top here.  We first saw Sarah Top at the Formula Drift Long Beach this year, as the Hankook model.  It's so great to see her again and we totally look forward to seeing more of her in the future!

Very Cute Cindy Garcia, Redline Time Attack Official Model at Willow Springs, by Clinton Lum @calibre68

Cindy Garcia, a Desert Flower Blooms at Redline Time Attack 2015 Willow Springs Event

Willow Springs, CA / Photos by Clinton Lum, Text by W&HM Staff
In the far far away Willow Springs, under the hot hot sun, there was a cool event going on.  Redline Time Attack Racing was held at the Willow Springs Racing venue.  Among the fierce and passionate competitions, there was a bright red rose in this desert hot spot, raising the heat index to the next level.  We've met Cindy Garcia at the Bimmerfest eariler last month, and it's great to see her again at the REdline Time Attack.  Since this is a remote location for the super majority of the model fans, our sage photographer got an exclusive opportunity to shoot this beautiful model with many different cars and set ups and brought us back these beautiful pictures!  We will have multiple parts of Cindy in the coming posting.  Definitely stay tuned!!

R1-Concepts Three Graces Stopping The World @r1concepts @msbrittanipage @ericalaw22

 Three R1-Concepts Graces Stopping The World With Their Hotness and Friendliness!

Fontana, CA / W&HM Staff
The three graces at R1-Concepts, Cristal Aguirre, Erica Law,Brittani Paige are the top choices in the industry for amazing model powers and insane fan-engagement-rate.  Many great models have fans, but they remain fans from afar.  However, these three awesome ladies note only show their true selves, they interact with their fans and make them friends.  No wonder R1-Concepts can stop the world just by these three unstoppable super stars, and not to mention their great products too!!

Wheels and Heels Magazine Print Issue #28 "The Blonde Special Issue" Available Now! #wheelsandheelsmagazine

Wheels and Heels Magazine #28 "The Blonde Special Issue" Available Now, Get it Here!

Los Angeles, CA / Py Pai
We are extremely excited to publish our first "The Blonde Special Issue" with a brand new cover design.  Our cover model is the super model, Leanna Bartlett, who is as amazing to work with as stunning she is.  We produced an awesome high luxury look series for her cover feature, together with Rick Ishitani's beautiful 1964 Chevy Chevelle Malibu Super Sport.

In the feature models department, we also have Christina Riordan, who you have met many times over various car shows and we are so happy to work with her for her breathtaking feature pictorial.  Also another top model, Ashley Michaelsen, is now focusing on her designer business lines, plus Ty Aries who is the new darling of the car show world!

In car show coverage, we have the big event coverage of Formula Drift Long Beach 2015 season opener, as well as HIN / Hot Import Nights San Diego, and IDRC, Import Drag Racing Competition at Fontana.

You can get the Wheels and Heels Magazine Print Issue #28 here:

Print and Digital Issue (no sign up needed)

For full in-person paper magazine experience, order a PRINT copy.
For easy portability across multiple digital platforms, order a DIGITAL copy.

Wheels and Heels Magazine Issue 28 - Leanna Bartlett
Wheels and Heels Magazine Print Issue 28 - High Quality Car and Model magazine. Cover model Leanna Bartlett with Rick Ishitani's 1964 Chevy Chevelle Malibu Super Sport, and feature models Christina Riordan, Ashley Michaelsen, and Ty Aries. Car show coverage include Formula Drift 2015 Long Beach,…
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