Awesome Highlights of Autocon Los Angeles 2015 Car Show by Clinton Lum @calibre68 @autoconevents

2015 Autocon Los Angeles Car Show and Models
2015 Autocon Los Angeles car show
and models, group shot on 

 Star-Studded Autocon Los Angeles 2015 Models Rocked The Show

Pomona, CA / Photos by Clinton Lum / Text by W&HM Staff
Autocon is a major force in the car show world in the southern California, or in the west coast, and to a good degree, in the nation too.  Their highly selective approach on show cars have made the car show more attractive with greater quality.  Thus gives the show goers a higher density of fun and interests.  (We will have our car coverage in the Wheels section shortly.)
 This year's Autocon is another wonderful success created by the awesome Autocon team.  Even though the weather was a semi-predictable but very uncharacteristic so-Cal weather pattern of cold and wet, the organizer has the fore-wisdom to have the show indoor under the Pomona convention hall.  The outside cars have a wet look, which is sleek.  Then the indoor cars and models are hotter than ever.  Across rows and rows of highly detailed cars, you would find the models decorating these showy cars, and vendor booths, as well as hosting at the official Autocon model lounge.  The format is similar to the last year's, but there were added activities around the stage that create more excitements and varieties to the cool show.
Models in Autocon may not be as high in quantity compared to other major car shows in the same class.  However, they are awesomely represented by some of the top models, including several of our cover models, like Sandra WongFarnchesca DCAngelina Andrada, and Jessica Weaver.  Also, our feature models like Stephanie Kay, and great friend of the magazine, Eva Skye.  These cover models and feature models have definitely brightened up the whole show with their awesome smiles and great personality!
 Besides the great cover and feature models of our magazine, there were also named models including Amy Fay, Marie Madore, Amy Ames, Erica Law, Diana Sparks, Jenn Q, Maya, Sydney Maler as well as other cool models. In the packed Pomona convention center hall, these models have definitely made the car show a heated event with lots of fun and great photo moments!  We will have more detailed photo coverage of these great models in the next few days.
 As you comb through the model coverage here as well as in the more expanded articles in the next few days, you would find that our cover and feature model are a cut above many models. They are very photogenic, they have great interpersonal chemistry, they shine in front of cameras, and they thrive in front of the crowd.  We can safely say that it's a true honor to have these amazing and highly acclaimed models as our great faces of the magazine, and it's also a great reflection of how we choose to work with the best of the best!

Overall, the 2015 Autocon Los Angeles is a wonderful car show, that is highly successful.  We very much look forward to the next year's and see a potentially bigger venue, full of amazing cars and awesome models and great entertainment!!  Great job Autocon!!

Autocon Official Models 

Franchesca DC

 Angelina Andrada

 Marie Madore

 Jenn Q


 Amy Fay

 Stephanie Kay

 Eva Skye

 R1-Concepts - Stopping The World

Jessica Weaver

 Cristal Aguirre

 Erica Law

 DTM Autobody

Sandra Wong

 Kay Bae

 Toyo Tires

Sidney Maler

 More Vendor Models

 Amy Ames

 Diana Sparks

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