Cool Erica Law The R1-Concepts Model at the Extreme Dimensions Charity Car Show 2015 @ericalaw22 @extdimensions

Beautiful Erica Law Shines at R1-Concepts, at the Extreme Dimensions Charity Car Show 2015

Fullerton, CA / W&HM Staff
Erica Law, a great model for the R1-Concepts company, has many appearances at various car shows and events.  Here again at the 2015 Extreme Dimensions Charity Car Show, we were delighted to see this wonderful model!

Erica has that quiet tranquility in showing her friendliness as well as her sensuality.  As an Aquarius, Erica is a lover of water, especially beaches and oceans.  You can envision a free-spirited girl running down the sandy beach and having a jolly good time.  That would be Erica!  Here we captured some of the cool shots of Erica at the R1-Concepts booth.

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